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The average price of French  lessons is ‎₦2991.

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Learning French With Private French Tutors In Nigeria

The French language is currently ranked the sixth most spoken language in the world , after Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic (imagine how many times these languages are spoken every hour!). It is estimated that French will be spoken by 750 million speakers by 2050. French is also the official language in many countries including a substantial number of African countries. Taking french classes is a great way for foreigners to learn a new culture, network and access many job opportunities.

Although English is the official language in Nigeria, learning how to speak french and getting professional education on the course serves as an advantage to all Nigerian learners. For example, new learners who take beginner french lessons can use their basic knowledge to get better jobs or advance their job position in their workplaces. More than you know, a french tutorial for beginners can improve cognitive skills while boosting your networking and communicative skills.

Even better is when you take home tutoring french lessons at an early stage.  As a parent or guardian, one of the best ways you can help your children harness their communicative skills is by hiring french teachers who can take french lessons for kids. Indeed, language tutors vary in terms of levels, years of experience, teaching skills and patterns; but foundational classes on this subject requires a lot more than these. Teachers who teach french for kids have taken an interest in kidcare and child education. It's the reason why parents should research the right french tutors who can help make learning french for kids seamless.

Whether you want to learn french for beginners, help your children kickstart a beautiful journey in french courses or advance your french language learning skills, we have listed a couple of things you should look out for when starting french classes at any level.

What French Lessons Online Entails

Quite a lot of students in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria may be uninterested in registering in french schools or learning french language with a home tutor. The next best option is to learn french online. French online classes can happen in different ways:

  • Taking online french courses can come in the form of video tutorials where a teacher is teaching on the subject. You can view these french lessons online through platforms like Youtube, tutoring websites and other approved language schooling platforms that use phone apps and websites to teach interested students.
  • You can also study French online by hiring private tutors who have experience in helping students learn how to speak french. If you have decided on hiring a french tutor online, your primary mode of taking online french classes is through the webcam.

Online tutoring can be fun when you put enough time and dedication to it. In places like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and other metropolitan Nigerian states, having access to good internet services will make teaching and learning processes seamless.

Learning french online also requires proper scheduling and consistency; so you should always make out time to study your french courses outside of your classes. Practise they say, makes perfect and if you intend to start speaking french very fast and early enough, practising french words every day for at least an hour will suffice.

French Classes For Beginners In Nigeria

As a beginner that's interested in taking this subject, finding the right tutor can be quite tasking. The reason for this is because beginner lessons are delicate and French tutors needed to teach beginners are expected to have the right skills required for foundational classes.

If you're concerned about tuition fees, french classes for beginners in different states of Nigeria is affordable. Unlike years ago where learning french was considered a luxury, you can start french courses right away without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, research on the best Nigerian bi-lingual teacher or french native speaker that can teach the subject well.

Even though experience years matter, these days, university students can take lessons in french effortlessly, sometimes even to international standards. So before you conclude that a student-teacher isn't equipped for the job, you may want to try them out.

University students who are studying foreign languages are also welcome under the Superprof platform.  If you would like to get a job as a tutor or you're searching for tutoring jobs and your teaching skills are great, you should sign up! In any case, one of the best ways you can improve your learning process is through practice. Do it anywhere; in the shower, every hour, while thinking or everywhere else.

What should my french language course entail?

Your french language course should revolve around learning beginner sentence structure, grammatical functions, as well as french words used in greeting and identifying people and things. You should also expect exercise sessions and tests.

Children classes should also include visual phonics. Using visual phonics can help kids learn faster because it helps them learn to speak french by using familiar objects or materials. Using objects or materials they are familiar with can also help them identify french words, letters and phrases.

How To Find The Right French Teacher For French Education At Your Level

For beginners, getting an education in different languages requires putting in the extra effort. Whether it is Spanish, English or French, your beginner classes are very delicate and should be treated as such. Your job as a new student should involve making the right research to help find the teacher you're in sync with.

If want to know how to learn french, taking into account the kind of teacher you want is necessary. It's essential to learn to speak french with the right teacher and not all language teachers who have started taking private tutoring jobs are fit for your level. Sometimes, teachers with a high level of experience years may teach students in a manner that is more advanced than they envisaged. So, whether you're a university or secondary school learner, make sure to source for teachers who have skills pertaining to your position or stage in french classes.

Some Nigerian secondary schools offer courses in different languages; one of the most common foreign languages you will see in schools is french. So if your school happens to be taking french courses, supplementing your school classes with after-school lessons is a great way of hastening your learning process. You can shelve aside an hour each day to take your classes.

Take French classes with a Private tutor on Superprof

Technically, a teacher's job is not just restricted to the four walls of schools. For French and beginners and advanced learners, language schools aren't the only place you can take advanced classes. Teachers under the Superprof platform, for instance, offer international standard advanced classes. Of course, you get to benefit from 95% of the tutors who offer the first hour of your first lesson for free. After which you are treated to affordable fees. You can also view their profile to access reviews from past students and their professional and educational background.

Location can affect your tuition fees. For students in places like Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Ibadan, you may be paying a slightly higher tuition fee as a new student than a state like Kwara. Nevertheless, you can rest assured about top-notch lessons regardless of your location.

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