Every professional you come across in the fitness industry will tell you that there are varieties of options to choose from when it comes to exercising.When it has to do with giving your body the right balance, strengthening your muscles, and ensuring some parts of your body are toned, there are two options for you: it’s either you sign up for group exercise classes held in gym facilities or health clubs. Also, you can choose to engage in workout sessions with a personal trainer without leaving your house.

What will your choice be? Can you spot the differences between both options?

Superprof NG will provide all the answers you need.

The Duties of a Personal Trainer

Regardless of where a fitness trainer works or the number of training participants they have to cater to, there are exercise drills experts and it can be very difficult to select the right personal trainer for you. Although, it’s good that there are options to choose from, the confusion that comes with having to make a choice isn’t enviable.

It’s as bad as not knowing where to start from or not being convinced that having a personal trainer is something you really need.

Not to worry, we’ll dwell on selecting the perfect online personal trainer soon.

Apart from dishing advice on the right training regimens for you to undergo, your personal is a certified professional who has learned to consider the client’s goals and tailor drills according to them. Even more, fitness trainers understands that each exercise drill has to be very effective. At least, their willingness to better the physical well-being of humans is why they signed up for the job in the first place.

The Pros and Cons of Working with Personal Trainers

The Pros

Once you have made your choice and have employed your personal trainer who’ll work with you at home, he/she will begin tailoring exercise drills according to your needs. Also, personal trainers understand you might have a busy schedule. Therefore, they tend to you when you’re available.

They’re quite flexible and they choose only days and hours that will work for you. Your personal trainer ensures that your training sessions do not clash with other activities.

Because they’re quite flexible, there’s nothing for you to worry about. You don’t have to stress yourself looking out for an available space to park your vehicle in a gym facility or health club.

Also, you won’t get a better motivator than your fitness trainer. They’re always present to give you the push required to produce a healthier version of you. It’s a sharp contrast to going to a gym. Since there is no personalised training, it’s easy to deceive yourself that you’ve done enough or not do anything at all.

At least, you cannot come and go and kill yourself.

It’s quite normal for you to want to give up sometimes. It happens to the best of us. Not to worry, your personal trainer is always available to provide all the motivation you need to forge ahead.

In addition, getting to a location shouldn’t be a concern to you since your fitness trainer is coming to your home alongside with equipment needed. You don’t have to suffer torrential downpour or scorching sun and it also eliminates any flimsy excuse you have not to exercise. It's even worse right now when everywhere is quite hot like Port-Harcourt boli.

Another advantage of employing the help of a personal trainer is you have a professional at your service when you have fitness issues to deal with and help you maintain an injury-free training session.

With the type of support, you’ll get, it’s sure you’ll get all the motivation you need and achieve a healthier boy compared to when you’re training all by yourself.

When you have an inkling of what you desire to achieve with your training, whether you’re trying to build your muscles, losing some weight, or you want to do some fitness training, your personal trainer is readily available to provide answers to all your questions and ensure you achieve your goals.

However, it is essential that your personal trainer has a certificate from an accredited body. This way, they’ll be accountable enough to ensure you practice safe fitness training.

Finally, Fitness trainers belong to different niches. Apart from providing general fitness training to you, your personal trainer can be adept at making you relax or advising you on the right nutrition for your body and training drills.

The Cons    

There are two cons of personal trainers that are made obvious to everyone.

The first one is related to the limitations personal training has in terms of the number of activities that can happen. There are exercise drills that require the use of different machines or facilities. Since it’s apparent that your personal trainer cannot bring these machines to your home, you might have to skip the training drills.

For example, you might need a swimming pool for aerobic training. If you have none installed in your home, you might have to opt for an alternative or skip the training.

swimming pool
You'll need a swimming pool for aerobic training. Photo credit: Dimitri Otis/Getty Images

The second con is the price. It’s obvious that training sessions at home are always more expensive than training in a gym. However, there’s a consolation. If you can make adequate research on Nigerian personal trainers that offer services at competitive rates (tip: Superprof has all you need), you can get training services within your budget.

Selecting the Perfect Fitness Trainer

If after due consultations and deliberations, you have decided that you need the help of a personal trainer, that’s splendid! The next hurdle to overcome is selecting the personal trainer for you. Like we have established earlier there are plenty of fitness coaches to choose from (at least on Superprof) and they have their pros and cons.

The first action you need to take is to jot down what your fitness training goals are. Why are you willing to train? What exactly do you want to achieve? Are you trying to lose weight or you want to join fit fam?

It’s essential that you list out your objectives before beginning your personal trainer search.

After that, you need to decide on your budget. You cannot afford to just mention a figure. You can start by looking at the average price personal trainers charge on Superprof. Also, you need to find personal trainers within the niche you’re targeting and ensure you can afford to pay for their services.

It’s futile checking out personal trainers you cannot afford.

Hint: You can get a personal trainer on Superprof for as low as ₦1000/hour.

Also, you should speak and meet different fitness trainers. You can quiz them on the kind of qualifications they have, how experienced they are, their mode of operation, rates, and how available they are before you set up the meeting.

Most personal trainers on Superprof offer the first training session free. Therefore, you can use the session to do your casting and decide who to select.

Pros of Taking Gym Classes

The biggest advantage of opting for gym training classes near you rather than fitness trainers is that more equipment and machines are available at your disposal. The elliptical you are longing to use is readily available to you now.

Elliptical machine
There are different machines available for you at the gym. Photo credit: Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

It looks like a healthy competition between sports centers and gym facilities because they always have the latest machines available. Some of them even offer massive discounts and competitive rates for you to take advantage of.

Another pro is the fact that gym facilities are always open almost throughout the day and classes run at different times. Therefore, you can work out and engage in fitness training at any time that suits you.

It also means that you can come in contact with your personal trainer or any exercise buddy. You’re never short of people to hang out with there.

Women training
You can meet different buddies at the gym. Photo credit: RuslanDashinsky/Getty Images

The last advantage is that gym managers always ensure that all their staff members have the right qualifications for the job. Therefore, you’re going to work with skilled and certified professionals.

The Cons of Training in the Gym

The biggest disadvantage of training in the gym in most cities e.g when looking for gyms in Lagos or gyms in Abuja is that you might not even find one near your home. Therefore, you might have to go some distance before finding a suitable gym facility.

Even when you’re determined, looking for a place to park might be troublesome especially if you’re in Lagos, Abuja or Port-Harcourt. If you’re not mobile, the struggle to catch a bus or cab is another issue.

Also, you cannot be alone in a gym. There are usually many people who want to train too. If you’re an introvert, you might struggle in such places. Even more, there are people who don’t like being gazed at, can’t share bathrooms with others or feel shy changing clothes in the presence of other people. You can’t help these in a gym. It’ll certainly put you off.

Finally, you can’t get personalized training from gym staff members because you’re not the only one they’re rendering their services to. Your training plan cannot be as effective as working with a personal trainer.

Although, it is nice to be in the comfort of your home watching sports movies, however, opting for the services of a personal trainer is the real deal.

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