Speaking a foreign language has always been a wonderful experience; not only for the speaker but also for the listener. As you have noticed in Nigeria, when someone speaks a respected foreign language, people tend to look at them in a different light.

Interestingly in Nigeria, many students are starting to see the value of learning a foreign language. Unlike years ago where students laughed during a French or Spanish class, students are starting to pay more attention to the classes, because of the benefits it brings.

Not only do you enhance your brain's health, but you also get to experience a dynamic perspective. Learning languages also provides you with endless possibilities that are positives to your academic, personal career and business life.

So if you've taken foreign language education for granted, now is the time to see a different view. As you will observe, learning or knowing just one language leaves you handicapped, and you're unable to access the many opportunities outside of the language you know.

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Why Should You Bother With French Lessons?

Learning a language goes beyond just spewing words. At its core, you're delving into the culture of its people, seeing a different view of life and building your connection with more people. If you learn one of the popular languages in the world, you're exposed to more chances of networking and connectivity.

For example, many job applications, academic admissions, and even immigration policies require that the candidate has acquired specific language skills to qualify. In fact, if you intend to migrate to a country like Canada, you'd get a higher chance if you know how to speak the French language.

Not to mention the fact that being bilingual or multi-lingual saves your brain from Alzheimer's disease, and generally helps you become smarter, more energized and a lot more connected to everything. As students. being able to speak a different language from yours is such a strong power, that when wielded correctly, can open a lot of opportunities for you.

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The Benefits You Get When You Learn French

Now that you know many of the benefits that come with having foreign language skills, the question remains: how does it tie back to French courses?

When it comes to taking lessons in french specifically, one of the things that you will find interesting is its popularity. French is the fifth most popular language in the world. Following closely with English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish languages respectively. In essence, it means that the more people speak the language, the more all-round opportunities you get. And this is such great news because French is spoken by hundreds of millions of people.

French also has a great influence on the English language. You'll get to discover the origins of words like restaurant and advice, and explore the wonderful culture of France.

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Things To Know Before Starting French Classes

Whether you're a parent that is looking for a French teacher to take french for kids, you're a beginner and you're interested in French for beginners or you're googling french classes near me to find tutorial centres or private french tutors in your area, it's always essential to know what to expect for your first lesson.

For new students, your first lesson will involve taking a test. The test will help you determine what lesson would work for your level. Unlike beginner lessons, intermediate and advanced students tend to already know what they are looking out for. But as Nigerian students at any level, what's important is finding an approved school or professional french teacher that can use their quality teaching practises to help them acquire French skills.

In Ibadan and other localities in Oyo state, several approved language schools exist that can offer their skills to help you achieve your French learning goals:

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French Lessons In Ibadan and Oyo Environs

Ibadan, Oyo state's capital has a historical significance in Nigeria. Ibadan, for instance, hosts the University of Ibadan, the first university in Nigeria. In Ibadan, the right french lessons can be an easy find. If you live in other parts of Oyo like Ogbomosho, Iseyin and many others, there are also several approved lesson options for you. In this section, we'll be listing approved places and platforms to get the right french education in Oyo.

Alliance Francaise Ibadan

Alliance Francaise is an international organization that focuses on promoting the French language and culture.  It has branches in major parts of the country and offers one of the best french education for learners interested in group lessons.  Based on the great learner reviews and teaching methods, Alliance Francaise has become a household name in Nigeria for quality French education.

Alliance Francaise boasts of approved teachers who use their unique teaching methods during lessons to ensure that every learner can study in the best manner. The education experience for every level is topnotch; with learners having a proper experience of the culture and community of the French. Many of Alliance Francaise's branches have a mix of approved Nigerian and native-speaking teachers ready to help learner experience the beauty of French.

The Ibadan branch is located at New Gra.

Franco African International School

Franco African school is located at Onireke Ibadan. This school offers both English and French teaching. Their good student reviews expose how the school have made french lessons a lot easier. And they boast of approved and competent teachers who tutor every level of french lessons. If you're a new student, or you already have a bit of experience, their lesson plan includes helping a community of learners to understand French culture a lot better.

Also, if you're a student that's looking to do French exams to boost your academic, personal or business profile, their teachers who have approved expertise years can help you study to make your exam run smoothly.

Private French classes with Superprof Nigeria

Superprof is an international platform that offers lessons in different academic and vocational subjects. Superprof's international profile has bagged them many great reviews, making them one of the leading and approved tutoring platforms in the world. Whether you're a primary, secondary or a university student, Superprof is equipped with professional teachers that can offer French lessons online or at home. The options available for learners are two:

  • The online (webcam) option: Learners who prefer online lessons can use Superprof's platform to hire a teacher to tutor them on any subject. Unlike the MOOCs, teachers will offer your french lesson via a webcam. The webcam lessons allow you to see your tutor virtually; every webcam lesson is specifically tailored to how you learn, and you'll have enough time to ask questions, get tips on how to study and so much more. The webcam lesson option is great for secondary learners, university undergraduates and adults who can properly manage their time.
  • The face to face home lessons: The face to face lessons is the physical class option. After you have hired a tutor that matches your study profile, the teacher comes to your house or a designated place to take your lessons. The face to face teaching method is especially great for primary school children. Unlike learners in secondary schools or the university, the primary learner's attention span can be quite short. That's why it's inadvisable to choose webcam lessons for them.

As a plus, 95% of the approved instructors at Superprof offer their first lesson for free. They also provide a unique teaching method for every learner; regardless of whether it is face to face classes or webcam sessions. You can find this in their profile; with good reviews from old learners.

If you prefer private classes, the face to face or webcam options at Superprof is a great option for you.

French and German Learning Point Oshogbo

Situated at Oduntan Oshogbo, this is one of the approved language schools in Osogbo that offer French face to face group sessions. The school is certain of its teacher training method for learners who want to acquire the language for several purposes. If you'd like to study with a community of learners, the institute is available to help you achieve your language goals.

St. Francis catholic college Oyo

St. Francis Catholic College has a primary and secondary unit. Over the years, their good student reviews have influenced people's perception of the institute. With their approved instructors, learners can be certain of getting quality group classes in their schools. If you're interested in Francais classes, their tutoring method is topnotch and can motivate you to improve your learning profile.

Whether it is private or group face to face classes, webcam or other virtual sessions, getting approved teaching is important, especially since the language of France, just like other languages, is delicate.

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