The current digital technology age has opened up the thriving private tutoring market all over the world and private tutoring is also booming here in Nigeria. With the advent of the internet, an ever-increasing number of individuals have access to the personalised help they require, and with more ways of reaching these students, we find that tutors of various kinds of subjects have a platform for transferring their skills to those who need them.

There are many subjects that tutors can teach right here in Nigeria! From academic subjects like maths and English to foreign languages like French, Spanish and even Mandarin, right down to lifestyle subjects like healthy living, weight loss and even career management, there are a lot of willing private teachers available to teach you.

A few people get into teaching because someone convinced them they had the necessary skills to be a teacher, while we have others that are not yet exactly certain about what they got themselves into.

Regardless of whether you are an online tutor or work as an in-home private teacher, tutoring has numerous benefits to offer. It is an awesome method to assume responsibility for your work and be successful too!

You will frequently hear that when you do what you love, work feels like a hobby and yes, this is valid! When you love your job, you tend to work more enthusiastically and always do better. It is actually the same feeling when you engage in one-on-one tutoring! Teaching a subject you are passionate about will immerse you in the activity, you forget time and also forget you're just doing your job.

Private teaching jobs are an incredible way of earning cash, yet they are considerably more worthwhile as an individual achievement.

Discover the Teacher in You

Sometimes, individuals who give academic help in their leisure time are not full-time teachers.

They often have an uninteresting day job that does not fulfil them on an individual level, but it takes care of their financial needs.

Much the same as Superman has the day job of Clark Kent in a newspaper office and Spiderman has a freelance job as Peter Parker the photographer, their job defines the manner in which they fit into the career world but is definitely not their passion.

Also, just the same as these superheroes, these people typically very much prefer their other job, which is working freely as a private tutor; and it's not so difficult to figure out why.

Are you passionate about mathematics? become a math tutor and help your students get a better grasp of the subject, probably learn to love it too and also definitely pass their tests and examinations.

Recognise the beauty in sharing your insight on a subject and become that English teacher somebody needs to pass their WAEC or the reading guide that enables a kid to improve their language speaking and fluency skills.

The best teachers are very passionate about what they teach.

Private teaching jobs let you utilise your own insight and ability to help other people to achieve success!

Be the superhero to someone who needs academic improvements

Though their outfits aren't as beautiful and they do not look at all like Clark Kent or Peter Parker, teachers and superheroes have something in common: and that is to finish the missions that are close to their hearts!

Steering students in the pathway to academic accomplishment while still being a good example shows an individual's true character, perhaps that is the reason many tutors love their job.

This is valid for many second jobs. The restaurant waiter who goes through the day checking on the time until it's time to go off work may be an extraordinary singing artist who communicates her passion for music by performing at night.

Above all, being a tutor is all about the pleasure obtained in sharing your passion!.

The Joy of Being A Teacher

Perhaps you spent your school days viewing your teachers like fish in a bowl while they walked about the classroom full of youngsters all sitting peacefully in dread of being asked to answer a question.

Maybe your recollections of school include turning in your perfect assignments or tests just to have it returned covered in red 'X's.

Or then again perhaps you enjoyed school and had a good rapport with your teachers.

And presently here you are, headed to becoming a teacher!

Why not look for your old textbooks and start to be excited about sharing what's inside! The opportunity has arrived for you to interpret everything that was behind your teachers' weird facial expressions and possibly figure out how to use the same expressions yourself. Every one of the questions concerning the teacher before now will now currently be in your students' face.

See just how the tables are now turned!

Won't you say this is all very exciting?

The joy of being a teacher
Ever thought of how it felt to be a teacher? It is exciting! | Source: Pixabay

This is the reason that an ever-increasing number of students are becoming private tutors; because of the fact that they themselves are still in the educational system and are well aware of how things work, and they can thereby utilise their insight to help their own students.

Now you have the opportunity to be in the driving seat. It's therefore dependent on you to clarify things as you would have preferred them to be explained to you when you were in your student's position.

There are a few things you can do to adjust your lessons for each student:

  • Adjust your communication by clarifying things in their words and social language. This will guarantee that what you are teaching is properly comprehended and can be repeated later on by the student.
  • Put together comprehensive lesson plans that are in accordance with the student's particular goals and use study techniques based on their strong points. This will assist them with getting up to speed in class and work on their own personal learning style.
  • Attract their attention using the information they are well accustomed to stimulate the learner and guarantee a positive and confident outlook.
  • Go past the subject matter and engage your student's enthusiasm by discussing the background and history of what you are teaching. For instance, in case you're a science teacher instructing on bacteria, why not investigate Alexander Fleming's disclosure of penicillin?

The fundamental objective of private tutoring is to provide your students with the devices they need to succeed in their academics and also later on through their everyday lives.

Your supplemental lessons and help can make a child progressively self-confident as they become increasingly mindful of their own strong and weak points, and also feel ready to apply them to life in and out of the classroom.

The Fulfilment Derived in Sharing Your Knowledge in Form of A Service

It is true that Nigeria is a country of many languages based on our different tribes and with our lingua franca being English, the average Nigerian can speak at least two languages; but with the world being a more global village and the kind of opportunities out there, we have quite a number of Nigerians who want to learn other foreign languages.

This is an indication for the need for language tutors in Nigeria; there are people want to learn Mandarin, Arabic, people who want to learn their tribal language like Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa (Yes they do!) as they are not exposed to it and a whole lot of other languages! In any case, it's not simply languages individuals need to learn! Heaps of individuals need a maths teacher to assist them with their calculation skills in math before their school tests and exams, or an English tutor to assist younger ones with their understanding perception and grammar. Physics tutors for WAEC exams, private teachers who can help with Economics, Accounting, further mathematics – the list goes on and on!

What makes this kind of lessons distinct is that it occurs in a private context and is inspired by the need to help improve a student's circumstance at the present or lead them to accomplish academic feats in the future.

Obviously, goal-oriented parents who long for the best education for their kids, the growing state of unemployment amongst qualified people, and increasing competition in the job market, are likewise key factors which play a significant role in the boom of private home tutoring in Nigeria.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are switching to private tutoring as a way to make ends meet, make more cash, garner experience, and also enhance their CV.

Online teaching jobs can be an excellent method for working from any place you want and enabling you to keep a flexible schedule.

So, apply your knowledge to meet the demands of people who need it! Be a French tutor, offer a maths supplemental classes, help with exam preps at WAEC and even A levels, or teach how to bake!. Insomuch as you feel relaxed in teaching your subject matter and are fit to answer your student's inquiries, you can be a teaching superhero!

Your teaching services will turn into a treasured piece of your clients' lives and offer hope to both your students and their troubled parents.

Be passionate and enjoy your work
Teach with passion while also enjoying your student's success | Source: Unsplash

Seeing student achievement because of your assistance is a method for enjoying your work as a tutor.

When you were still an innocent schoolchild, your teachers were likely mindful of the effect they could have on your lives; however, did any of them motivate you? A vast majority of people can name at least one teacher whose passion and enthusiasm propelled them to either study more and put forth a valiant effort or was even an inspiration for them to pursue studies of the subject at an advanced level.

It's overwhelming if not a somewhat terrifying idea that you could change the course of your student's life in a similar way your favourite teacher probably changed yours. In any case, why not be the individual that somebody feels thankful for meeting in 20 years time?

Everybody has probably heard about a friend or fellow student who has become enamoured with a foreign language after hearing their teacher recount nostalgic accounts of their country to such an extent that they wind up relocating to that country.

Now that you're a tutor, it's your own turn to be the maths teacher that inspires somebody to study computer science at university.

Another Chance at Getting An Education

It's not unusual to catch wind of individuals who have been failed by the present educational system.

The generalised idea of the Nigerian syllabus implies that a few students will unavoidably fall behind in class and end up finishing school with poor grades and not very many qualifications to put on their CV.

Private tutoring can hence, likewise help individuals who feel overlooked by the present school system.

The aim of private home tutoring is to personalise the learning style to meet the requirements of every student. This means becoming acquainted with the students and their learning styles, so you can make a personalised study programme that will guarantee that their time progressing towards their objectives is well-spent.

Giving this sort of help can do amazing things for the pupils. Time after time, students who have fallen behind at school are misled in thinking that they're dumb, and they now totally lack conviction in their capabilities.

Among those usually feeling left behind by their teachers are individuals with specific learning difficulties or disabilities (SpLDs), for example, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

The general believe when children lag behind in class is to think of them as lazy or dumb, but we have genuine cases of Nigerian children who have learning disabilities and simply need teaching curriculum that suits their specific needs. This article highlights the way to Easing Dyslexia in Nigerian children, an effort by the Directorate of dyslexia in Nigeria.

Individuals with SpLDs are usually extremely intelligent and simply need to learn by their very own techniques; strategies which are not found on the standard school syllabus.

One-on-One tutoring is a venture that helps close the gap between struggling students and their peers and gets them ready to face future difficulties.

Personalised help to aid students with learning disabilities
Specialised tutoring can be the key to success for those students that need the attention | Source: Pixabay

As reported by McKinsey and Company, 72% of universities and higher institutions are persuaded that new graduates are prepared for the working environment. But just 42% of their employers concur.

This is the reason private lessons can be useful for individuals that have been unemployed for long terms and are having a hard time getting gainful employment. This kind of education can allow them another opportunity to increase their academic prowess or even learn a totally different skill set to the ones they currently possess.

There is extraordinary pressure on unemployed individuals and their families. So if a private tutor can help them in a significant way, why not try it out?

In actuality though, being passionate about your subject does not certainly mean you have what it takes to teach.

Teaching requires passion, vitality and incredible organisational aptitudes. It is vital to have an efficient technique. You may not like to plan lessons, and you may have overlooked the probability that the greatest test of teaching is being able to gain the student's attention, but you know what? the challenge is always the most exciting part of the job!

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