You can get access to a whole lot of new opportunities by becoming a teacher.

Offering private teaching enables you:

  1. Learn also through teaching others
  2. Rapidly build up your professional network by encountering/meeting new individuals
  3. Build up relevant experience as a tutor and grow significant skills to help in being successful later on

Teaching jobs provide you with some relevant aptitudes that employers are searching for, including:

  • Genuineness 
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Great Interpersonal Skills
  • Motivation
  • Receptiveness

Every one of these characteristics becomes a vital part of your experience as a private teacher.

As a teacher, you get the opportunity to draw on your students' strong points and shortcomings to make custom-made teaching curriculum which will help lead them to academic success. These characteristics additionally make private tutoring one of the most enticing substitute jobs for teachers.

Similarly, you can become a student by having dialogues with your pupils. This association, where teacher and student cooperate, is called 'reverse mentoring'.

Find how one-on-one teaching can be an added advantage towards your success!

Why Should You Become a Teacher?

Will utilising your skills to motivate others, be something advantageous for your future?

These are the kind of questions you will have to ask yourself if you're thinking about turning into a private teacher.

Also, you won't have to exert yourself to find reasonable and good answers! There are a lot of benefits that come with private teaching.

Teaching enables you to raise your income while working online or from home (which is perfect on the off chance that you are still in school, at university or searching for employment).

Most importantly, private teaching is as significant on an individual level as it is on a professional level one, which is the reason it is sure to enhance your CV.

You can give private lessons and instruct on any subject you are enthusiastic about. Discover methods for tackling calculus and algebra maths problems, help youngsters with their skills in reading and writing so they don't lag behind their peers in school, you can teach cooking, history, languages, geography or even the bass guitar! No subject is out of context when it comes to private tutoring and passing on knowledge.

There are numerous points of view in teaching any subject. You can teach only one student at a time (one-on-one tutoring) or teach a little group of students that can learn with one another as a type of peer mentoring.

One on one teaching can likewise be valuable for youngsters with specific learning difficulties or disabilities (SpLD's), for example, dyslexia, children with such challenges may require some assistance developing personal study skills, and to get the additional support they have to feel confident in their schools.

What's more, remember that sharing your knowledge along these lines requires you to display skills which employers love.

Benefit From the Increasing Market For Private Teaching Jobs

Teach because you love teaching and also as a piece of the overall picture.

The business of teaching and education, in general, is flourishing greatly especially in Major cities like Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt e.t.c.

Numerous organisations have become aware of how they can gain advantages from the growing and popular demand for individualised teaching and have started formalising the procedure which used to be given by teachers working unofficially.

Today, there are lots of companies which have some expertise with in-home tutoring, (for example, Superprof and Kumon).

Figure out how to teach English online here.

make extra money
Private Teaching is a booming market in Nigeria | Source: VisualHunt

Huge amounts of money that run into millions of Naira is being exchanged yearly for extra lesson hours.

The percentages of schoolchildren that receive extra-lessons have become increasingly high due to a lot of factors. Some educational journals have been written to examine such factors. Their reasons for depending on after-school lessons range from keeping up with their school work and assignments to passing their WAEC and JAMB examinations.

Year in year out, a large percentage of primary and secondary school students employ the services of a private teacher to help with passing their school exams

A good number of these primary school students also use the services of private tutors to mentor them into breezing through their common entrance exams so they can get enrolled in good secondary schools. As private education becomes progressively more popular across all levels of education, these figures will continue rising, thus, the fate of private tutoring remains bright.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are looking to discover a good private tutor who they can pay for hourly private lessons – and that implies you have the means to make some additional money.

Anthony Fok from Singapore became the foremost millionaire teacher, and he's by all account not the only one to have made his fortune along these lines.

You Can Teach while Studying

Now that you're persuaded that private teaching is getting progressively prevalent and popular, you have to get into it. In spite of the fact that you may believe that being at the university is an issue.

Uplifting news though, it's not in the least!

Truth be told, an increasing number of university undergrads are deciding to give tutoring help to the individuals who need it.

A Student is a perfect candidate to become a private teacher, since they are likewise in education, and are subsequently able to peer mentor in light of their insight into how the educational system works in regards to learning and revision.

The tertiary education way of life implies understudies who become tutors have an adaptable and flexible timetable, which can be valuable for their busy client families.

University students who have teaching jobs in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria, and teach younger students are bound to be more successful in their own studies while helping their students accomplish their specific objectives.

become a tutor today
Teaching is a great job for an undergrad student : Source: Unsplash

Suppose you did sciences in Senior secondary school and you're currently reading for a BSc in Physics. Your assistance as a Physics guide or even a mathematics teacher could be very important to a secondary school student about to write their WAEC or JAMB and end their secondary school career.

The equivalent goes for those studying commerce, who may have the option to give lessons in Economics aptitude or understanding Accounting fundamentals.

The knowledge you have in certain subjects and your experience in writing examinations related to these subjects can be invaluable to somebody who needs them.

In the event that you are struggling on the financial end like numerous students, private home tutoring can help you with supplementary income. Being a private teacher is additionally also far more fascinating and compensating than working part-time jobs in eateries or factories, as you acquire far more than only a payslip engaging in tutoring jobs.

Teaching jobs are indeed ideal for students who are more acquainted with the educational system than any other person and means they are therefore better equipped to give assistance for examination preparation and studying.

Being engaged in online teaching jobs implies you get to help other people while keeping yourself busy and on your toes in your very own area of study.

The best thing about starting home tutoring is being your own boss and making your own timetable to fit around your lectures and other responsibilities, as well as those of your customers. Arranging your work routine around your classes is harder to do in many other jobs available to undergrad students.

Great pay, successful utilization of free time, watching out for your very own advancement, all these and more make turning into a teacher as a student nothing but valuable.

How is Your Private Teaching Experience Useful to an Employer

Do you need more motivations to get into teaching?

Don't worry about it, we have bountiful at our disposal. Here are a few hints on how private tutoring can improve your resume, as well as ideas to use for future interviews.

The particular skills picked up by providing teaching services can make you an appealing candidate for an employee.

As reported by job recruitment website, Jobberman, some of the qualities employers look out for in candidates are detail-oriented, team player, leadership skills, drive and enthusiasm, ability to be flexible, organisation and management, and ability to stay calm under pressure – all of these are qualities of a good teacher.

  • Detail Oriented: A good teacher is thorough and attentive to details, this helps in studying your pupil and passing the right message.
  • Team Player: Teaching isn't simple. The best teachers are positive, constructive and open to other individuals.
  • Leadership skills: Leadership is a non-negotiable skill when it comes to tutoring or else how can you be assertive in guiding your student
  • Drive and Enthusiasm: it is dependent upon the teacher to give students the drive and confidence to conquer any difficulties they face.
  • Ability to be flexible: you will encounter various circumstances and you should be able to modify your lessons in like manner.
  • Organisation and Management: As previously discussed, to be able to be your own boss as a private tutor, you need to have good organisation and management skills
  • Ability to be calm under pressure: To be able to make an impact on your students, you also need to be calm in all situations and be able to handle whatever your pupils throw at you.

Remember that a teacher is nothing but a project manager who needs to exhibit organisational and project management skills. That is to say, the tutor should take a keen interest in their student, do an essential appraisal, set up feasible objectives and lastly, get the desirable outcomes.

Tutor skills are needed by employers
The skills of a teacher are celebrated among employers | Source: Pixabay

How Can Private Teaching Be Beneficial to Your Career

At this point, you already know that there are plenty of motivations to turn into a teacher.

Regardless of whether you are already working or retraining, or are a student at the university, the benefits of teaching are too great to even think about missing it.

You can offer your teaching services as an online tutor or home-based teacher, it can be conveyed as extra lessons for secondary school students, it could be as a form of exam preparations before WAEC and JAMB or, why not informal lessons like teaching a musical instrument that enables you to combine your job with your passion?

In any case, is being enthusiastic and passionate enough to guarantee top-notch teaching?

Tutoring is a career springboard
Private tutoring can be a career stepping stone | Source:Stocksnap

Beginning as a private tutor is a superb method to pick up the significant experience to turn into a certified teacher.

Whichever subject you choose to teach, tutoring will make you progressively accomplished and knowledgeable on an expert level.

For instance, on the off chance that you are hoping to become a team leader, later on, you will as of now have gained managerial and organisational skills.

Perhaps, you want to begin a business, you will have figured out how to advertise your services at a competitive cost.

If Engineering is what you want to do, you will cultivate and understand the relevance of making complex ideas simple for better comprehension by a crowd not schooled in that discipline (for example, your bosses or different teams in your place of work).

Whichever way you pick, associating legitimately with customers will no longer be an overwhelming task for you.

Private teaching jobs and educational help are on the rise; it is substantially more than just a simple way to earn more cash.

By helping the younger primary school pupils keep up with their peers, giving supplemental classes to secondary school students, or helping them get ready for a particular examination, you will see their improvement lead them to an accomplished educational career – all on account of your hard work!

There is no other job that can give you as much self-confidence, demonstrate your competence and focus or more importantly, give you a genuine stepping-stone in your professional career aspirations.

Need a teacher?

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