The best way to maintain a good body is by engaging in sports and exercise. Apart from achieving a great shape, it’ll aid your physique and personal lifestyle. The honest truth is beginning your personal training might be a little tasking.

Employing the help of a personal trainer can help you make giant strides. Also, you can unlock your full potentials and reach heights that you couldn’t reach previously. If you’re considering hiring a fitness trainer in Nigeria, you can look up Superprof website. On the website, you can readily access thousands of tutors and personal coaches spread all over cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Kano etc.

In this post, we’re committed to helping you select the best personal trainer for you in Nigeria.

Personalized Fitness Trainers

It is common to see Nigerians engage in different sports as means of pastime. In the same vein, healthcare practitioners and fitness stakeholders have concluded that it is important to engage in regular fitness training to ensure an individual’s well-being. Also, exercise increases a person’s immunity against illness and diseases.

It’s even better nowadays when people in different social classes can walk into the gym or do fitness training. It’s different from the time when exercise was only for the wealthy.

Outline Your Goals

It’s vital that you start your personal training sessions by outlining your goals. They’ll help you over the course of your training.

It means that you need to select a personal trainer that can meet your needs and perform up to or even more than your expectations. Also, you need to filter your choice based on their location, your budget and how much the personal trainer’s fees will likely cost and other criteria. Thankfully, Superprof can ease your burden with its personalized website.

In addition, you can hire a personal trainer that’ll motivate and form a close-knit relationship with you as well as ensure your goals are met and even surpassed.

Compare the advantages

Due to the diversity, personal trainers on Superprof offer different mouth-watering incentives that will blow your mind away. Also, they specialise and belong to different niches. It means that a personal trainer might be adept at weight loss training while another only focuses on bodybuilding.

Even more, it is possible to come across personal trainers that have two or more niches. A number of them even set up special training regimens for the aged, nursing mothers, or people with disabilities.

Whatever your desire is, you’ll come across personal trainers who can get comfortable with your needs and ensure you enjoy topnotch services. The quality one-on-one services our personal trainers offer is enough reason to dissuade you from going to a gym in Nigeria.

A proven fitness coach that will perfectly suit your needs is available for you to choose from. Due to the necessary qualifications and wealth of experience these personal trainers possess, they can suggest the type of exercises most suitable for your physique and more importantly, your needs. That’s not all, you’ll get invaluable advice on the most recommended equipment you can use to help you achieve your goals.

Make Your Selection

We’re quite particular on maintaining the highest standards at Superprof. Therefore, our personal trainers are not left out. To ensure none of your time is wasted, you can ensure that your focus is on personal trainers who fit the bill.

Also, to make sure you’re making the correct decision and have a feel of what is to come, we implore any qualified individual who expresses to become a fitness instructor on Superprof website to give clients free training for the first session. This way, you can determine if you will get along with the personal trainer moving forward and if you’re comfortable with the exercise drills.

We want the best for you and that means the best for us too. With our site, you can get the best rates and look up on “personal trainers near me”. It doesn’t matter if you need a personal trainer in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Enugu, Ibadan,  you’re sure to get one near you.

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What Qualifications Should A Personal Trainer Possess?

Before you can become worthy to be called a personal trainer, you need to earn some qualifications. This way, you can stake claims that you’re ready to work in the fitness industry and that the safety of your clients are assured under your tutelage.

As much as personal training job is on the rise in Nigeria due to its flexibility, most fitness coaches didn’t begin their careers as freelancers. More often than not, these coaches began by offering group fitness services in gym facilities, private and public sports centres, health facilities, and private sports clubs before they decided to venture into personalised training.

If you watched A.M Express on NTA back in the 2000s, it was common to see personal trainers providing group fitness training to various individuals. That’s how most personal trainers started.

As a personal trainer, it is important that you get certified from a reputable organization and ensure you undergo safety training to show that you’re ready for your job.

Starting Out As A Personal Trainer

In Nigeria, personal trainers achieve different qualifications to ensure that they can:

  • Set up and oversee sporting or training activities in gym facilities or any other place.
  • Administer first aid and CPR on individuals.
  • Organise personalised training events at different levels.
  • Oversee different teams or individuals in a sporting meet.

Earning A Degree

In Nigeria, there are different degrees people can earn to become personal trainers. An example is a degree in Human Kinetics and Health Education. Many universities in Nigeria offer this degree. It’s even advantageous because it does not border on personal training alone. It is a broad degree and can be used in other capacities.

It is worthy of mention that some Nigerian institutions rather refer to the degree as Physical and Health Education.

Apart from a degree, a personal training enthusiast can get certified in an accredited organisation. Even degree holders can earn certifications to boost their pedigree.

Search for a fitness trainer on Superprof today.

Degree holder
As a personal trainer, you should earn a relevant degree from a reputable institution. Photo credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images

Ensure your safety

Our desire for you at Superprof is to employ proven personal trainers. Your safety is paramount and we want to ensure you get the best. We regard being qualified as evidence that a personal trainer has the necessary skills and abilities to impact positively on a client’s physical well-being.

It is why we encourage you to select from our qualified fitness coaches. A personal trainer with the right qualifications and immense experience will ensure that you get the best coaching available. They understand the best methods to work with you and you’ll recognise the quality in them.

We are keen to ensure that you enjoy a high level of comfort when selecting your fitness trainer. Also, we ensure you are furnished with every information that will guide you so that you’ll feel comfortable making your choice.

Look for an online fitness trainer now and begin your fitness sojourn.

Select Methods That Suit You

The truth is every Nigerian personal trainer has their styles and can tailor their sessions and drills according to your goals and schedule. Generally, every training session has its patterns. The first agenda is always the warm-up session.

After that, your personal trainer proceeds to the main course of the day. The last part of your drills are usually the recovery sessions. They’re laden with stretches and other drills administered by your fitness coach.

It’s why we’ll always recommend personal trainers instead of going to gyms that might not have adequate plans for your personalised training.

Benefits Of Warming Up

Fitness trainers understand how important it is to warm up. As much as training hard is vital, warming up prepares various parts of your body for the task ahead. Also, it reduces the occurrence of injuries in individuals. Furthermore, the aches and pains you feel post-training won’t be as pronounced as normal.

An effective warm-up is a huge determinant of your success.

Warming up
It's essential to warm up before starting your session to get your body ready. Photo credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images

Your Training Session

This session encompasses all the drills that help you achieve your goals and good health overall. With the assistance and motivation of your fitness coach, your objectives can be met.

*If you feel like your personal trainer isn’t doing enough, you can change him or her.

Getting the right coach means you have to set clear goals first. Your goals will act as a lamp to your training feet. The onus is on your trainer to recommend different drills that’ll help you achieve your goals.

For example, if your desire is to increase your strength, then your personal trainer’s focus can be on muscle training. Personal trainers have different strategies they implement to make sure you achieve your objectives.

Your fitness coach will continue to motivate you as well as provide enough fun for you with the exercise.

The Final Phase: Recovery

It’s okay to be tired after everything. The good thing is, you must have achieved something worthwhile. However, a quality personal trainer will ensure you go through the recovery session before calling it a day. It’s quite important even if it’s only for a few minutes.

It’s a way to cool down and your fitness coach will walk you through the phase. It might be some stretches or a walk. It’s up to your coach to decide.

Your fitness instructor can adapt the style of your favourite sports movie and ensure you remain as motivated as your favourite characters.

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