What is teaching? Regardless of whether you're an expert piano player, IT guru, or a devoted cook, everybody has an area of expertise they can share as a teacher!

A huge number of individuals in your neighbourhood both for personal and professional reasons, daily, look for passionate private teachers to assist them with meeting their goals and desires and expand on their range of abilities.

You'll find that helping other people learn by giving one-on-one tutoring, is an amazingly compensating pursuit with numerous advantages.

Why not take advantage of this chance to turn into private home tutoring or online tutoring, a teacher for the individuals who need assistance, and pass your knowledge on to those hoping to gain new skills.

The thought of becoming a private teacher may have entered your thoughts, but you are yet to go for it.

Well, available here are only 5 excellent justifications why you should start teaching today.

Teaching Has An Added Advantage On Your CV

Being a private teacher involves a large number of transferable skills that exhibit your capacity to oversee, persuade and intervene. Having an understanding of these skills, and with references to support them makes you progressively employable. Teaching demonstrates your capacity to try your capabilities in the work industry.

teaching is demonstration of skill
Teaching shows your transmittable skills to employers | Source: Unsplash

You as a teacher need to be able to deal with the exclusive requirements of your students and potentially their folks, by helping to accomplish recognisable advancements in their attainment levels.

Frequently your students might be looking for a private tutor to help take care of an issue they find especially troublesome or assist them with getting up to speed in class. Therefore, you will have to be a teacher with lots of patience and that can easily connect to his student, making a situation in which they feel comfortable and ready to learn.

You won't be able to immediately place your student's academic prowess since you're not their regular school teacher. Your initial goal should be to distinguish their strong and weak points and assist them with adjusting to the new environment and learning style you'll introduce to them. You will likewise need to adapt your own techniques to their wants and needs.

Most importantly, being a private teacher is tied in with building solid connections dependent on trust and regard.

This is a fundamental skill needed in varying occupations. Therefore, if only for this purpose, teaching makes an excellent complement to your CV.

Grow your Business Network

On the off chance that you choose to join an organisation like Superprof Nigeria, which has a network of teachers and gives higher visibility, the odds are you will come in contact with individuals in a similar field as you.

Tutors on Superprof can build relationships
Grow your teaching network and foster relationships on Superprof | Source: Stocksnap

Regardless of whether you're a mathematics teacher, creative art wizard, or a chemistry teacher, this sort of network structure is important for building connections, trading valuable data and making associations with other experts for future job possibilities.

Having a broad professional network is often seen in a good light and can open numerous opportunities by the way of word of mouth. It can likewise give a solid support network of people among similar-minded individuals ready to support and advance one another.

Check out how to start teaching online.

Private Teaching: A Substantial Boost in your Earning

Regardless of your current status, whether you're a student, searching for employment or simply looking for work in your extra time, private teaching is a good way to supplement your earnings.

Private tutoring can help with extra income | Source: pixabay

Irrespective of the kind of expertise you need to impart on other people (computing, musical, artistic, linguistic… ), teaching jobs offer a pleasurable and fulfilling approach to share your knowledge with others and also raise your earnings.

There is a rising demand for private tutors in Nigeria. A great number of  students look on Superprof for one-on-one teachers and online-based teaching via webcam every day.

Make students feel valued, Meet new individuals, and share common interests. This isn't a bad deal, is it? There are more terrible occupations to have aren't there?

Set Your Own Preferred Rates

By taking teaching jobs, you can better plan your finances.

You get to set your hourly rates and decide just how much of your time to commit toward your tutoring job.

When setting your rates, You ought to bear in mind;

  1. Your money related needs
  2. The competitors in your chosen subject(s) to teach
  3. Your direct / First-hand experience
  4. What Educational qualifications you have
  5. Your professional qualifications

Also, keep in mind that everybody cannot afford to pay ₦5000 per hour or lesson. You should contemplate making your rates more competitive and affordable depending on the budget of your students and their educational needs.

You could also consider discounting your per hour charge for where bulk hours are booked.

More often than not, your level of knowledge and experience in the subject you are teaching will determine your rates, A higher knowledge of the subject will cause your rate to higher than average in contrast with those still just starting out in the same field.

Enjoy Your Work!

Knowledge transfer is one of the characteristics of us being human. One benefit of taking a teaching job is how fulfilled you feel in sharing your knowledge to peers and seeing them develop or thrive.

It is enriching sharing your knowledge with others
Enjoy the process of sharing your skills | Source: Stocksnap

See the Rewards of your Hard Work

It might be seeing your students playing their first piece of Beethoven on the piano without your input. Perhaps you just got updated on the fact that they passed their Physics exam with an outstanding grade. Or it could just be you just witnessed them using the speech-giving skills to practise in the real world.

Kudos to you and your Students!!! Here's to yours and their continued success.

Thanks to your unending efforts and hard work, you have assisted your students in reaching their set goals! All that work has paid off and you can see the true advantage in one-on-one teaching.

When you witness the positive results of your hard work, everyone feels assured and proud of their work.

Develop your Own Personal Teaching Style

In light of your own school experience, you'll know about how learning techniques and teaching methods are different from student to student and teacher to teacher. In some cases, student and teacher make an ideal match, yet in different cases, they may not be compatible.

Tutoring is mostly all about understanding, tact and approachability.

At the point when you are alone with your student you will have total say in how to proceed with their studies and which learning strategies to use to get best from them.

This will clearly differ from individual to individual dependent on;

  1. Their level of experience and age
  2. Speed of understanding
  3. Personality/Character
  4. Education achievement

Being as capable as best possible is dependent upon you. It could occasionally be the issue of trial and error, which will eventually become a significant process between both the teacher and the student.

Sadly there is no existing magical method to conduct the ideal class, in any case, you could follow some fundamental guidelines to build your chances of accomplishment. Overall it is basic to:

  1. Be ready ahead of time
  2. Adjust your lessons to suit the student
  3. Develop faith and confidence with your pupil.
  4. Show restraint, be encouraging and understanding
  5. Interchange work with frequent breaks to keep lessons fresh.

Being organised is critical!

For the vital transmission of information to be effective it should consistently be organised.

Manage your teaching program well
Organisation is important especially while managing your teaching schedule | Source: Pixabay

Dealing with your classes effectively and efficiently and as per the needs of your students is really important in any tutoring business.

Posting advertisements of your services for private teaching jobs in Lagos, Abuja, (or any other city in Nigeria) online or offline around your neighbourhood means you are taking the bull by the horn by taking the control of your work schedule into your very own hands; Doing so definitely requires time management.

Ensure prospective students know about your availability and timetable by posting your working hours when posting for teaching jobs.

Remember that restricting your number of working hours will also limit the opportunities you find to get students to sign on for your teaching services.

Various groups of students will clearly have different plans also.

University students may have non-regular, yet flexible schedules. Whereas secondary school students and working-class people may have regular schedules, yet less flexibility. Usually as after-school or night availability only.

Private Teaching: Merge Your Passion with Your Job

Sharing your experience, knowledge and abilities can be a very enhancing and fulfilling experience.

Why not invest your time and expend your energy doing what you love and let give your hobbies/pastimes to others?

Teach somebody how to play the piano, speak French, or compose a charming story. Everybody has something they desire to learn.

In lending support and giving guidance, you are creating an important and meaningful impact in another person's life, helping them in tackling issues and giving them the instruments to advance and succeed.

The positive results you accomplish together are reciprocal and mutually beneficial; they stand for your achievement and success and will be a genuine wellspring of bliss and self-satisfaction.

What could be greater than witnessing the student you tutored making improvements, and seeing their level of confidence is increased?

To put it plainly, if you really enjoy engaging in conversations, making new connections, and love a compensative challenge, then you don't have much to consider, being a private teacher is a must consider for you!

Yet, is being passionate really enough to make you consider being a private home teacher? All things considered, it's not everything but it certainly is 90% of the job.

Being a passionate teacher will consistently make you more capable and compelling than somebody teaching out of need or because there are no other viable options.

It is additionally also critical to realise how to impart knowledge effectively. There are numerous online teacher training classes that are out there and accessible, including from Superprof tutors.

There are likewise more career-focused qualifications (both for post-graduates and under-graduates) including the BSc(Ed), PGDip.Ed, NCE, Adv.Dip.Ed. The Teaching Profession in Nigeria has been summarised by a few publications out there and joining the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria is a good way to be recognised as a professional.

Work for Yourself by Becoming A Teacher

The greatest bit of advantage of private teaching is having the flexibility and total all-out control over your job, Regardless of whether it is your schedule, the rates you charge, or work environment, you have control!

Decide the envirom=nment to give your online lessons
Private tutoring enables you choose your work environment | Source: Unsplash

Most of the time, classes occur at a student's home, so it is dependent upon you to choose the region in which you are available to teach in so as not use up a large chunk of your charges on transportation to reach your student.

Another alternative is to teach at your very own house or an agreed-upon, neutral area like a restaurant, library, a co-working space or even in a recreation centre on a lovely bright day.

Why not promote your services by teaching sessions that cater to small groups or also start a study group to gain more cash per hour? Keep in mind that individuals will expect a lower rate if the class is not on a one-on-one basis.

On the other hand, digital technology currently makes it feasible for you to teach anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or wherever you so choose.

The world they say is your classroom!

Teach Part-time while Studying

Numerous students now merge their studies with part-time work in the service industry, teaching extra lessons to students or taking shifts in eateries, big supermarkets or restaurants.

These kind of jobs are more appealing to students due to their flexible schedules and part-time nature and as supplementary or even alternative jobs for teachers.

Nonetheless, with an average rate of about ₦3000 per hour (most subjects considered) and the extra boost, it adds to your CV, private teaching jobs have indeed become a progressively appealing job prospect for students wishing to earn money.

The huge contrast in per hour type of wages is the thing that makes this job so appealing and desirable for students hoping to utilise their time and make some money.

Indeed data collected shows that in France from 2015 to 2016 Superprof saw a 145% increase in younger tutors aged 19 or under with a number from 2500 to 6000!

Have these excellent reasons to turn into a private teacher persuaded you to begin teaching?

What are you waiting for if this is true?

Register today for tutoring jobs on Superprof which has a great number of willing and friendly students available online in your neighbourhood willing to work with you.

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