Tutoring is an excellent way for individuals with a great passion for teaching jobs to make some extra cash. It is also a great way to share one's knowledge with interested learners on part-time basics or as a full-time professional tutor.

One-on-one and online tutoring businesses are developing rapidly with technological innovations and extensive usage of the internet. Both parents and students are enjoying the benefits of learning both in-home and online learning routes.

Tutoring classes has now become a booming and lucrative business venture for most youths in Nigeria.

Professional tutors help their tutees to improve on their grades, motivate them and give tips for examination preparation.

This step-by-step guide for finding tutoring jobs will give you good ideas on starting your own tutoring business, know about the teaching profession, finding clients both offline and online, and ways to establish a good working relationship with your clients.

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Ways to Become a Private Tutor

Becoming a private teacher is a great way to offer a one-on-one and individualized lesson to students. As a private tutor, it is necessary to know the students' goals and needs before commencing the lesson.

To make the best of your student's needs and goals, there is a need to build trust and a good relationship with the students. Having a good working relationship with your student will help you understand them better, thereby providing personalized learning sessions.

Having a listening skill is an important attribute that is needed as a tutor. This skill puts you on the road to good student success rates.

As a private teacher, it is important to have a first-hand experience of the chosen subject or topic you intend to teach. This means that you should have a professional qualification or currently at the university.

Of course, you cannot teach the drum if you have not seen or played the drum before, else, it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Remember that your professional qualification and experience have a strong influence on your cumulative earning as a private tutor.

The Steps and Procedures of Becoming a Private Tutor

You might be wondering if there is a need for any certification or diploma before you can become a private tutor in Nigeria? The answer is No! All you will need is a good level of knowledge about the subject and passion for teaching.

In Nigeria, presently, there are no legal requirements needed to enter the private tutoring industry. However, it's recommended, that you have some certification or training to help convince your clients of your capability.

This will make you more attractive to your clients and the parents of your prospective students as a seasoned educator.

Personal Tutoring Business

Being self-employed as a private tutor rather than working for an agency or tutoring companies comes with its benefits and legality.

As a self-employed business owner, the job of registering your business and sourcing for clients through different advert route lies on you.

There is a need for you to also get an insurance cover in the case of injury or damages that may be linked to you due to you being a private home tutor.

Note that having an insurance cover isn't a must, but it will help keep your mind at rest.

Self-employed tutorship comes with some unique benefits. Some of these benefits are

  • The opportunity to keep track of all your earning
  • The pride of owing and growing a business of your own.
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Working with a Tutoring Agency

Working for/with other tutoring agencies such as Superprof can help take some works off your shoulders. In the case of one-on-one tutoring services, the company is expected to pull in students. Here, you are guaranteed steady jobs.

Agencies might require you to have some qualification level before you can work with them.

Some tutor agencies in Nigeria accept individuals with a good level of experience in the chosen subject while others recruit only tutors who just graduated from the university or certified teacher with classroom experience.

For other agencies, you are allowed to create your specialized page stating your experience, the subject you teach, and the price you charge per hour. Here, the agency gets a commission for any student they connect with you. But this is not the case with Superprof. All your earnings go directly to you, there's no commission and the platform is free to use

Working for a tutoring agency comes with some benefits. You are privileged to work with their name while they do the marketing for you.

In this situation, all you need to worry about is how much hours you can put in, and how much you want to bill students.

In all cases, you should consider joining Superprof, Nigeria.

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No 1 Tutoring Website In Nigeria.

Steps To Finding Clients for Your Tutoring Jobs

In becoming a private tutor, there is a need to understand what it takes to find clients for your business. But where then can the students be found is another question altogether?

There are different ways for an individual to get his/her name out there. These could either be through advertisements or referrers.

Some of the ways to find your clients for your tutoring jobs include

  • Use your network: You can start with close alleys and friends when commencing your tutoring business. Met friends and family members and tell them about the services that you offer. These are the first set of people that will talk about your new business and spread the word.
  • Social Media:  You can make use of Facebook or a pinned Tweet to publicize your business. Thousands can see this post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter who may be your future clients or might know someone who will be.  Remember that, Your social network is your net worth.
  • Local community: Talk to your neighbors in your local communities, churches, clubs, or other individuals that might be needing your services within your local community
  • Flyers: You can make use of flyers, by placing them on local shops around, letterboxes, food outlets, and other locations such as the library.
  • Advertise in Schools: You can do your advertisement in primary and secondary schools around your locality. This is the primary location for most of your target and potential students. You can start by meeting the principal and proprietors of the schools. You can also place your posters at the school gate.
  • Online Platforms: Sign up with reputable agencies such as Superprof. It is free and quick to sign-up
  • Create your websites: Creating your websites is also a great way to put your name and services out there. Nowadays, people go straight to Google at the first mention of anything. With good testimonials and reviews from past clients on your websites, it's likely they'll want to get in touch with you.

Where to Host Your Tutorial Lessons

Tutorial lessons can be held in different locations depending on the agreement between you and the tutee or the families. These tutorial lessons could be held in the following places

  • Tutee's Home: The tutee homes are usually the ideal place for any private lesson. It's often easier to teach a student in a location that they are most familiar with and comfortable in. However, family environments are sometimes not ideal for learning due to the presents of other siblings, parents, or house chores.
  • Libraries: A library is a heaven for books, making it suitable for any academic engagement to rake place there. It is a good place to teach students preparing for WAEC, JAMB, or other external examinations.
  • Cafes: This can be a good location for teaching languages since it makes the sessions less formal and casual. It also helps to promote natural conversation in the targeted language.
  • Museums: A museum can be a good place to learn about past histories of Nigeria and artifacts such as Edo and Ibadan artworks.
  • Outdoors: Outdoors environments such as a park and playgrounds are another great option for new lesson experience for kids. It allows you and the students to relax while learning.

Remember that there are no limits to a teaching location – so get more creative and find out what works better for your students.

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Students Learning in A Conducive Classroom. Source: Freepik Image

Ways to Find Online Tutoring Jobs

The internet is a great way to keep one's students in touch even when you are far away from them. Online tutoring helps you to improve your accessibility and ease of meeting new students.

To achieve this, all you will need is a computer, Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing accounts and a webcam with a microphone.

Online tutoring is as great as in-home tutoring or evening lesson sessions. It all depends on your student's level of motivation, the teacher's capabilities, and the setup.

To go through the online route, we encourage you to invest more in high-quality webcam equipment to ensure that your online sessions are of high quality. Good equipment prevents interruption, usually caused by technical difficulties.

Other great ways that you can take advantage of the online means of teaching involves

  • Screen sharing devices
  • Google Drive
  • WhatsApp Application
  • Hangout

And guess what? It won't cost you anything out of this world to do that. It's also important to understand that online lessons' average rates are roughly the same as those delivered in person.

Online classes also cut off the expenses incurred in travelling to the student's place for the lessons.

So, whether you choose to carry on meeting your students in person, online, or a mixture of both, you can keep your clientele and expand your services to the wider world.

In conclusion, if you think this route suits you, why not begin today by signing up with Superprof, the number one online platform in Nigeria.

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