The fact that being a private teacher is something to be proud of and also a pretty good way to earn more money is evident and cannot be contested. But asides these, to be a tutor is likewise to be passionate about sharing your knowledge.

This must be the primary drive of any teacher who is providing academic help. Your enthusiasm will play a vital role in discovering students who need your assistance!

Your abilities and skills could help:

  • Primary school-aged pupils who need assistance with their assignments, or need more practice to not lag behind in class.
  • Senior Secondary school students who need assistance with revision skills for their approaching WAEC examinations.
  • Students looking for help with JAMB mathematics
  • Primary five or six students that need help to pass Federal and/or State Common Entrance exams into Secondary Schools
  • Teenagers and young adults who want to learn a musical instrument or a foreign language

On the off chance that you believe you're right for tutoring jobs and need to share your passion in your leisure time, private teaching is for you!

Things are Better Explained by People Who Love and Are Passionate About Them

Everybody has something they absolutely love.

Some love mathematics, others are lovers of historical figures and events, You may likewise spend your vacations venturing to the far corners of the world and can communicate in multiple languages. All of the mentioned have something in mutual: Passion!.

So why not unite your passion with your job and become a Spanish tutor, Mandarin tutor or a Mathematics Teacher. The market for private teaching is really flourishing in Nigeria, and you can even have your tutoring classes online! Online tutoring also gives you flexibility by allowing you the option of working anywhere you please. Becoming a private teacher is getting simpler thanks to new innovations that enable you to be your own boss and allows you versatility in your schedule.

Studies have demonstrated that passionate teachers are able to fire-up like passion in their students. Teaching isn't only communication and transfer of knowledge, but it can likewise be a method for creating genuine interest and engaging the creative mind of a student towards a subject matter.

Teaching is driven by passion
Teaching requires enthusiasm and passion | Source: Pixabay

Things being what they are, what keeps you alive? Surely there is something that helps you destress.

You can be sure that another person has a similar passion as you do.

We now have people that make a living as Video game coaches (That's right, computer games!). This is something we could do right here in Nigeria, (enthusiasm for it can be cultivated, after all, there is good money in professional video gaming) – but if that does not evidence that you can monetise your passion, what else can prove it?

With the increase of online video tutorials and blogging, knowledge is being converted into various types of resources. Some particular individuals understood the power of these resources and seized the opportunities available.

Take a look at Youtube celebrities, for instance, who have become famous people just by sharing their enthusiasm for something they love. Isn't that what dreams are made of?

The best tutors are in the business of teaching because they are passionate about their job and also derive pleasure from seeing others grow academically because of their expertise as teachers.

Teaching is primarily about capturing the total attention of your audience. If you manage to successfully help individuals find their calling, your job is well and done! Of course, private tutoring also looks great on your CV, yet at the end of it all, it is an outlet for your passion.

One can Derive Fulfilment from a Second Job

Numerous research has indicated that with less micro-management comes more job satisfaction since employees feel more at ease even while doing stressful jobs.

The advantages of being more independent at work are much more than this however, one study even discovered that those with less power over their jobs were at a higher risk of developing heart disease than smokers.

At any rate, self-governance in your profession is a good thing to have. It is no surprise a good number of individuals become private teachers!

Shouldn't the same be said about you?

Have you been contemplating taking on a second job, which may even be more interesting than your present one?

You'll feel more helpful, as well. If all goes according to plan, in-home tutoring jobs could open the entryway to another career path.

Be your own boss
Learn to love your job and Be Your Own BOSS | Source: Unsplash

In any case, having a second job can assist you in those hard days where cash is short before your salary is paid. You'll have the option to go out with your friends more regularly, be consistently the first to change your wardrobe and be able to enjoy going on vacations if you so decide to.

The advantages of becoming a private tutor apply to everybody: Undergraduate students (who are becoming a significant part of the private teaching community), those who already have jobs, the retirees and the unemployed.

Irrespective of status or age, everybody can engage in private tutoring.

Everybody has some knowledge that might be valuable to another person. For example, if you have an English degree, you could be a private English tutor for secondary school students, and you can likewise help primary school children with comprehension, reading, and writing or something as specific as language structure!

Or on the other hand, if you're a University Physics lecturer, you may likewise be able to assist Secondary School students by teaching them mathematics and getting them ready for say JAMB. Private teaching jobs are fulfilling and flexible too.

So why not become a tutor and find what all the fuss is about!

The Pleasure Found in Teaching

Those in the teaching profession are generally respected by our society.

Even though teaching is still one of the professions with low degrees of pay in Nigeria, recent reforms at state and Federal government levels are making it more attractive for individuals to venture into. We have several state Governors bringing up reforms and incentives for teachers in the bid to please them and thereby build better educational structures for pupils. The then Lagos state Governor,  Ambode, had a new deal for Lagos state teachers that included constant payment of salaries, regular promotions and Merit awards to boost morale and competition, all these amongst other initiatives.

These days, government emphasis on education and better compensation for teachers have totally changed the stereotypes about teachers being in an unattractive career and brought them into more favourable light. We have seen in recent times, an increase in applications for teaching jobs that even far exceed the advertised numbers.

Asides numeration, be proud of the fact that teaching, especially at the primary and secondary level, is helping in building the foundation and equipping the future generations with tools to make our nation better and a way of projecting your passion into the future.

The satisfaction of tutor jobs: seeing your students succeed
The Joy of teaching is seeing your student succeed | Source: Unsplash

In 2015, A survey conducted by the Harris Interactive online polls shows that 75% of teachers feel motivated doing their jobs and that 80% of teachers are proud of their profession.

Most parents, guardians and teachers are of the conviction that a new, customised approach is required when it comes to teaching strategies.

This is great news for private tutors, whose job is to find the best learning techniques and make personalised plans dependent on the qualities and shortcomings of every student.

So, on the off chance that you have longed for the job of a private tutor and utilising your skills to give academic help to the individuals who need it, now is your time; particularly in the event that you think you were destined to teach, yet you've never had the chance (or even wanted) to go through the process of getting a teaching degree or NCE (Nigerian certification in education).

Or on the other hand, you have a phobia when it comes to standing up before a class to teach.

Don't Panic, because as a private tutor, the number of students you decide to teach is totally up to you. All in all, they are usually just individual students or very small groups.

Remember that the students you are tutoring are curious about the subject matter, and have chosen to approach you for assistance. They are thus better ready to gain great progress and assimilate what you instruct them in during your hourly lessons.

Also, if you are still studying at the university and are thinking about whether teaching is a career option for you, private (one-on-one) tutoring is an excellent chance to experience what it may be like if when you delve into it.

Private tutoring is an awesome head-start for every single potential teacher.

The Gratification Derived from Sharing Your Knowledge with People Who Need Them

Unquestionably it is sure you realise how great it feels to be Valuable.

The sentiment you get when your time has been spent making a positive difference and pushing things ahead for a constructive outcome.

This is one of the things teachers love about their jobs when they have recognised what sort of help the student needs and the ability to help build the student's confidence

Face up to issues that arise in the course of teaching and resolve them with dignity.

Furthermore, in the event that you don't discover an answer, simply enjoy helping a student who needs your particular skills (For instance, a secondary school student struggling to keep up with studies in view of their upcoming WAEC ), and see the results for yourself.

your hardwork can help your student advance
Your tutoring expertise may just be what unlocks the potential of your student | Source: twenty20

Some things you should aim to do as a tutor:

  • Devise a study plan
  • Apply your study plan with your customers
  • Follow-up on your student's development

These three goals will guarantee an ordered method for instructing your student to academic success and showing them the way to accomplishing their dreams. Your work is to overtime improve your student's success. Of course, it's a challenging task; however, that is the thing that makes it stimulating!

Assist School Children so They Do Not Lag Behind

We are having mass failures in WAEC in recent years. In the 2019 Senior WAEC examination, only 26.08% of the 11,892 candidates that sat for the exams obtained credits or above in the minimum of five subjects including English language and General mathematics. Obviously, there are many varying factors to this issue, however, it is very hard to break down and beat them.

All things considered, the student's home circumstance also plays a huge role in these issues. Teachers essentially don't have the time to deal with every student personally. The pressure to complete the school syllabus towards the year's end and the overcrowded classrooms imply that sadly, many students are seriously lagging behind. Also then add the age of social media, video games, cable tv and internet, there are a whole lot of factors contributing to students falling behind.

Underperformance at school: a problem we must face up to
Poor Performance in schools needs to be addressed | Source: Pixabay

Help from a private tutor can give these students the additional boost and discipline they need to improve on their academic performance.

Regardless of whether it's the sciences, reading fluency, mathematics, or languages, parents/guardians get a private teacher whenever there's any hint of difficulty with their child's studies so that with the aid of the tutor, their kid can overcome these challenges, move up the educational ladder and achieve their academic goals

It's also really valuable for parents of children with specific learning difficulties or disabilities (SpLDs, for example, ADHD and dyslexia to employ the help of a private teacher that will enable their kid to develop appropriate study skills that they can apply in school.

Whatever the educational level of the student you are helping and their level of study, it is never late to start where possible to assist them with getting up to speed. You simply need to comprehend the why and how of their failure circumstance so you can pick the best strategy to help overcome their difficulties.

This is why the private tutor is as much a mentor or a psychologist as they are the teacher.

Lend a helping out to a academically weak pupil
Reach out a helping out by being a tutor and lifeline for a student in need | Source: Pixabay

The teaching plan you pick can be based on a methodology as much as it can be founded on your pupil's particular needs. This will enable you to give personalised learning strategies.

The delight of sharing and helping is a key nature of every single great teacher – so why not give tutoring a trial?

A large number of students are looking for ways to strengthen their knowledge, to make themselves better in specific subjects, to establish better study skills or organise their time better. All they need is a good tutor to guide them.

Commitment, improvement, motivation: these are the 3 guiding principles that anybody giving supplemental lessons should hold dear to their heart so as to see improvement.

Discover how Private Tuition Can Mean Fulfilling and Flexible Work.

Need a teacher?

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