There are so many reasons why you'd want to learn a language. Many students get attracted to the sounds and mannerisms of a language and decide to learn it, to be able to speak in that manner. Others have wrapped their language learning around their love for travel, for business and academics. Generally in Nigeria, students who start a language education tend to do it for the following reasons:

  • To improve business profile: Although the business world is vast, many Nigerians get a foreign language education to hone their skills and improve their chances of being seen by the right clients or customers. As a Nigerian working in Nigeria, learning a language can improve your working profile and help diversify your career.
  • To boost academic profile: Many students in secondary school and even university undergraduates are interested in leaving Nigeria for studies in a foreign country. Learning languages will certainly make the learning experience better and will increase the chances of networking.
  • For immigration purposes: It's almost impossible to find a country where there is no Nigerian. Many Nigerians learn languages to make them eligible for migration into different countries. That way, they can experience the culture and way of life of the new country they call home.

Of course, there are many more reasons why language schools admit many Nigerian students every year. It doesn't have to be for groundbreaking or life-changing reasons. You might even decide to learn languages just because you enjoy hearing how their native speakers speak it.

In essence, you'll find that taking up language lessons has a lot more perks than its downsides. Really, there's nothing to lose! In this article, we will focus more on french classes, why it is important and the options available for french lessons in Enugu.

Discover french classes in Nigeria

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Why French Lessons?

Learning languages just for the thrill of it is so beneficial! For starters, you'll be reducing the risk of getting dementia, and boosting your brain's health status. Of course, this reason alone may not be enough to start lessons right away, but the experience you get from learning languages cannot be overemphasized.  For example, if you get a foreign language education, you get to experience the culture and the perspective of its people.

Also, as you advance in every lesson, you get a closer shot at networking and connecting with a divergent group of people for so many purposes including business and academics. Being bi-lingual or multi-lingual does help with social cohesion,  linking communities, and helping students understand cultural differences a lot better. And now that the world has become a lot more technologically advanced, the need to take available language courses is very important. And it can prove as a necessary tool as you progress in this modern society.

Why You Should Start French Training

If you have decided to start lessons in French, you have made a wise decision. Firstly, French is the fifth most popular language in the world; it is also the official language of over thirty countries in the world. Within Africa, French is the official language of over twenty countries. Even the basic french for beginners lessons will do you a lot of good if you intend to travel to any of these African countries.

Since French is spoken by over two hundred million people, starting French courses will certainly boost your language and networking profile. When you learn French, your knowledge exposes you to many possibilities and enlightens you on so many life, education, and business perspectives.

Not only is French popular, but it also has a great influence on our official language. It is a language of diplomacy, politics, business and so much more. By deciding to learn French, you get to discover the origins of many English words, as well as the rich culture of France.

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Starting A French Lesson

Whether you're starting French lessons online, at home or through approved schools, it's necessary to know what your learning will be like. French lessons for kids and beginners is delicate. And as new students, getting the best french classes builds a solid learning foundation.

For beginner level students, you may be required to write a test. Your test will show your proficiency level and which classes will suit you best. Regardless of your level, you should expect that your French training is not a quick process. One lesson is not enough to help you master your French course. Although your learning process will be hastened if you dedicate more time to study with available materials, you should be patient if your understanding of some french courses is slow.

Many students also ask if they should have basic knowledge of a French course before joining any language school. The simple answer is "no." Whether you have the knowledge or not, language schools and private tutoring is equipped to help you acquire the language through unique training methods.

The Best Available Options For French Lessons in Enugu

Enugu is one of the most popular cities in the Eastern part of Nigeria and is home to many schools and private teachers that offer French. If you live in Enugu and you'd like to start a French lesson, you can explore the many options in the state.

You don't have to live in Lagos, Abuja or any of the popular cities in Nigeria to get proper training in French. Within your locality, you can simply search online for French classes near me, which will provide many options for teachers and schools. In any case, this topic is focused on where to find the best French teaching in Enugu.  We have helped to streamline the best options for your level and how to get the most from each lesson.

Start French Group Study At Alliance Francaise Enugu

Alliance Francaise is an international organisation whose focus is on promoting the French language and culture. Over the years, Alliance Francaise has built a great reputation for providing quality French teaching for its new and existing learners. You can tell, from open data, that the school has great student reviews and a community of teachers that use their teaching skills to tutor students in the state.

When you start your group sessions, you'll be provided with materials that you can use to practise your French words. Of course, you must dedicate the time, before you can notice any improvements.

Speaking about teachers, Alliance Francaise has a mix of native-speaking and Nigerian teachers whose profile is nothing short of top-notch. In your class, your teacher will use the recommended materials to help with your learning. After class, your teacher is expected to review your learning through assignments and tests. You'll also be encouraged to mingle with other learners, which can motivate you to personally review your sessions and boost your study habits.

The school is located at Ogui, Enugu.

Get Certified French Private Tutoring At Superprof

Superprof is a leading tutoring platform that helps learners achieve their academic and vocational goals through private teaching. With branches across several countries in the world, Superprof has built a reputable profile that is revered among tutors and learners alike.

In different parts of Enugu, you have the option of hiring a French teacher in two ways.

The first is the online class. If you have found a French tutor that suits you, you'll schedule out a period for your online tutorials. Unlike the MOOCs where you see your tutor from a live or pre-recorded video, your sessions are held via the webcam. That will allow your teacher to review and supervise each session successfully. You would also be provided with materials that can aid your understanding of the subject.

The second option is the face to face tutorials. After you have done a proper review of your prospective instructor, they will start your training in your house or a designated physical place. Home tutorials are especially a great option for primary and secondary school learners; allowing the french tutors to access any loopholes that may be hindering the proper assimilation of a topic by a learner.

All of these options offer a teaching method that is unique to every learner. Be sure to check the reviews of your intending instructor, as well as their educational background and teaching methods. Also, 95% of Superprof French instructors offer their first class for free. If you're not geared enough, perhaps taking a free class can show you a different perspective.

Study For A Degree in French At The University of Nigeria

If you're a secondary school learner or an adult that's impressed by the great reviews and perks that comes with acquiring French, then you should consider getting a degree at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature offers French courses for candidates that have met the academy's requirement. Having a degree shows that you're fluent in the language and will automatically boost your portfolio.

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The English and French have so much history in all ramifications including food. Photo Credit: Unsplash

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