Learning a language certainly has a lot more perks than its downsides. Really, what's there to lose?

If you are making plans on learning French, you've come to the right place. It's a great step to creating a strong profile for any purpose. In essence, if you intend to learn French for academic purposes, your knowledge of the language will help you in the business world, and in all ramifications.

Of course, many Nigerian students tend to shy away from French lessons. Some students that take french for beginners for instance, sometimes complain of the difficulty that comes with advancing to the next level. Others are concerned about the cost they'll incur from taking French classes. But, as it is with other things you intend to experience in life, learning French or other languages is an investment.

It does not mean that there are no affordable options for french courses. In fact, there are several ways to start your lessons in French for free. But, it's advisable to work with language schools or private tutoring platforms like Superprof that offer affordable fees while providing the most beneficial French education.

For many other students, starting french lessons online, at home or with a group of other learners is laced with several reasons. One of the most common reasons for starting classes is the networking opportunities you'll get when you finally scale through each level. Several students use this networking opportunity to get jobs, information about schooling abroad and boosting their language and business profile.

Regardless of your reason for starting french lessons in Kano, you must realize that taking language classes is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. In the topic below, we will explicitly state why learning languages is a great idea, and why French is especially a good chance at learning a language.

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France has a colourful culture. Acquiring the language will help you discover them all. Photo Credit: Freepik - Macrovector

Why Learning Languages is So Beneficial

Knowledge definitely is power. Being able to use the knowledge you've acquired to your own benefits can be very rewarding, and we can apply this notion to learning a language. For one, a language is what connects people. If you understand the languages of different people, you wield a very essential power that can work for you in many ways.

Aside from the upgrade you get when you learn certain languages, it's also advantageous to your brain. Not only does it keep your brain active, but it also protects it from some health issues like dementia. It also comes with all the perks of making you a lot more clever and allowing to experience diverse cultures, to understand their purpose.

You also have the freedom, as a Nigerian, to live and work in several places in the world, and helps you understand the world a lot better. In the end, knowing one language is not necessarily a good experience; more often, it is very limiting.

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Imagine the beauty that comes with taking language lessons, and how your experience of it can change your perspective and your life positively. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why It's Essential To Start French Lessons

French is indeed a world language for diplomacy, trade and politics. If you're sceptical about your french courses, it's great to know that French is the fifth most popular language in the world; right after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. It's normal to assume that the popularity of Francaise only happens because it is spoken in thirty countries that have quite a large population. However, outside of these places, French is a widely spoken language, having over two hundred million speakers all around the world.

Taking courses in Francaise is such a great feat because it gives you an edge over so many others who have no inkling about the lingua franca. Automatically, your level upgrades in business, academics, and other perspectives.

The culture of France also has a great influence on English, our official language -  many of the English words that we know today originated from France. All around the world, the French culture, language and mannerisms has influenced different people's perceptions positively. Having to take French courses in Kano Nigeria, is a great step in the right direction.

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What To Know Before Starting A French Lesson

Whether you're a parent that's trying to get a french tutor to start french lessons for kids or you're a beginner that's googling the term french classes near me,  it essential to know what you're getting into before beginning your course.

As a beginner student, you'd have to take a test to determine your proficiency level and the most suitable stage to start with for your lessons.  Keep in mind that understanding each lesson may come as slow-paced. To support your understanding of the lessons, you should constantly practise. In your class, you'll be taught how French words are pronounced, grammatical functions and so much more.

Of course, for each level, every student has different needs. Unlike the beginner student, the intermediate and advanced students tend to have a basic idea of what they're looking out for in a lesson.

Whichever level you're in, we have listed below, the most useful options available to start or continue your French courses.

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The Eiffel Tower is a historical landmark in Paris, France. Photo Credit: Freepik - Rawpixel

Where To Take French Courses in Kano

In Kano Nigeria, there are many options for a student that's interested in starting a French lesson - from a formal school setting with native speakers available for teaching the course to conversational study with peers.

Kano Nigeria has a list of approved schools that help learners achieve their French learning goals; many of these teaching centres also help prepare learners for international french exams and provide university options for interested candidates.

To learn French properly, it's important to study at teaching centres or with private french tutors that provide one of the best teaching practices. If you live in Kano, here are some places where you can learn the language of France:

Start a French Class at Alliance Francaise Kano

Alliance Francaise (AF) is an international organization that focuses on promoting the French language and the francophone culture in all parts of the world. Founded in 1883, it is one of the most revered language institutions in Nigeria. Alliance Francaise has branches in several parts of Nigeria, and it's Kano lesson centre is located at Magajin Rumfa Road, Kano, Nigeria.

At AF, you'll learn how to properly use french words, its grammatical functions, sentence structure as well as the francophone culture. The school offers the group lesson option which is a great choice for learners who prefer to learn with a community of people.

Due to their reliable tutoring methods, the academy has received a backlog of great reviews, and as a student, you can trust that the services they offer for a group lesson are topnotch. Whether you're a new student or you'd like to advance in your french words and essay compositions, the institute offers fine teachers that can tutor any of the lessons you find confusing. The institute also provides a blend of native speaking and Nigerian tutors for every lesson.

Learn French at Heema Academy International School of Language

French, just like many other languages can sometimes be tough to advance in. As a new learner, your french education should have a solid foundation, backed up by teachers with good years of experience and strong reviews. If you live in Kofar Dukayuwa, Kano and its environs, you should consider getting proper French education from this academy.  They offer a two-month intensive training in French and other languages for new learners.

Apart from its affordable price list and good student reviews, the institution also assists their learners in starting up or expanding their businesses. To enhance their understanding of French, the academy takes its learners on excursions and runs monthly tests to track their progress. Also, every year, new learners who have reached a satisfactory proficiency level are awarded.

Take Private French Sessions With Superprof Tutors

Superprof is an international private tutoring organization that offers private training in over 20 countries. Founded in 2013, the Superprof platform has offered academic and vocational education to over 3 million learners interested in private tutorials. With over 7 years of training experience, Superprof is the leading platform for all kinds of disciplines.

Of course, the institute has amassed a wealth of great reviews, as well as competent tutors in every country that they operate. In different parts of Kano state and other states in Nigeria, Superprof has several personal teachers open to training students to assist them in achieving their academic, vocational and personal goals.

If you'd love to start your french education in Kano state, there are several tutors located in different parts of the state. You also have the option of choosing between two alternatives:

Online Sessions: The online session involves hiring your desired french teacher through the Superprof platform, to teach you online. Held via a webcam, your teacher is expected to put in the time to provide training that is tailored to you.

Home Sessions: The home session requires you to hire a teacher to come physically to train you at home or a designated place. Your tutor can easily supervise your progress and ensure that you understand your french topics properly.

It's a good idea to work with reviews which is usually present in a qualified teacher's profile. Of course, instances of student-teachers may mean zero reviews and zero expertise year to back them up. In this case, look out for how well they teach; many of them will fall under the 95% of instructors that offer their first class for free. That way, you can decide to work with them or choose someone else. Besides the price list for french is affordable, which is great for learners concerned about exorbitant fees.

Sunrise Language Practitioners

Dedicating the time to start your sessions is the first step to having a great francophone proficiency level. If you've made out time, this institute situated at Zoo road offers training in the french language. They also boast of having teachers who can tutor learners through tested tutoring practises. If you live within this area, their affordable rates should be a motivation to begin your francophone tutorials.

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