Learning a new language will always be a beautiful experience. Aside from the fact that you would have acquired a skill to boost your profile, you get to experience the culture and other modalities of that language.  In essence, it exposes you to a different perspective, more diverse thinking and you can connect with more people. It also helps with making others see a more intelligent perception of yourself.

Forty-three per cent of the world's population is bilingual, while only forty per cent is monolingual; thus making the latter a minority. It doesn't sound all that bad, does it? But when you look at the many downsides that come with not understanding a language, you'd realise it's more of an unprivileged position to be in.

As Nigerians living in Nigeria, learning new skills has become our forte. It is the reason why we excel even when faced with international competition. When it comes to learning French or any language, there are several reasons why it is such a great skill to add to your profile.

french lessons in abuja
French is the official language of many Nigerian neighbouring countries. Imagine how learning the language can break down barriers of networking and connectivity. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Should You Take Language Lessons Seriously?

Earlier in this article, we started with some cogent reasons to learn new languages. According to recent research, learning a new language reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease which happens to over 47 million people around the world. People who take language lessons also tend to be smarter and can connect with a different class of people in local and international settings.

Gaining knowledge about the culture of a specific race is no trivial matter. When you learn the language of a place (which includes its culture) your mind is expanded to see the cultural differences, the different thinking patterns and the beauty therein.

As a Nigerian, learning languages places you in a higher pedestal. The Nigerian society is one that reveres people who have diverse skills and can use it to their advantage. If you're in search of a job, for instance, chances are that the interviewer will look more favourably at someone who has foreign language skills than someone who isn't. In fact, your chances of getting an international job and migrating are higher once you're proficient in any of the world's most spoken languages.

In terms of world most spoken languages, the French language happens to be the fifth most popular. Let's take a look at why french classes are beneficial for you, even if you just intend to converse with it.

The Benefits of Taking French Courses

Growing up as a Nigerian, one of the things you'll experience are french classes in school. Many approved schools in Nigeria offer varying language training. However, on top of the list is English and French. This education usually spans from primary school and even up to senior secondary school. It's normal that in a class, a lot of students wouldn't take french lessons seriously. But if it wasn't that necessary, why has it always been so essential for a learning institution to teach french?

For starters, taking lessons in French automatically allows you to access the many opportunities that are available for popular world languages. Being the fifth most popular language in the world, it means you're reaching a wider audience of people for academic, business, personal and many other purposes.  You'll also find it exciting that many of the terminologies used in English are borrowed from the language of France!

Information, they say, is power and if you decide to learn french, you become exposed to more information, which when properly utilized, can help you in the long run. Apart from gaining information, if you intend to travel or migrate, french lessons are a great start to paving your way to many possibilities.

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France is one of the countries in the world where its food is revered all over the world. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Finding The Right French Classes

Often, students are scared that they have chosen the wrong french lessons. It usually happens because many students are impatient. In Abuja and other states in Nigeria, some platforms offer seminars and class training, promising students that they can learn the language in six weeks. What usually happens, is that the school jampacks all the information within that duration.

Getting French education this way is always flawed. Eventually, many students start to struggle with lessons and advancing becomes harder.  Whether you want to take french lessons online or start lessons in french for beginners, you must pay attention to how the teaching centre, school or platform offers their classes.  For a beginner student, if the experience of the courses is too fast-paced, chances are that the student would miss out a lot of information, therefore, making advancement tougher and birthing an increase in disinterest.

Usually advancing in a french class, as well as other languages take more than two months. It's also important to ensure that while you start your classes, you continue to practise for at least an hour every day. Bear in mind that the best experience with french lessons and other languages can sometimes be slow-paced.

French Lessons Abuja: Language Centres and Private Tutoring That Offer The Best Learning Experience

In Abuja Nigeria, there are many reasons why a student would like to start a French lesson. Some parents would like their children to gain French education, so they enrol them in schools or platforms that offer french lessons for kids. Others intend to use their knowledge to thrive in the business world, to improve their working profile to access a better job and many more.

Several options are available for learners living in Abuja. Here's a list of some approved schools available for group lessons and a private tutoring option for learners that prefer private online or face to face home classes.

Start French Training at Institut français du Nigeria

Institut français started in 1907 and has expanded to several countries including Nigeria. They aim is to promote French culture across the world and improve connectivity through language across the world. Situated in Wuse 2, Abuja, the institute offers courses in the lingua franca of France for every student level.

Asides from its amazing reviews and expertise profile, the academy has one of the best teachers who offer the best tutoring services for group sessions. It's a great training platform that is endorsed by France.

paris, france
It takes 1,665 steps to get to the Eiffel Tower in Paris without an elevator. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Get French Teaching at Primmer Language institute

Primmer Institute is another approved language training centre that offers French courses, as well as courses in other languages. Established in 2011, the academy has built a strong profile over the years with reliable reviews to back them up. The training centre is located at Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. Their group tutoring services is best for learners at every level. They also offer training for pupils who intend to take French language exams.

Get A Private French Tutor at Superprof

Superprof is an approved teaching platform where learners can hire tutors for their various academic and vocational subjects.  For every level, Superprof offers help in French topics as well as other languages. Technically, all a learner has to do is check the profile of their intending french teacher and see whether that profile matches theirs.

If you're interested in starting a lesson, there are two ways to go about it:

  • The first involves getting a french lesson online. Usually, each lesson spans for at least an hour and is held via a webcam. The webcam lesson is great for intermediate learners and beginners who are disciplined enough to continue each session. The webcam option involves hiring a tutor to take online french tutorials. As a plus, online webcam sessions break the barrier of distance and allows learners to access any teacher of their choice.
  • The second involves getting a face to face home lesson. Just as its name suggests, a face to face lesson allows you to get your teacher to tutor you at home. Technically, you meet physically with your tutor. Unlike the webcam option, the face to face teaching is great for children, beginners, intermediate and advanced stage learners who prefer physical meetings. Each session is also a minimum of an hour.

Whether you're opting for webcam or face to face tutorials, you must ensure that your teacher has great reviews. Reviews are usually embedded in the teacher's profile, and in the case where there's none, chances are that the instructor is one of the 95% of tutors that offer their first session for free. It can help decide whether their teaching methods are great for your webcam or face to face tutorials.

Get French Tutoring at Shalom Centre for French Language Studies

Situated at Santos Resort, this approved institute has not only built great learner reviews over the years, but it also boasts of approved french tutors who teach french in dynamic ways. If you intend to take exams, the centre also prepares pupils for any form of french exams.

Deciding to start and dedicating your time is always an important part of acquiring the lingua franca of any culture.

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