Introduction To French Lessons

People don’t just wake up and decide they want to learn French out of the blue. Taking French lessons all of a sudden is not unheard of, people need hobbies and some in particular like learning new languages, but there is usually a more rational reason.

It could be because their family is moving to France, or they have to study abroad in a country where lessons are taught in French. Others have a more professional reason, they have found work in a French-speaking country and want to move beyond the simple greetings of 'bonjour' and saying 'merci' when interacting with the locals.

Some people just love to travel, and it is only natural they come across francophone countries, you will be surprised to learn that French is the second most popular official language in the world, so half of all airlines around the globe either speak French or English, especially in West Africa where Nigeria is located.

We have Cameroon in the east, Niger and Chad in the north, and Benin in the west. All of whom speak French as their official language. Politics, trade and our proximity meant we are constantly communicating and relating with each other.

In the event that you might have to travel to one of them, which is not so far fetched considering our relations, it’s good to at least know how to read and write in the French language, a feat which can be acquired through French lessons.

Nowadays you can learn French through apps you can find on the Google Play Store, or have French lessons online, they can help you learn the French language in no time, they are interactive, easy to use, and free.

However, some of the best ways to learn French is with a French tutor. French lesson teachers can guide you, help you revise, and explain new topics to you in a one to one lesson approach.

reading and writing in French.
Studying French on your own might be great, but studying with a French tutor is better. Source:

Cost Of French Lessons In Nigeria

If you are considering starting French tutorials, one of the first things to come to mind is the price, how much would it cost to start French lessons with a French tutor?

The price for French tutorial is steadily dropping day after day because of the high number of tutors fulfilling the role of French tutors. Therefore, there are plenty of options to suit everyone's budget.

Also, the availability of the internet has made access to remarkable resources online easily, you can now view French online courses to learn the French language.

All of these factors put the cost of French lessons at an affordable range. The average cost of French home lessons is about ₦2,000/hr on Superprof.

Since learning a language is a lifelong gig, the amount in your wallet may seem insufficient to pay the lesson bills. But, it all depends on your level of French, and how far you want to go.

For French for beginners who need to learn French words, grammar basics with the aim of learning to read and write French,  you can learn French for as long as you feel necessary, or until you can sufficiently converse in the French language.

Some, however, want to learn French on a deeper level, because they must have been familiar with its basics before, we are talking about learning complex grammar and writing long essays, a level that will be good enough to converse in French.

Others can speak it just fine, they take French lessons to pass French course exams, just like with any other school subject. Admittedly, this group of French learners are usually French speakers or non-native speakers (those who speak French as a second language) and are just studying for academic reasons.

But not all of them are French speakers or non-native speakers such as us here in Nigeria, we usually study for French exams to qualify for a visa in predominantly French-speaking countries such as France. The DELF/DALF Exam is one such example, it is used to test your French knowledge before you are granted a working visa, and for so many other reasons.

Hence, your reason for learning French and the level at which you are reflects directly at how much you may need to budget for French lessons.

But with the enormous knowledge on the internet, needless to say, it is free, why not just use that instead? So that you don’t have to pay for French tutors.

If you are going down that road, how would you know the resources are authentic or any good, especially if you are a beginner. You won’t be able to tell if you are just wasting your time or if you are really learning something, because there is no one to guide you.

Of course, online resources are valuable, but it is not enough to have a textbook if there is no one there to teach you its contents.

French learning through a French tutor.
There are many ways you can learn French, it is up to you to decide which one's best you and is within your budget. Source:

Learn French on any budget, how best to budget for French lessons. 

Finding The Best French Lesson Teacher in Nigeria

There are plenty of places you can go to start looking for French teachers, classified sites like have ads posted by people offering their services as French lesson teachers.

But not all of them are any good, you can’t tell who is the real deal because there aren’t any reviews from students or verified profiles to prove their claim is valid.

Superprof, on the other hand, has verified profiles, each profile is reviewed and approved by a team at our office, and you can see each French tutor's ratings and comments from their previous students, which helps you to tell right away if they are good for you.

It saves you a lot of time, instead of calling each prospective French teacher, trying to find out whether they are a good fit and if they can deliver French lessons the way you want, Superprof does the job for you. You can relax knowing that you are in safe hands because the platform is 100% secure.

Superprof platform is easy enough to use, you just fill in your search criteria, and thousands of French lesson teachers near you will pop up.

Any French tutor you choose has to have an understanding of your learning style and must adapt to it to teach you successfully. No one wants to end up with a French tutor that will neglect your needs or that doesn’t pay attention to your preferred learning method.

Thus, finding the best French tutor will rely on your judgment and a little research. The French teacher must fit all your criteria, especially since you are paying for these lessons with your hard-earned cash.

Do you wish to test your French-speaking ability, officially? There are exams just for that. 

How To Practice Your French Outside Of Normal French Lessons

French, like any other language, needs practising before you can master it. The French home lessons you take has a limit because it can only guide and teach you how, but the rest of what you do with that knowledge is up to you, the learner.

Signing up for French lessons will get you far enough, you will learn to differentiate verbs from nouns and so forth, but to achieve absolute fluency, you will need to practicetout le temps – all the time.

So, how do you practice the French language away from the guiding hand of your French tutor?

You can begin by looking online for inspiration, there are tons of useful French resources you can find on the internet. From language apps to forums solely dedicated to learning French.

Another means of learning French is by listening to radio stations or television programs aired in French, it will help you gain more insight into this language of the Parisians.

Finding a radio channel strictly speaking French is almost impossible in Nigeria, so why not try internet radio. The internet radio is an audio streaming service from radio stations from all across the globe online.

You can now listen to French radio over the internet and learn new words everyday.
You can now listen to French radio over the internet and learn new words every day. Source:

Check out one of the best places to listen to French radio stations, you will find all the best French internet radio channels broadcasting their programs there. Or you can just add some French-speaking audios to your daily podcasts.

If you have a DSTV we will recommend you subscribe to the French Touch bouquet, it is an add-on package that has 5+ French channels.

French Language Exams To Test Your Proficiency In French

For years, the Ministry of National Education in France has been presiding over an exam for foreigners and non-native French speakers, known as DELF, it is an exam meant to test your French-speaking abilities

It has sections to test all four spheres of language learning, speaking, writing, listening and reading.

You can use it to obtain proof of your progress and to measure your ability in French by a national/international body.

For those who are trying to obtain a working or studying visa, it is sometimes a requirement. They will have to pass at least the lowest level to be granted admission into any French schools or allowed a working visa if they are going to a French-speaking country.

The exam is categorized by levels, you choose a level based on your capabilities, starting from the lowest category it is a test to demonstrate basic French language skills.

Up to the highest level designed especially for the professional francophone.

French is an exciting language with all its fancy pronunciation and infinite use of vowels, and of course its popularity, it is worthy of being added to your chest of knowledge.

Whether as an avid traveller or as a hopeful student who wishes to enrol in a university in France, you can now learn French with the help of a French tutor and the various other media available to you.

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