As students in Nigeria, deciding to learn a new language is a wise decision. Perhaps, one of the reasons why we love the idea of learning languages is the many advantages it has. Language learning is arguably one of the investments you can make in life that comes with little risks.

While acquiring a new language, you get to experience its culture (and the difference in culture), you're exposed to more networking opportunities and you get to improve your brain's health. But much more than just learning languages for aesthetic purposes, many Nigerian students take on new languages for some of the following reasons:

  • To improve their business profile: It's a known fact that many Nigerians take on different skills to improve their job or business profile. For many, taking language lessons helps them achieve their goals in the business world and can help them transition easily into other careers.
  • For academic purposes: For students who want to study in foreign schools, learning a language might be a prerequisite to getting an education. For others, language learning is an essential tool they need to liaise, connect and get information from people.
  • For Immigration purposes:  Language lessons come in handy if you intend to migrate to another country. Not only will it increase your chances of getting an approved visa, but it also allows you to connect more with people that were once "foreign" to you.

In essence, gaining language experience does not require an out-of-this-world reason. It could be as little as finding the sound of that language attractive. Regardless of your reasons, choosing to start a language lesson is beneficial.

Discover the best French options in Nigeria

Learning Languages in Benin City and Edo Environs

Whatever your reasons for starting a language lesson, you'd find many teaching options in Edo state.

Benin city, the capital of Edo state, is home to many language schools that offer approved teaching methods that can help you gain the right proficiency level.

Although Benin City is where you'd find a bulk of language schools, other parts of Edo state also have quality teaching services either for a group or a private lesson. In any case, you'd probably want to know the benefits that come with taking language lessons; French lessons in particular, before investing in it.

learning french culture
French language lessons will expose you to the French culture. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Take French Classes?

It's normal to question your decision to start lessons in French. If you've ever doubted French courses, or you're getting tired of your French classes, here's some motivation to help you get by.

In terms of popularity, French is the fifth most popular language in the world; spoken by over two hundred million people. In Africa, French is the official language of over 20 countries. The French language also has an incredible influence on the English language and in the world. The French influence can be seen in popular culture, fashion, food, and so much more.

Choosing to take French lessons in Benin city and other parts of Edo opens you to the many networking possibilities. As one of the most important foreign language in the world, French is increasingly a language of international politics; it is one of the procedural languages used in the European Union.

Starting French Education

Now that you're aware of the many perks that come with taking French lessons, your next step is to know what to expect in your classes.  Whether you're starting french for beginners, you want to start french lessons for kids or you've started searching for french classes near me, knowing how French lessons work will keep your mind at rest, and allow for a smooth learning experience.

For starters, you don't need to have a French background or basic experience to start your lessons. In an approved language school or with a professional French tutor, you'll learn how to hone your language skills and increase your proficiency level.

If you're a beginner student, finding the right school or private french teacher is very important. Bear in mind that your level is delicate and you must find available options that are dedicated to helping you build your knowledge of this foreign language.

If you have found approved schools or french tutors, keep in mind that your lesson may not be as fast you'd expect. Of course, while taking your lessons, you should consider practising with fellow students, dedicating at least an hour a day to practise on your own, and watching/listening to content that can assist in advancing your level. Doing this will help boost your study and increase how fast you learn.

In any case, you might find a lesson that will prove difficult to understand. You must be patient. Learning French, or any other language that's foreign to you can take a while. What matters is ensuring that you progress in your education. As they say, Rome was not built in a day.

learning french in paris
To get a full experience, some students travel to France to study French. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Take French Lessons at United International Language Institute (UNILAF)

United International Language Institute is a language teaching school located in Ekehaun Road, Benin City Nigeria. The school offers one of the best French lessons in Benin city. Over the years, UNILAF has built a strong reputation with high student reviews and positive results. Their teaching method is also unmatched; through the use of available lesson materials, teachers provide a unique teaching method that's helpful to every student.

Not only does UNILAF boasts of its french tutors who use their approved skills to train students, but they also offer one of the best learning experiences in Edo. If you're a sucker for a community of students, the school has a healthy amount of students you learn French with.

They also assist every student that's taking exams to prepare through quality lesson plans and revision of every lesson.

Take approved French Lessons at Global Languages Institute

Global languages Institute is situated at Avbiama, Edo city. It is one of the most revered and approved language centres in the state. Aside from its substantial amount of good student reviews, the institute is home to professional french teachers who use available resources to tutor learners. Many of their teachers have a vast amount of expertise years and can assist in helping learners achieve their French learning goals.

Start French Private Classes at Superprof

Superprof is the leading international tutoring site for academic and vocational training. Because of their expertise, Superprof has over the years built a reputable trust amongst tutors and learners alike. Asides from the great number of reviews from both instructors and pupils, Superprof prides itself with the number of credible personal tutors on their platform.

If you find home sessions a lot more favourable, Superprof offers training in two ways:

  • Online sessions: The online class involves hiring an approved teacher to start french tutorials online. Via the webcam, your tutor uses their tutoring skill that's tailored to you, for your French lesson. Online webcam sessions are very beneficial to many learners because of its perks. For starters, the online webcam tutorials break the barrier of distance. You can hire a teacher from anywhere in Nigeria and Edo to teach you. Thereby, allowing you to access more instructors. Webcam sessions do not also limit your teacher's quality training; since your classes are live via a webcam, you can communicate directly with your teacher, which is almost impossible in the case of MOOCs. In this case, we can safely say that webcam also allows your teacher to monitor/supervise your progress.
  • Face to Face sessions: Just as its name suggests, face to face sessions is the opposite of webcam lessons because it involves meeting physically.  It involves hiring an approved instructor on the platform to take french in your house or a designated place. Unlike the webcam option, the face to face sessions can be a lot more personal, but just like the webcam session, instructors do not offer a lower quality of training.

Whether its webcam or home class, ensure to look out for reviews in your instructor's profile. Asides from reviews, check out their educational background and interests; these can be a helpful compilation to finding the right instructor. Also, 95% of Superprof's instructors offer their first session for free.

french food
French food is one of the most popular in the world. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Get a French Degree at the Ambrose Alli University

As we have stated earlier, studying French is sure to boost your profile. And what better way of profile boosting can you get other than getting a degree in the language? If you'd like to get a degree in French, Ambrose Alli University is open to teaching students that have met their school requirements.

For undergraduates, getting a degree in French boosts your job profile and opens you to endless possibilities within and outside Nigeria. If you'd like to study here, it is located at Ekpoma.

Building a strong profile through French classes can be achieved through dedication and good training.

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