Are you interested in becoming a personal trainer in Nigeria? Do you want to train and motivate athletes?

In regards to fitness training, you must have niched down. The next thing is to learn how to be a good instructor, learn how to motivate your clients and watch them conquer the world.

It is easier to watch movies on streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc. You can view your favorite sports films, documentaries, and TV shows on these channels. It is true that you cannot get fit just by watching sports movies on these streaming sites. However, they are great ways of learning fitness tricks and getting motivated just by watching these movies. Therefore, if you feel like remaining rooted in your couch, you can draw enough motivation from these movies.

We present to you 6 movies, personal trainers and athletes in Nigeria can watch to stay motivated:

The Rocky Movies: The Best Motivational Movie for Strength Training

Do you remember Rocky from different timelines? Starting from the first “Rocky” movie which details the story of a boxer in 1976 right to Ryan Coogler’s ‘Creed’ in 2016, Rocky movies have been split into 7 installments. When we discuss boxing films, the Rocky movies do not have any competition.

Imagine you watching a boxing movie where Anthony Joshua trains hard before fighting a major opponent? That's the kind of feeling you get from watching Rocky.

These movies aren’t made for boxing enthusiasts only. The average human can draw inspiration and motivation from the self-titled fighter who overcomes every obstacle he faces.

Also, if you want to learn a variety of ways to motivate your clients and help their general wellness, Rocky is a must-watch movie for you. It is highly recommended for people who want to become personal trainers too.

Regardless of whether you’re focusing on physical or mental fitness training, there are 7 movies from you to choose from to give you the required push for exercising. These movies will give your clients a sense of feeling that they can achieve anything they set their minds to do.

A personal coach will help you with physical and mental training. Photo credit: Lorado/Getty Images

It is not compulsory that your clients replicate the movie scenes. Well, if it’s their desire to pace up long stairs and give joyful leaps at the ends, that’s no problem. At least, it’s part of being creative and athletes appreciate creativity in coaches.

Unfortunately, all Rocky movies are no longer available on Netflix but you can still get to watch them on some other streaming websites for a token.

The Rookie

This movie has Jim Morris as its principal character. He is a skilled sportsman who is adept at pitching. However, he could not play baseball when he was in High school. His moment came later though when Milwaukee Brewers required his services and drafted him into their team. Unfortunately for Jim, he suffered a shoulder injury almost instantly.

There and then, Jim’s dream was beginning to fizzle out just before his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. Everything he hoped for was going away. However, he decided to move on and not give up on achieving his dream.

His plans began to materialize when he went on trial at Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Finally, he was drafted into their minor league team.

Jim began to find a small sense of purpose and he enjoyed playing baseball. His efforts yielded fruits when he was called up to play in the majors and he struck a batter out. Happy ending!

This film is quite suitable for athletes who are trying to get motivated, especially athletes who are injury-prone. It goes on to show that nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams.

For example, ex-Nigerian footballer, Kanu Nwankwo suffered a heart disease that almost hampered his career. He took some time off to get comprehensive treatment. He was out of action for six months. However, he went on to win the UEFA Super Cup with Inter Milan in 1997 and English Premier League with Arsenal in 2004. He didn’t let the setback affect him.

The injuries you suffer don’t define you, it’s your attitude to the injuries that matter.


This movie relates the tale of a boy who has a dream. He wants to play football for Notre Dame. However, there are different obstacles that stand in his way and the biggest obstacle is his academics.  Rudy gains admission into a lower college and he strives so hard to improve his academic performance.

Things work out for him in his last eligible semester. He is drafted into Notre Dame. He is merely a part of the group but not a regular one. This doesn’t deter him. He puts up a great attitude and works hard. At last, he puts up important performances for Notre Dame and he becomes a regular.

This movie highlights the importance of academic performance even in sports. Also, it portrays a sportsperson’s attitude as an important aspect of sports. If you’re a sportsperson and you have a great attitude, you’re likely to overcome every challenge that comes your way.

Therefore, you don’t have to be the best (strive to be though) but you should work on those aspects of your life that will impact your performance. They include attitude, work rate, and passion.

Coach Carter

It might not be the most popular movie ever but Coach Carter released in 2005 was a massive hit among lovers of basketballs. Since then, it has amassed large followership. The plot of the movie is based on a California high school located in Richmond. Its basketball team was full of players who were underperforming in their academics. However, they had not lost a single basketball match.

The newcomer coach, Samuel L Jackson is a new employee of the school and he sets out to instill discipline in the school. He wants to ensure that the team achieves both academic and sporting success. His first act is relegating some of his best students to the bench just because of their poor academic performance. He only uses players who abide by his rules.

In fact, Jackson ensures his students sign an undertaking that contains his expectations and a code of conduct they need to live by.

From the first look, the coach appears to be a disciplinarian. A fitness coach does not need to make sure his/her clients' sign this kind of contract. However, it is essential that the goals and objectives of undergoing personal training are put into writing.

Personal trainers can adopt various techniques and training drills from Coach Carter’s. For example, the coach provides comprehensive fitness regimes like strength training, weight loss, etc. That’s not all, fitness coaches can learn how to strike a balance between being strict and encouraging clients.

The movie teaches that a personal trainer needs to make do with what’s available. Jackson achieves a seemingly impossible task. You can too.


Baseball player
A strategy is important in sports. Photo credit: Peepo/Getty Images

When training clients, you need to focus on their strengths and weaknesses. Bodybuilding, weight loss, fitness training, and the likes have stats embedded in them.

Even if nutrition is your focus, it requires the need for data. You need to calculate the number of calories you need in your body. Also, a potential client will focus on a personal trainer’s qualification and stats while trying to choose a personal trainer on the internet.

Creed II

Adonis Creed has made a name for himself. He became world boxing heavyweight champion under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa. He is married to his heartthrob, Bianca. Everything really looks good until trouble comes to town.

Adonis’ father, Apollo was a boxer too but he was killed by Ivan Drago in the ring. The latter comes to Philadelphia (that’s where Adonis stays) with his son, Viktor. They come to challenge Adonis’ title.

Rocky tells Adonis not to accept the challenge but Adonis refuses. When the time for the fight comes, Adonis leaves Rocky out of his plans. He loses his fight against Ivan and almost gets killed. He suffers major injuries that threaten his boxing career.

However, he doesn’t give up. He enlists the help of Rocky again and he trains so hard. A rematch is set between Adonis and Ivan. With determination and superior technique, Adonis defeats Ivan.

There are great lessons every sportsperson and personal training enthusiast can learn from the movie. First, a determination is key in sports and exercise. Without it, it’s almost impossible to achieve anything great. Also, listening to professional advice is key. Rocky realizes that Adonis isn’t ready to take on Ivan. Also, he knows that Ivan won’t settle for anything less than killing Adonis and he warns Adonis against it. The latter refuses and gets almost killed.

American football player
A personal trainer can give you the inspiration and encouragement you need to forge ahead in sports. Photo credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images.

Your coach and fitness trainer know what’s best for you. You should listen to them.


From the title, you might expect unusual things to happen in the movie. Well, you’re not wrong. However, it isn’t down to sheer luck. Hard work is the crux of everything.

Miracle is a tale of underdogs. Players are drafted into the United States National Hockey Team and their main objective is to defeat the Soviets. Odds are firmly stacked against them though because many people think it’s an impossibility.

The face setbacks but rise up and win four Olympic tournament games and set up a match against the Soviets. They play the game of their lives even with the injury setback that besets their team. Finally, they defeat the Soviets against all odds.

Sportspersons and personal training enthusiasts can learn that no mountain is too high to climb. Just work hard and you’ll reap the benefits.      

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