Learning to speak a new language is not only a beautiful experience, but it's also an experience that's beneficial for a lifetime. Languages are the major means of communication amongst people. And being able to understand different languages provides you with an exceptional experience. The fact that you can speak a foreign language not only means that you wield a strong power, but you can also share in the experience and perspective of that particular language.

If you're planning to learn French, then I must congratulate you! As a Nigerian, you must be aware of the state of mind of many Nigerians; how, most of the time, many things are learned to serve a purpose. There are several reasons why students decide to take French lessons. It could purely be a hobby or based on interest. Many Nigerians enjoy the culture, food, fashion and way of life of the French. And taking French courses brings them closer to experiencing the French's perspectives.

Taking French lessons in Nigeria births a lot of opportunities. A Nigerian that is intentional about learning French for opportunity purposes may be:

  • A student that's looking at travelling for studies.
  • A business-oriented person looking to boost their profile through learning languages. Or, an employee that's interested in boosting their work profile to attain higher positions or change careers.

Many other students start French classes to make them eligible for migration. Since a lot of Nigerians migrate to other countries for different reasons, learning French helps Nigerian immigrants settle and relate better with native speakers.

In essence, whatever your reason for starting French language lessons is, learning languages is an investment that students benefit from forever.

French Student
Many students travel to France every year to explore the beauty of its culture. Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Benefits of Learning French

Perhaps you're a parent that's looking for a private french teacher to take french lessons for kids or you're a beginner searching for french classes near me, it's essential to know why learning french is so beneficial.

Firstly, French is one of the most important languages in the world. How? The French language is the fifth most popular language in the world; right after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. It is also the official language of over thirty countries in the world. Apart from this, over two hundred million people speak french globally.

The influence of the Francaise culture in international societies is so significant, you can tell that it has influenced fashion, food and many more. The French language is also one of the international languages of diplomacy used in the European Union.

Taking lessons in French exposes you to the endless networking opportunities it has at its beck and call. As you become proficient due to your French lesson, you'll become aware of its culture and the way of life of its people. As you may have observed, the English and French languages also have a history together which can aid your understanding of each lesson.

French lessons definitely unlock a ton of new opportunities for academics, business relationships and international friendships.

Taking French Lessons in Lagos

Lagos is Nigeria's most popular metropolitan city. Lagos hosts a variety of teachers with substantial years of experience in teaching French. The city is also home to many approved language schools in Nigeria. If you're a student living in Lagos, a language school like Alliance Francaise offers one of the best teaching available for French lessons in Nigeria. Alliance Francaise aims in promoting the French language and culture. The institute also boasts of its tutors who have substantial years of teaching experience.

Students in Lagos who prefer private teaching can hire a french teacher from Superprof. Superprof hosts an array of approved french teachers for every level. Even if you'd like to start French for beginners classes, Superprof offers a list of professional teachers that provide the best lessons in French.

Check out this article for more approved schools in Lagos

French Education in Abuja

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria is another location for some of the best french lessons in Nigeria. Take a look at Institut français for instance; the school was founded in 1907 and has branches in several African countries including Nigeria. It is another school that offers one of the best French tutors who provide unique teaching methods that influences each French lesson.

For students who prefer taking french lessons online or at home, Superprof also has a list of approved teachers available in different parts of Abuja. Superprof has made it easy for students to get approved tutors through their platform. And if you live in Abuja, getting a teacher to take the French course for your level is easy with Superprof.

Explore the different French course training you can get in Abuja

Loire River
Loire River is the longest river in France. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Best French Education Options Available in Port Harcourt and Rivers Environs

For students living in Portharcourt and other parts of Rivers, taking French education is pretty easy. While a bunch of the schools are located in Port Harcourt, you can still learn from approved centres in the state. Just like in Lagos, Alliance Francaise has a branch in Portharcourt. Regardless of your level, you can start a French course at this approved school.

Another school that offers an approved french course plan is Schneider Institute. Not only does the school boast of credible instructors, but they also help students study for their exams through a carefully created course plan and a community of fellow Nigerian learners.

If you'd like to learn in private, you're in luck! Superprof also has a variety of approved private instructors for an online and home lesson. Of course, you should expect that your courses will follow the approved course plan, and as well, your teacher is expected to teach in methods that are specifically tailored to how you'll learn.

Check out the most suitable options for a French lesson in Portharcourt and other parts of Rivers. 

Study French in Ibadan and Oyo Environs

Since French provides endless opportunities, practising your words for at least an hour can improve your speaking and listening skills. If you live in  Ibadan and other parts of Oyo, getting the right language school or instructor for your French classes is seamless.

Franco African International School is one of such academies that offer quality group sessions in French. If you prefer face to face home lessons or virtual classes via a  webcam, you can hire a credible instructor from Superprof.

If you'd like to find more info on the most suitable options for your French classes, check out this article for Oyo residents. 

French Lessons in Enugu

To learn French, it's necessary to work with an institute or a teacher that will teach the courses in a manner that works for you. That's why in Enugu, we have carefully done thorough reviews of academies with a good profile that can help you achieve your goals.

If you enjoy French courses, you should consider getting a degree at the University of Nigeria. Located in Nsukka, Enugu, the department of Foreign Languages and Literature teach French courses for candidates that have met their requirements.

For learners who prefer to learn online or at home, you can get help through a Superprof tutor. In their platform, you can check out the profile of your prospective tutor. Many times, you'd find a teacher that has good student reviews. The reviews are a great way of "sneak peeking" on how approved your tutor is (expertise years, tutoring methods, etc). Luckily in Enugu, Superprof has an array of instructors who can teach your online lesson via a webcam and meet you at home if you'd rather take your lesson in your house.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in France. Photo Credit: Unsplash

French Lessons in Kano

If you'd like to improve your proficiency level on time, you must take out the time to study on your own. Dedicating at least an hour after your classes will help you understand difficult topics on time. Practise, they say, makes perfect.

In any case, if you live in Kano and enjoy taking personal classes online or at home, Superprof's instructors are available for you. Your virtual class is usually held via a webcam while your physical class can either be at your house or a designated place. As a plus, 95% of Superprof's instructors offer their first French class for free. So, you can make your personal reviews after your first free online webcam or home session.

If you're a sucker for group classes, several institutes offer good French training in Kano state. Heema Academy International School of Language is one of the credible institutes where you can take a beginner lesson. With their good student reviews, the academy is also revered for the quality of training they offer their learners.

To discover more options in the state here's an article that can assist you. 

French Lessons available in Benin and Edo Environs

Practising for at least an hour, listening to French media and other contents is a great way of improving your proficiency. In Benin city and other parts of Edo state, finding the right option for your classes is essential. That's why it's great to work with reviews when searching for institutes or personal instructors.

One of the academies with the highest reviews in the state is the United International Language Institute (UNILAF). The institute offers one of the most suitable french classes for all levels. If you prefer home or virtual sessions, Superprof also has a bunch of credible instructors that can meet your needs. For learners interested in virtual sessions, classes are held live via a webcam, so you can see your instructor virtually, and ask questions or discuss concerns.

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