The french language is the fifth most spoken language in the world, right after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindu and Spanish languages respectively. It has, over the years, made such an amazing impact in the world, that asides its history as a romance language (meaning it descended from Vulgar Latin), it is the go-to language for romance (emotional feeling of love).

While this might all seem so trivial, there are many reasons why you should learn french. For starters, French is the official language of over 20 countries in Africa. In Nigeria, our neighbouring countries like Cameroun, Togo, and Niger, are all french-speaking.  Technically, it will do you a lot of good to take french lessons especially if you intend to travel to any of these countries for any personal, business or academic purpose.

Aside from this, the French language has an estimated 76 million native speakers and 235 million fluent speakers in the world. It's a solid reason to become bi-lingual speaking. We can all agree that our official language is not sufficient in today's globalised world, and since French is the fifth most popular language in the world, chances are that you'll come across many speakers of the language.

Of course, you may not still be convinced enough to start french courses. But here are some other benefits that come with having a strong speaking experience in another language:

Find suitable French lessons in Nigeria

Studying for at least an hour every day after your French sessions is a good habit that will help you learn faster. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Should You Learn French?

Just like any other language that's foreign to you, taking lessons in french has a lot of importance. Learning new languages promotes cultural and political understanding and allows you to experience, first hand, the thought processes and way of life of its people.

You might be wondering how taking french lessons can help you with that. We are surrounded by diverse cultures and people speaking different languages. The world has become a lot more sensitive to cultural and political differences. Acquiring languages allows you to bridge that gap. Learning French, for instance, will not only allow you to understand people linguistically, but you can also understand them culturally and emotionally.

In another sense, it's not that acquiring the french is just good for some purposes, it is the fact that the process of acquiring a language births a healthier brain, makes you more intelligent, and you can connect with more people through your language learning experience.

You must understand that acquiring languages are not just restricted to the grammar or phonetics; you're experiencing its culture, history, politics, way of life and so on.  Historically and culturally, the french language is attributed to class, wealth, a well as artistic and literary culture. By learning French, you get to experience all of its modalities.

Discover the best French class options in Abuja

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Taking a French course exposes you to many possibilities and allow s you to connect with more people. Photo Credit: Unsplash

French Lessons in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is one of the best cities in Nigeria for classes in French. It is because the megacity is home to several businesses, schools and so much more. In Lagos, you're likely to find the best schools, education centres and private teaching that offer the most helpful training in the lingua franca of France.

In fact, asides from teaching English, many students in Lagos get to experience french classes in primary and secondary school. Some schools even make it mandatory for students to take french lessons and encourage their students to learn how to speak French through workshops, cultural festival imitations and much more.

Lagos state provides many opportunities for students who intend to get a french education. So, whether you're looking for a school or french tutors that can offer french lessons for kids, and adults, you can explore the many options available in the state.

Check out French class options if you live in Edo state

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The French have made so much cultural impact in the world that it has great importance in food, fashion, romance and many more. Photo Credit: Freepik- Aranjuezmedina

Starting French Lessons

Teaching French in Lagos typically follows almost the same pattern throughout the world. A common fact is this: Before you start french courses, you're likely going to take some tests to determine your proficiency level. That will help determine whether you need to take french for beginners classes or move into an intermediate class.

If you'd like to learn french in Lagos, we have listed below several approved training centres and schools available for group lessons. If you prefer private classes in Lagos, there's an approved platform available to help you speak fluently in French:

Starting Lessons at Lextorah School of Languages

Lextorah  School of Languages offers french group sessions for students of every level. Situated in Yaba, they also offer training in other languages like Spanish, Chinese and German. If your reason for acquiring french goes beyond basics, the school provides training for professional and academic exams.

Here, you will learn about grammatical functions, tenses, and many more factors that make up the language. Not only does the school boast of approved tutors for each class, but they also have great reviews from past students who have taken courses in the institute.

Taking Classes at Alliance Francaise

Let's face it. Advancing in french courses can be tedious, especially if you're not getting the right form of teaching. Alliance Francaise has become a household name in Lagos state because of their teaching methods and their ability to break down complex topics in any class or level.

Because of their years of experience, Alliance Francaise has a great profile (with many reviews to back them up!). Located in Ikoyi and Ikeja,  a student that's interested in taking their group class may also get to be taught by native speakers.

Taking Tutorials at Marvton Language School

Based in Ikeja, the academy offers the french course for learners interested in a group lesson. Just like the other institute in the state, the centre has a wealth of approved teachers that make use of their qualified skills to teach every student.  Regardless of the level, the institute has a great profile based on the reviews from their past learners. And they also offer quality education for learners who intend to take advanced exams.

Taking Lessons at Étude de la langue Française

The institute offers beginners to advanced tutorials, conversation sessions, french for executive tutoring and prepares its learners for DELF/DALF exams. Based in Jibowu, the academy focuses on french tutorials only. Backed up by great reviews, its instructors have also been attested for having professional tutoring profiles. With the options they provide, learners can be sure of having interactive sessions which can boost your chances of acquiring this language skill faster.

If you'd like more options for a french lesson, you can google french classes near me. You'd find several options; one of which may suit your study profile. In any case, Superprof has a range of instructors in several locations around your area. So, if you find home tutorials beneficial for you, hire a tutor!

Taking French Private Classes With Superprof

A lot of pupils prefer personal tutorials. Having a personal tutor allows you time to understand your topics properly. Since your teacher is focused on just you, your sessions are streamlined to helping you understand properly  For learners who prefer the private lesson option, consider getting a french tutor from Superprof. Superprof is an online tutoring platform that has a wealth of approved tutors in different parts of Nigeria. In Lagos state, Superprof has over 200 tutors offering to teach the french course.  Superprof is an international platform and has built up a great profile over the years. With so many happy experience reviews, it's a platform that can surely offer you the best lesson in any subject of your choice.

If you'd like to hire a French teacher from the platform, you have two options:

  • You can take French lessons online via the webcam. For the webcam lesson, a student hires a teacher via the platform to teach them specifically online. The medium of each session is by a webcam. In any case, the online sessions that are held through webcam are perfect for learners who prefer online tutorials. If you do not enjoy online tutoring, you should avoid the webcam option, especially since it involves some form of discipline. Webcam virtual tutorials are also unadvisable for children because of their ability to get distracted faster.
  • Face to Face Tutorials: The face to face option involves hiring a teacher for physical tutorials. Usually, you either have your face to face class at home or in a designated place with your tutor. Just like the webcam option, your process of hiring a tutor is the same. Children and new learners usually benefit the most from face to face sessions. Since the tutor can you in person, they can access your progress a lot better.

Whether it's face to face or webcam tutorials, choosing to use the Superprof platform also allows you to access the profile of your instructors. You also have 95% of teachers who offer their first hour for free.

If you live in other parts of Nigeria, find information on french lessons in:



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