Do you long for flexibility and freedom in your work? Then join the network of one-on-one tutors today!

Regardless of whether you are recently retired, have a full-time job or an undergraduate student, offering customised academic help, can be a brilliant opportunity!

A-connect did a poll on happiness in the workplace, and results demonstrated that self-employed individuals were bound to feel happier during working hours, than the individuals who work for an organisation.

Freelancers reacted more favourable to inquiries on the effect their professional life had on their personal one.  More than twice the number of independent workers felt fulfilled that they could seek relaxation and other various activities outside of work, compared to full-time organisation workers did.

If you observe these data, you'll see that individuals who work for themselves for the most part answer more positively with regards to inquiries of freedom in their work and flexibility in their timetables.

As specialists in the market for private tutoring, we at Superprof are at your disposal to clarify the essential components which make tutoring jobs ideal for individuals who need more freedom with regards to their professional life and making a living.

Committing your available time to offer private teaching services implies:

  • Getting familiar with home tutoring and supplemental teaching
  • Improving and working on your tutoring strategies
  • Adjusting your approach
  • Making time and effort to search for customers

At the point when you think everything looks good, hop into your tutoring career with full intensity to be the best educator you can become.

You will rapidly discover that teaching the thing you are passionate about is exhilarating! Particularly when you see results of how your assistance has governed your students to academic success.

Stated below are 4 reasons why private academic tutoring is the perfect occupation for autonomy in your work.

Start the Business of Tutoring and Work For Yourself

A considerable lot of us long to have total control over our own work.

According to in 2017, 34.1% of Nigerians were self-employed, Though the data is probably higher now in 2019. A large percentage of these independent people would say that they could never return to all-day work.

This may be the reason:

  • A huge percentage of self-employed people in Nigeria state that freedom is an essential piece of their professional way of life
  • Freelancers who work remotely from home can save about to 1300 hours (44 days) each in driving time every year.
  • Individuals who work for themselves have the time to take more vacations during the year if they please, couple with the fact that those that are fully remote workers could even work from anywhere they so desire.
  • Individuals who work for themselves have more time to spend on exercise than the individuals who work for an organization.

These points demonstrate that there are numerous advantages to turning into your own boss.

Another entertaining statistics is that 35% of workers believe that their boss cannot do their work.

When over 33% of individuals think their managers to be inept, it's the ideal opportunity for a change.

Be a private teacher - work for yourself
Being a private tutor in Nigeria is a way towards self-employment | Source: Usplash

With skills you already have currently, you can be of help academically to students right from kindergarten to University; Know your Value!

Simply put, being a teacher can make you valuable and the experience looks good on your Cv too.

Private Teaching: Manage Your Own Timetable and Liberty to Decide Your Rates

Private tutoring in Nigeria not only adds to you financially, but it also gives you the opportunity to be free of the organised workplace.

3 Benefits of being Self-employed:

  • Be in total control of your own schedule
  • Determine how much you make
  • Form great relationships with customers your own way

Managing your Own Timetable

It is not news that most Nigerians employed in the workplace are not happy with their work-life balance. Keeping the right balance between private and professional lives is a luxury most Nigerian workers do not think of when seeking jobs. Therefore, feeling exhausted is a common issue that exists once you have gotten your job and settled into it.

The liberty of a flexible schedule is an appealing part of being a private teacher and your own boss because it implies having the option to develop and give your services at your own speed.

When you're new to the tutoring market, it's hard to turn down the teaching jobs you find, however interestingly, you can do it if you want to due to the nature of your private tutoring work, which usually has no negative recourse.

You get to observe how your notoriety can develop by word of mouth. Therefore, you'll be more sought after, this means you'll have better opportunities to schedule your work flexibly, as various customers will also have their own differing timetables.

Private teaching jobs do not just give you a chance to choose your own working hours but also your spare time. Regardless of whether you're a science or maths tutor, English tutor, Spanish tutor or any subject you choose to tutor in, individuals will covet the opportunity you have and the joy you take in your new job!

Liberty to Decide Your Rates

Be in charge with regards to getting paid and decide on your rates as you see fit.

We advise that you set a per-hour rate just as well as a daily rate. This will enable you to effectively monitor your income. When choosing what to charge, consider your ideal yearly income and any other costs (commuting to and from customers' homes for instance).

Additionally, consider the average compensation for a private tutor in your general vicinity and how the level you are teaching can influence this.

Costs for supplemental academic help can differ with respect to where you live. An hour of private tutoring in Lagos city is about ₦2000, while it is about ₦1500 per hour in close by Abeokuta.

There is no particular pattern to the average costs for each area, except costs will in general, be raised in big cities and it' environs while it is lower in smaller cities and its environs.

More Importantly, the academic level is a significant factor, You need a suitable degree of knowledge to teach your students. For instance, try not to teach WAEC maths without at least a PRe-degree or Diploma in a maths-based degree.

An hour session of English help for a primary school pupil will pay lower than an hour of English for a secondary school student on the grounds that the degree of expertise required to teach each level differs.

Extra-curricular subjects, like music or sports lessons, cost more than academic subjects on the school syllabus, like maths or geography.

It's essential to consider these things so you can discover your place in the market.

Take Charge of Your Budget

For those just starting out their personal businesses, accounting tasks could be daunting. Being your own boss means you need to take charge of your tutoring revenue and also carry out your own accounting.

Be in control of your personal accounting
keep track of the revenue you earn tutoring | Source: Visualhunt

If you are unsure of how much tax to pay as a self-employed person in Nigeria, FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service) has a tax calculator app that can help with this tax, just follow the instructions on the app and you get your tax amount.

Taking care of your accounts may look more complex thank it actually is; so don't stress, it's quite simple.

Private Tutoring:  A Chance To Teach Things in Your Own Way

Private tutors are allowed to do as they wish with regards to their teaching techniques, which is not something certified teachers who work in schools operating on the standard national syllabus can do.

You assume responsibility for all that you are entrusted with and if individuals don't care for how you get things done, they will let go of your services. It's that straightforward.

You can likewise teach anything you like if you think enough about it. For example, Perhaps you have a degree in English, You could be an English tutor to supplement on standard academic lessons, however, you could likewise assist younger children with reading comprehension, sentence structure, or even be a writing coach.

Also focussing on a specific area of a subject matter may be exactly what children need to give them encouragement.

Similarly, a computer science graduate can help with maths, physics, and further-maths.

In case you're bilingual in English and another foreign language, perhaps you spent some time in another language speaking country, why not be a language teacher? You could be a French tutor and help out with verbal communication or schoolwork assignments, or tutor a language that is not regularly found in schools. Learning a foreign language is really valuable in today's world; it is no big surprise language teachers are so popular in the tutoring market!

The manner in which you teach is likewise totally up to you. Teach on a private one-on-one basis or lead small study groups. Working in a small group can actually be very helpful for your students who can work with one another as a type of peer learning.

Go further to reach your students
Go the extra mile as a Private Tutor | Source: VisualHunt

Private tutoring gives you a clear workspace to go further than recommended school textbooks and the opportunity to build up your teaching techniques by finding distinctive study skills and strategies for your student's particular style of learning.

The best teachers utilise the qualities and shortcomings of every student to locate the perfect learning styles for them. This guarantees students gain the maximum from their sessions and acquire individualised learning skills they can apply in school and later on throughout everyday life.

The ability to Personalise learning plans to suit a student is the thing that makes private tutors so exceptional, not just on the grounds that it isn't a part of the educational system, but it additionally gives students the tools to oversee and profit from the information they learn.

So show your direction and lead your understudies to scholastic achievement!

Taking Vacations is Effortless When You are a Self-Employed Teacher

Planning for a vacation when you work for an organisation is not very easily done.

If it's not restrictions from the chain of command, it's your associates who let you know the weight you'll be transferring to them for the few days you want to take off, is unwelcome.

Then there's the case when you're compelled to use your outstanding leave days, e.g when the climate is not favourable. There is just a whole lot of issue that makes planning what should be something to look forward to quite stressful in contemplation. These issues are very common when it comes to employees in companies.

Be your own boss and enjoy as many holidays as you desire
Working whenever you please is such a fun way to make a living | Source: Pixabay

You have the opportunity to pick when you want a reprieve as an entrepreneur and even go on holiday in low seasons when the school holiday price increase is not a thing. Having a flexible timetable will give you a decent measure of time to revive your batteries during the school holidays when most clients will have traveled abroad.

What's more, even if you need to continue working while you travel, you can take your tutoring business with you by having your classes online; all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet.

Online tutoring has almost all of the advantages of up close and personal sessions, and you can do it anyplace you want too, what's not to like!

Do we have you pondering over the idea of turning into an in-home or an online private teacher? With every one of these advantages to private tutoring, it would be hard not to delve into it. So signup to join Superprof and begin an amazing career!

There are a lot of individuals out there who need the services of an online teacher or a tutor in their neighborhood, share your insight with them as supplementary schoolwork help, academic counseling, preparations to help in upcoming major examinations, learning a new skill or further developing a passion they already have.





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