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Why learn Chinese? Let’s Breeze Through the Gains

Why learn Mandarin when Nigeria speaks English? Wait! Learn a new language, AGAIN? But I can speak English! At first thought, many people will dispel the idea of learning a new language. Really, nobody likes to be troubled, especially not with an odd language like the Chinese language. It has thousands of characters and strange […]


Written on 18 December 2020

7 minutes to read
private tutors
Advice for Students

The Advantages Of Online Tutoring

7 Surefire Benefits of Online Tutoring Since COVID-19, virtual learning technology has met with a lot of advancements. Nowadays, a lot more students are seeing the importance of online tutoring and have resorted to taking more online classes. Before the advent of virtual learning technology, most students needed to rely on private tutors to come […]


Written on 9 September 2020

6 minutes to read
Quarantine tips
Advice for Students

A guide to learning online during coronavirus quarantine

Tips For learning Online During The Coronavirus Outbreak "There's a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strenght.' No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster" - Dalai Lama XIV Since the 23rd of March 2020, schools across Nigeria have […]


Written on 21 April 2020

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The Right Price For Private Lessons In Nigeria

How Much Should You Pay A Home Teacher In Nigeria? Getting a private tutor comes with a lot of advantages; they can help with your assignment or homework, do an act prep test for your exams and so much more. You also have access to personal tutors who offer online tutoring in basic math, calculus, […]


Written on 28 January 2020

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Advice for Tutors

Work For Yourself By Becoming A Private Teacher in Nigeria

Become A Private Home Teacher in Nigeria and Be Your Own Boss Do you long for flexibility and freedom in your work? Then join the network of one-on-one tutors today! Regardless of whether you are recently retired, have a full-time job or an undergraduate student, offering customised academic help, can be a brilliant opportunity! A-connect […]


Written on 30 November 2019

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Ss3 exams in Nigeria


All You Need to Know: English Language & Literature Exams in SSCE/WAEC If you're an SS3 student in Nigeria, chances are you're sitting for your Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) very soon. While you might think of the exam as one similar to your regular end-of-term assessment, note that you need commitment and adequate preparation […]

27 May 20227 minutes to read

WAEC SSCE English Language Revision

English Language Revision for SSCE/WAEC

Best Revision Resources and Tips for SSCE/WAEC English Language & Literature Regardless of the subject, passing an exam boils down to how well you prepare for it. If you're reading this, then it is because you intend to prepare adequately to attain a high score which means that you're serious about your education. There's no […]

27 May 20227 minutes to read

WASSCE English Language past questions

How to Ace Your English Language Exam with SSCE/WAEC Past Questions and Answers

Methods to Use for Studying SSCE/WAEC Past Questions and Answers In Nigeria If you plan on sitting for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), especially for crucial subjects such as English Language and Literature — chances are you will come across the term Past Questions & Answers. Just as the name suggests, Past […]

25 May 20227 minutes to read

English Literature Examination for SS3 Students

SSCE/WAEC English Literature Tips

Study Guide To Pass The SSCE/WAEC English Literature Exam In Nigeria If you majored in Arts in secondary school, you'd agree that Literature in English is an integral part of any student's education in that department. In addition to the many perks that come with studying this prestigious subject, it compels you to be a […]

14 May 20227 minutes to read

Top Drama Schools in Nigeria and Abroad

The Best Places To Study Theatre Arts Around The World If you're going to be a successful actor, your education in drama and film production is essential. Also, you must have a solid foundation in acting. All these are due to the type of film school you attend and the drama courses you took while […]

29 March 20227 minutes to read

Students acting with passion

Some Of The Best Drama Schools in The World

Top Acting Schools Around the World Many young people seem to be interested in building a career in acting while improving their acting performance to survive in the acting world. Due to the quest to build a better acting career, aspiring actors now search for the best acting schools that offer amazing drama courses worldwide, […]

28 March 20227 minutes to read


Best Drama Schools in Nigeria

What Are the Top Drama Schools in Nigeria? Drama is one of the performing arts alongside music and dance. It's an art that makes you express yourself in different ways and characters while displaying your acting prowess. Many Nigerians now seem interested in the Nollywood entertainment and movie industry. This has made interested people take […]

24 March 20226 minutes to read

Top Nigerian Actors

Four Famous Nigerian Actors

Some Of The Top Actors/Actresses In The Nollywood Industry Nollywood is the Nigerian movie industry, and it is the second-largest movie industry globally. The industry has produced a lot of movie icons today who have become global and gone ahead to act in other international movie industries like Hollywood, Bollywood and the likes. We have […]

27 December 20216 minutes to read

Two female graduates

Everything About Applying for University in the UK as a Nigerian

Guidelines for Applying to UK Universities From Nigeria The UK is one of the places with the highest university application from international students. This is due to the recognition and opportunities attached to getting an education in British universities. If you wish to study in the UK, you need to get important information and take […]

31 May 20226 minutes to read

A black man in class

Advice for Matured Nigerian Students Studying in the UK

Tips for Studying in the UK as a Matured Nigerian Student Going to university or college is developing new skills and exploring career options. Age is not a barrier to learning, and being an adult should not stop you from achieving your dreams. You might be a school dropout in Nigeria or have finished your […]

31 May 20227 minutes to read

A lady working with a computer

Writing Your Personal Statement for Study in the UK

How to Write a Personal Statement As A Nigerian Student to Study in the UK The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) personal statement is one of the application requirements to study in the UK that is as important as other application documents and results. If you think the statement is just an application formality […]

27 May 20226 minutes to read

A few books on a desk

How to Choose a Course as a Nigerian Student Applying To the UK

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Course to Study in the UK as a Nigerian Before rounding up your secondary school education, you're probably sure about studying at an international university, so you decide to sign up for a British university. After passing your WAEC and NECO, you decided to go for an A-level foundation […]

25 May 20227 minutes to read

Rollerskating shoes

Rollerskating in Nigeria

The Rollerskating Scene in Top Nigerian Cities Sports in Nigeria, Africa and the world have always been about football, basketball and the likes. Exercising has always been about going to the gym, taking a walk and running along the street. But skating has always been given little consideration when it comes to sports activities, and […]

28 June 20226 minutes to read

Rollerskating shoes

Rollerskating in Oyo, Nigeria

Exploring the Rollerskating Scene in the City of Ibadan Ibadan is the capital city of Oyo state, the 3rd most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano state. Moreover, in terms of geographical area, Ibadan is the largest city in Nigeria. The Yoruba tribe dominates this state, but you can also find people from […]

28 June 20227 minutes to read

A pair of legs with rollerblades

Rollerskating in Port-Harcourt

Where Can I Go Rollerskating in Rivers State? Port-Harcourt is Rivers State's capital city and the 4th most populous city in Nigeria. It's one of the states located in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, with 23 local government areas. Also, it's a place known for fishing and local boat-building exercises. It's also fast becoming […]

28 June 20227 minutes to read

A red rollerblade

Rollerskating in Abuja, Nigeria

What's the Rollerskating Culture in Abuja? The rollerskating culture is fast growing in Nigeria, and the country's capital city isn't left out of the fun. The sport involves gliding across surfaces using skates. Like Lagos, Abuja houses different skating rinks open to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the environment. In addition, parents can […]

23 June 20226 minutes to read

Living in France and Learning French

Living In France As A Nigerian And Learning The French Language

How Living In France Can Aid Your Francophone Skills French is a foreign language in Nigeria that is very sort after. In short, being able to speak French as a Nigerian will give you an upper edge when it comes to applying for some job openings in Nigeria and outside the country. It is a […]

30 March 20227 minutes to read

French phrases to learn before moving to France

Some French Phrases To Know

Some French Phrases To Learn For Simple Communication Every culture has its mores: what is socially acceptable and what is not, just like we have in Nigeria. Each tribe and culture with its beliefs, communication and what is acceptable or not acceptable. French people are no exception! To put that in perspective: would you dare […]

21 March 20227 minutes to read

5 Best Cities To Study In France: Guide for Nigerian students

The Best Universities In France For International Students France is known for its excellent educational system, from the primary level to the university level and beyond. No wonder, France is one of the countries many international students, even from Nigeria want to go to and further their education. France has influenced the world with its […]

17 March 20227 minutes to read

Living in France

The advantages of Living in France

Discover How Living in France Can Be Beneficial To You Moving to a new country is not just a decision people make overnight. Starting a new life abroad requires deep thought and careful consideration of all aspects of the human experience. If you are interested in the prospect of living in France, then it is […]

13 March 20227 minutes to read

How can you sing a cappella?

Singing A Cappella

Learning to Sing without any Instruments When it comes to music, there are plenty of different musical styles each with their repertoires including rock, soul, funk, blues, etc. A cappella music is a different type of singing altogether; it involves several singers, a choral group, or soloists singing together without any instrumental accompaniment. This type […]

8 March 20227 minutes to read

Learning music theory in Nigeria

The benefits of learning Music Theory

Reasons Why Learning Music Theory Is Important? Most times when people hear theory, they lose interest because there is this part of them that automatically thinks of something hard.  After all, it’s the practical element of music that’s most enjoyable, right? Music theory wasn’t created by a bunch of people who just love writing notes. […]

28 February 20227 minutes to read

How to get the right piano tutor in Nigeria

Tips For Choosing The Right Piano Tutor

Guidelines That Will Help You Find A Piano Tutor The piano is a great musical instrument to learn. There is no age restriction when it comes to learning a new skill that you desire. We have a lot of Nigerians who are musically inclined that can play one or more instruments at the same time. […]

27 February 20226 minutes to read

Piano songs in Nigeria

Piano Songs To Practice At Each Level

Why Piano Songs Are Important At Every Level When you start your journey to learning how to play the piano, you’re going to have to commit some time to learning piano sheet music and music notation. This is one of the many reasons understanding music theory as a musician or aspiring pianist is very important. […]

26 February 20227 minutes to read

Man and young girl chatting

The Benefits of Academic Appraisals in Nigeria

How Academic Appraisals Can Influence Your Career Decision Choosing a career path is a vital decision you have to make for your future. Also, choosing a course to study at a national or international university can significantly affect your career performance and management, the job you plan to do, and where you plan to work […]

17 May 20227 minutes to read

Pathways and a door

Getting Help With Career Resources and Choices in Nigeria

Guidelines For Choosing The Ideal Career Deciding what to do in life, what programme to study in school, what college to go to, and what job to work at are not always easy, and many students have found this phase of life difficult. Many college students have dropped out of their initial programmes, searching for […]

17 May 20227 minutes to read

A table with book, pen, and other accessories

Using the JAMB Services To Make Career Choices

How does JAMB Affect Career Choices For Students In Nigeria? Education is a big part of Nigerian society. People who are educated are always at a high advantage in the labour market in Nigeria. This is the major reason parents strive so hard to ensure their children complete their education to make things easier for […]

15 May 20227 minutes to read

Black man in a suit with briefcase

Finding a Career Counsellor in Nigeria

Getting Advice From a Career Counsellor As a student gradually approaching the end of your high school education, you might have few career options in mind and not know the one to pick. However, before choosing these careers, you must have researched, gathered information, and even visited your school counsellor for guidance ahead of your […]

12 May 20227 minutes to read

Benefits of private tutoring in Nigeria

Private Tutoring As An Academic Support In Nigeria

A Guide To Why Private Tutoring Is Important In Nigeria The word ''private tutoring" is no longer new to any Nigerian family. The private tutoring industry is an aspect of our educational sector. Though the private tutoring market in Nigeria is booming, that does not mean it is every academic support company or tutor that […]

23 June 20227 minutes to read

why do kids need private tutorials in Nigeria?

The Purpose Of Private Tutorials For Kids

Why Do Nigerian Parents Enroll Their Kids In Private Tutorials? The private tutoring market in Nigeria has been growing in recent years. More students are getting extra help with their studies. One of the reasons more tutoring companies are starting up in the country and that more people are using private tutoring as their "side […]

22 June 20227 minutes to read

Names of private tutoring sites in Nigeria

Private Tutoring Sites In Nigeria

Who Are The Biggest Private Tutoring Names In The Nigerian Market? One of the best ways to supplement your child’s schooling is through private tutoring. Every parent wants their children to excel in their academics. While some students are fast learners, others might need time to catch up in class. It is one of the […]

21 June 20227 minutes to read

private tutoring companies in Nigeria

Finding Private Tutorials In Nigeria

Private Tutorial Organizations In Nigeria Private tutoring in Nigeria is a booming industry. The private tuition industry in Nigeria has grown, and more students are getting extra help with their studies. As a result of the growth in this industry, more companies and organisations are coming up to gain from it. You will find that […]

21 June 20226 minutes to read