There are several reasons why you'd want to learn a new language. As you're aware, Nigerians are notorious for learning new things to benefit from it. In Nigeria, many students taking french lessons tend to do it for the following reasons:

  • For academic purposes: Since French is most times taught in secondary school, some students enjoy it so much that they settle for taking french courses in the university. Many students also learn french to be able to travel abroad to further their studies.
  • For networking: French is the fifth most popular language in the world. So the chances of networking and meeting people that fit the profile for business amongst many other factors, are high. Starting french classes brings students a step closer to achieving their networking goals.
  • To improve job profile: Many Nigerians that take lessons in french are interested in fresh job opportunities or would like to improve their profile to meet the demands for present-day jobs.
  • For personal reasons: More than just networking and connectivity,  some people just enjoy learning languages.

Whatever your reason is for learning french and other languages, don't stop learning!

Discover French classes in Nigeria

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French fashion houses and designers are one of the most popular in the world. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Benefits of Learning a New Language

Everybody should learn a language.  Several benefits come when you commence classes in a school or with a private teacher. For starters, getting language training helps rejuvenate your brain and reduces your chances of getting dementia. If you're a people person, getting language education provides you with enough knowledge to liaise, connect and network with more people beyond your circle.

If you'd like to know more about a culture or a race, one of the easiest steps available is by learning their lingua franca. It exposes you to a different culture and way of life of others. It's very beneficial for discovering different perspectives and international connections.

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Why French Lessons Are Beneficial

Since our focus is on french classes, it is only right to state why it's essential for you to learn it.  To start with, French is one of the most popular languages in the world - coming in at fifth place after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. Technically, it is the lingua franca of many countries in the world and is the official language in thirty countries. Aside from the fact that your networking profile will be expanded, you become exposed to the french culture; which is one of the most widely spread cultures in the world.

More than we know it, the French culture has influenced the world through fashion, business, food, politics and so much more. For this reason, and more, French is a world language of diplomacy.  Much more than this, having knowledge of the language places you in a higher pedestal. You're more likely to be considered in many aspects of life (like Business, academics, etc.) because you have the French language experience.

As a language that has influenced the world at large, French is spread across the continent where business and technology meet. Starting classes can help you achieve your communication and networking goals a lot more than you envisaged.

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Things To Look Out For in Your First French Class

French lessons in Port Harcourt and other parts of Rivers,  is almost the same, just as it is in every part of Nigeria. Most learners who are starting french for beginners and parents who are enrolling their children for french lessons for kids usually have no idea of what to expect. Whether you're enrolling for french lessons online or checking up option for french classes near me, it' essential to have an idea of what your class would be like.

As a beginner, you should expect that you would be assigned a class, only after you have done a test. The test will allow your french tutors decide which class is best for you.

The second knowledge you should hold dear is your pace. Progressing in your tutoring can take a while. If you decide to rush your learning, chances are that it may be difficult to progress into the advanced class. While your training and comprehension of courses may go slow, you should enjoy your sessions and dedicate your time to study after each of your lessons.

The more time you make available to practise, the faster-paced your lessons will become.

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Starting French training is the first step to gaining a wide range of networking and communication skills. Photo Credit: Unsplash

French Lessons in Port Harcourt and Rivers Environs

Find French Education at Alliance Francaise

Located at Orogbum, Port Harcourt, the institute is one of the most popular french language schools in Rivers state. Alliance Francaise is an international organisation that aims at providing French education by promoting its language and culture all around the world. Of course, their popularity births from their years of teaching experience and their tested methods which is used to teach learners in many states in Nigeria, including Rivers State.

The academy boasts of teachers who offer one of the best tutoring services, based on their expertise years and their interest in passing on the knowledge to every student. Its international recognition makes it easy for learners to get training in their available french courses; you may even get to experience tutoring from a native speaker.  The institute also offers teaching services to learners who intend to use their knowledge in exams for academic and business purposes.

Learn French at Aladumo International School

Located at Igwuruta- Airport Road,  Aladumo is an academy for primary and secondary stage learners. Apart from regular activities at the academy, they offer one of the best sessions in French. The institute boasts of its impeccable instructors who tutor French to their pupils with dedication and diligence. If you prefer an all-encompassing academic experience for your kids, the academy offers quality education and has great reviews to back them up.

Get a Private Tutoring Experience From Superprof

If you prefer the private teaching experience, one of the best platforms to hire a french tutor from is Superprof. Superprof is an international tutoring platform that offers academic and vocational teaching services to interested learners. If you live in Port Harcourt, Bonny Island, Ahoada, and other parts of Rivers, you can decide to hire a private french teacher in two ways.

The first way is to hire your teacher for online sessions. If the teacher's profile (including reviews and years of expertise) fits your learning capabilities, your next step is to hire them to tutor you online. The online method happens via a webcam and is generally a great idea for learners who cannot find suitable teachers in their various areas in Nigeria. Superprof online sessions expand your search for a tutor and break the distance barrier.

The second option involves hiring a tutor for home or physical sessions. Just like the online lesson, you must check for reviews, expertise, education background and everything else that covers your teacher's portfolio before hiring them. Superprof home sessions are great for learners who prefer the physical lesson and can be a great way of having being supervised by your teacher.

In any of the options you choose, Superprof tutors offer individualized tutorials. 95% of Superprof's instructors also offer their first sessions for free. So, if you prefer personal sessions, get a teacher from Superprof.

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Did you know that some of our English words are borrowed from the French? Photo Credit: Unsplash

Get French Tutorials at FamLang International Language Centre

Situated off Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt, the academy is one of the most revered schools in Port Harcourt. Asides from its great reviews from past learners, the institute also boasts of instructors who teach to make pupils understand each simple or complex topic. Asides French they also teach other languages for learners who prefer group sessions. They also teach learners and help them prepare for exams and provide information for pupils who would like to study in a French, German, Spanish, etc university of their choice.

Start French Courses at Schneider Institute

Schneider Institute is located in Rumueme 500272 Port Harcourt. Their tutoring services cover group sessions for French and other languages. Over the years, the school has amassed a wealth of positive reviews from old learners which is an advantage for beginners who intend to gain the French language experience in the school. The academy also boasts of its teachers who have been revered for having quality teaching methods for every learner.

If you intend to study abroad, they can help you gain admission into your desired foreign university in any of the countries in whose languages they teach.

Start French Sessions at Springwell Academy

Based in Oyigbo, Rivers, Springwell Academy is another academic institution that offers French as part of their learning curriculum. It's especially a great opportunity for children to learn the Francaise lingua Franca while they are honing their skills at other academic subjects. With their array of competent language tutors, it's one of the recommended schools that offer quality sessions in French in the state.

As a reminder, it's necessary to keep in mind that your sessions will start slow at first. You must continue to practise and get involved in French music, movies and other activities that can allow you to continually practise. Keeping all of this in mind is sure to hasten your learning process.

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