From our village settings to the big cities like Abuja, Lagos and the rest, Nigeria is a unique place to live in. What with our set of unique challenges like early there power supply, poor infrastructure, the expensive cost of living and all those things that make Naija what it is.

As though paying the home rent, petrol for generator, school fees, and feeding isn't sufficient to stress over, there are consistently those sudden costs when your car breaks down or your generator suddenly stops.

So what's left for, going to eateries, going on a vacation or even ordinary going to the cinema to watch a movie?

To take care of this issue, numerous individuals have taken to doing private tutoring in their free time to help supplement their earnings. Nigerian teachers particularly look for private tutoring jobs to boost to their regular daytime teaching jobs at school.

Imagine the scenario in which you utilised your knowledge to make some additional cash.

Regardless of whether you are studying engineering, play the piano, or know a foreign language, your knowledge will be very helpful and valuable to someone else.

So put that skill to great use!

Organise a class with students who need assistance understanding their school work, or wish to be more fluent with a language or might want to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Numerous individuals have knowledge of more than one subject. For example, a physics teacher may also be able to tutor for SSCE mathematics depending on their background; they could help with Geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry and other areas.

The equivalent goes for a social science student who could have the option to help with literature studies and also give assistance on lessons for essay writing in their extra time.

Turning into a tutor is above all about establishing a customised lesson plan dependent on the strong and weak points of your student. From kindergarten to university level, there are frequently lots of individuals who need your assistance. You should enjoy the advantages online tutoring can especially provide for you.

Becoming a One-On-One Tutor can Help Overcome Inflation

We're faced with the fact that the average cost for basic items is on the rise daily.

Nigeria can be a really expensive place to live in considering the premium we have to pay to get basic infrastructure.

The article published by in 2017 shows that a breakdown of the average cost of living in Nigeria – the impacts of which are felt by classes of the population (working, jobless and resigned/retired).

As though expenses we need to pay our house rent, security, power, child care and school fees, etc isn't high enough, the country that is supposedly trying to promote a cashless policy has added a ₦50 stamp duty on POS transactions.

As per reports, the Senate has approved the proposed VAT increase by the federal government from 5% to 7.5%, which amounts to a 50 percent increase on current VAT, all in a bid to fund the 2020 national budget. This is an added burden on Nigerians, of which about 61% of the population don't have less than ₦500 to feed on daily.

Expanding living expenses have been sneaking in for quite a while, and have even caused a rise of debts and financial trouble for some individuals.

To keep up with these increasing costs, one should try and have multiple sources of income; some additional cash coming from elsewhere. Some like to take out advances from their salaries to keep their heads above water, while others are taking on extra side jobs.

Top up your income in your spare time
Make money in your spare time | Source: VisualHunt

Making use of your educational and academic skills to help others helps you to also gain valuable experience whilst making extra money too. It is actually also very rewarding to use your passion and existing skills to tutor and earn money.

How You Can Get More Financial Freedom From Tutoring Jobs

Having the experience of tutoring is an added advantage to your CV. It distinguishes you to potential employers who place values on skills (you gain while teaching) associated with it. It is not only advantageous for you cv but you get to make extra money sharing your passion and relieve some stress that comes with money-related issues.

We have discussed some day-today problems facing us as Nigerians, let us also address some solutions to help earn some extra cash.

Make more disposable income tutoring - mall trips will be fun | Source: unsplash

Instead of attempting to manage two distinct jobs (or working while at the university) to make ends meet, we encourage students to take up in-home or online teaching jobs.

From engineering to humble humanities students, right down to international undergraduates who can teach foreign languages, we all have abilities and skills worth sharing with others.

Undergraduate students are particularly valuable for helping school students to pass examinations at SSCE level or JAMB and university entrance exams since they are very familiar with the school and educational syllabus. Making cash through ensuring that youngsters are not lagging behind their peers and helping them to succeed is an amazingly fulfilling and interesting job to do.

Giving supplemental teaching lessons as home tutoring is a method for closing the sometimes huge gaps left by the Nigerian educational system, which doesn't provide for student needs on an individual level. In any event, tutoring in little groups, as opposed to the larger classes you find in school, can profoundly affect the commitment of the student.

In this way, the lesson material can be adjusted to every individual's learning style, so students feel increasingly certain about their very own capability as they fulfil their potential.

Really, why should you say no?

Obviously, you won't become a millionaire automatically, however, private tutoring can help change your income level to a very large extent.

Basically, private teaching jobs can assist you with dealing with those troublesome hard days leading up to salary payment, it can give you the way to enjoy going out more frequently, or assist you with putting something aside for that dream vacation.

So bring out the inner the Mathematics tutor, science teacher, or even Yoruba tutor in you!

How Much Should You Charge for Private Teaching in Nigeria

Before you consider sharing your study skills and subject knowledge in form of an academic teaching job, you should find out about what others in the business charge on an average per hour. This will assist you with finding your place in the market and, more critically, know your customer base and have the option to discover them effectively (through online platforms or through local ads).

It is worth mentioning and for you to realise that the price of private lessons increases with the degree of study, as opposed to simply the subject.

Data provided by Superprof indicates private tutors in the UK make about ₦9000 every hour. This value, of course, will vary based upon interest for lessons in specific subjects as well as the level of study.

In Nigeria, Private mathematics lessons, for example, are an average of about ₦3000 per hour, but Violin lessons could cost you up to ₦6000 per hour because music lessons are more specialised.

Other examples are language lessons, which usually cost about ₦5000 per hour of lesson, yet also fluctuates based on the language being learned. French lessons are cheaper at about ₦2000 - ₦4000 per hour while Mandarin tutors will definitely charge higher at about ₦5000 or above per hour of lesson.

What you can earn as a private tutor is based on demand for your subject and speciality level
Your earnings as a private teacher depends on the subject and level of study | Source: Pixabay

Music lessons and sports training will, in general, have a higher worth since they are commonly extra-curricular exercises and not found in the school curriculum.

At the end of the day, it is about how much individuals are willing to pay to get a teacher that suits their requirements.

This is the reason the normal cost of private music lessons is around ₦1500 - ₦2000 more in price per hour compared to academic subjects.

In any case, teaching 'rarer' subjects do not really imply that more cash can be earned in general. You will realise that more lucrative positions like teaching a foreign language or music lessons are not really easy to come by since they not always fundamental to the student's academic career.

Remember that the subjects of study are not by any means the only deciding factor of what individuals are ready to pay for private lessons. Experience, Age, sex, and geographic area are also factors that can likewise have a significant part in average cost.

Factors that Determine Varying Teaching Fees

Superprof's data additionally shows deviations in rates among big cities and other smaller cities or areas and also a slight gap in income between genders.

These factors influence the amount of cash potential customers are prepared to spend on private lessons. This implies the client plays a significant role in determining your rates as a new tutor.

Geographical Location is a Factor

We should discuss location as it is a big deciding factor in the Nigerian home-tutoring market.

It should not be news that teachers in Lagos state would probably charge far higher than those in neighbouring Ogun state.

In fact within Lagos state, teachers could charge a client in Egbeda ₦1000 per hour and another client residing in Ikoyi ₦3000 per hour for the same subject.

You will even find out from the teachers enrolled on SuperProf Nigeria, that location could also be a factor for the teacher's online rates where no commute is even needed. A Private teacher resident in Ogbomosho could charge ₦1000 per hour for online-based maths lesson while another teacher resident in Abuja could charge ₦3500 per hour for the same online-based maths lesson. the difference is in their geographical area!

The Teaching Pay Gap

SuperProf data also additionally shows an intriguing, if not unwelcome distinction in the income of male and female teachers: men tend to charge more for the same subject.

Despite the fact that the difference may be as little as ₦500, it is still quite significant.

Therefore put this in mind, in case you're a female teacher who is searching for students, be informed of this gender gap – however, you should not let it factor in when deciding what your rates should be

Level of Study: Something to Consider

The last factor in setting your rates is the level of study (of both the student and the teacher).

Though there is no raw data, it is assumed that an hour of private maths lessons for a primary school-aged student would cheaper than an hour of maths lessons for a Senior secondary school WAEC level student.

Whatever the class level of the student, the teacher needs appropriate qualifications to be able to match that of a student; A tutor still in secondary school cannot teach a student about to write JAMB, you need to be able to answer and solve all your student's questions. This applies to all subjects as the skill level of a teacher puts a cap on the level of student he can mentor.

So in spite of the fact that you do not need any conventional teaching qualifications, it's imperative to feel comfortable as a teacher and have the appropriate subject knowledge.

At this point, you should have an idea of the rates you should charge per hour once you become a private teacher, so go on ahead and set your rates!

how much can u earn in your spare time
How much money can you make as a private tutor in Nigeria | Source: CBN

If you like a challenge and have the skills, then go for it!

Teaching jobs are a good way to put your knowledge and skills to great use while increasing your finances.

Irrespective of your age and experience, there are a lot of students that need your assistance in their academic career.

It is a smart thought to start by building good relationships with several families, and afterwards let word of mouth do the rest of the job!

Start by creating your online profile for free on online websites like for instance.

In making an online presence, you will help build your visibility among the numerous potential customers who visit these online sites every day.

Discover how Private Teaching Can Mean Freedom in Your Work!

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