If you desire to upgrade your health and fitness level, there are numerous benefits of engaging in exercise drills with a personal trainer. The fitness sector is lucrative right now and there are various ways of achieving positive results you desire with a fitness instructor aiding your cause either at home or in a gym facility.

It is not shocking when one realises that every superstar sportsperson employs the services of a certified fitness coach or a personal instructor. Also, such an athlete spends valuable time training in sports centres, gym facilities or even at home.

For example, Jude Ighalo, the first Nigerian to ever play for Manchester United has a gym in his home and employs a personal trainer who provides one-on-one training for him.

Therefore, for the entirety of this post, we’ll point out how you can enhance your health and fitness level with the assistance of a personal coach.

Consequently, we’ll examine how you can enjoy engaging in sporting activities, either for leisure or for competitive purposes. In the same vein, we’ll highlight how you can achieve the best results with your desired sports program.

There are numerous advantages of keeping fit with the aid of a qualified personal coach, so numerous that you should ditch exercising on your own.

Fitness instructors can ensure that you get the best out of your exercise drills. Also, it is guaranteed that you’ll be healthier than ever. That’s not all, with the help of your personal trainer, you’ll find exercise drills more enjoyable and you will become more actively involved in your drills.

In It for a Lengthy Period

Your personal trainer is with you for a long time. Source: Semba Hisayuki/Getty Images

Have you ever come across people who put their treadmills, powerlifting equipment and elliptical trainers up for sale? Have you ever wondered why they purchased it at first?

Honestly, we always desire the best for ourselves and it doesn’t exclude the fitness part. We all want to get fit and stay in shape. However, it’s normal for distractions to occur. The question is, how do we cope with all the distractions we face?

  • People have bad days every now and then. The first thing that comes to mind is grabbing that favorite drink or junk to calm down as opposed to burning it on the elliptical machine.
  • We’ll rather spend a night out at a joint partying on having games night fun rather than digging it on the treadmill.
  • We get busy a lot and there’s hardly any time to cook. We’ll rather grab shawarma and smoothies or beer if it’s available.
  • There’s always an ‘owambe’ to attend every weekend. It is football season too. We’ll want to hang out with the boys. They are supposedly better than engaging in exercise.

And that heralds the end of those exercise equipment. You might have purchased them because you really wanted to use them. In fact, you must have had a cordial relationship with your machines first few weeks after purchase.

Then, the party’s over. End of romance. They’ve been sidelined. They start collecting dust and are used as a safe haven for coats. That’s life!

It is why you need a personal trainer. He/she will ensure it doesn’t happen. A professional trainer will ask what your goals are at the beginning and point out your potential hindrances. After that, your personal trainer will help you overcome your obstacles and provide enough motivation for you to forge ahead. You can even surpass your objectives and challenge yourself to do more.

We can’t ignore those nights out. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with different activities like a gun with an automatic reload and plenty of ammo? There’s hardly any time to fix any meal for yourself.

A personal trainer doesn’t focus on exercise and training drills alone. He/she assumes the role of a major stakeholder in your health and general wellness.

Therefore, your fitness instructor recommends the best nutritional information if he/she is quite knowledgeable about it or consults a qualified dietitian to give you a comprehensive education on how to make meals with the right nutrition even on your busiest days. Your personal coach even goes a notch higher by setting up a nutritional timetable that will act as a guide for you.

Summary: Your personal trainer will have your back for a long time.

The main concern of your personal trainer isn’t the money to be made or how many KGs you’ve lost. The goal is to ensure you attain your best – physically, nutritionally, and mentally.

Recreation and Desire

Desire is one of the key elements of a qualified personal trainer. He or she is expected to unlock the desire in clients too. Also, it’s vital that you have fun during your exercise drills if you want to achieve optimal fitness.

The onus of a fitness coach is to ensure you achieve maximum performance in every training session and attain your goals too. The prize is your full potential and they ensure you work towards it by giving you the right nudge to push your further. This way, you’ll find it enjoyable challenging yourself and surpassing them.

In addition, your fitness coach will give you reasons to be proud of every effort you’ve put in your sessions and savor the advantages. After all, it’s quite satisfying that you remain motivated and spirited to achieve the best training.

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Learn to be Zealous about Exercising

Immediately you begin your training journey, you need to remember all the advantages of exercising. Your personal trainer will make sure you enjoy every aspect of your training.

You might not have thought of it but without being zealous about training, you might not enjoy it and that makes it insurmountable to achieve your goals.

No matter the difficulty a challenge poses, there’s this spark in us that pushes us to overcome whatever challenge it is. It extends to sports too. You need to be passionate about it before you can smell success.

black cyclists
You should develop a zeal for sports. Source: Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty Images

The Challenge of Training Hard

At first, it might seem difficult. But your body starts secreting endorphins and it eases the situation for you. There are times your body will want to engage in exercise involuntarily.

Your personal trainer’s motivation might be instrumental but you’ll get accustomed to exercising drills soon. This way, you’ll be able to exercise on your own with the advice of your personal trainer.

The Contradiction of Exercising

It’s obvious that exercise training has amazing benefits on the body. But what happens when we have unused gym memberships?

At first, there’s the ginger to exercise. You’re willing to drive from Wuse Zone II to Maitama in Abuja or from Adeola Odeku to Saka Tinubu in Lagos just to use your gym. The enthusiasm is there.

Then excuses creep in:

  • You’ve been working out for days. You think it’s okay to holiday for one day.
  • There are too many people in the gym.
  • The weather is harsh on your skin.
  • There are better things to do with your gym hours.

Sounds familiar right?

Also, you might have been engaging in the same exercise at your gym. Suddenly, the training plateau creeps in. You’re not achieving any results again. You feel it’s time to quit.

It’s why you need a personal trainer who will guide and mentor you all through.

What Advantage does a Personal Trainer have over a Gym?

Ada, a middle-aged fashionista in Port-Harcourt goes to the gym religiously. She’s adept at the use of every training machine available. She’s the envy of her friends.

However, what will happen when Ada misses her training session one day? Her training peers will wonder why she’s absent.

But that’s just about that.

It’s not the case with personal trainers though. Since they have your private contact details, it’s certain that they’ll check up on you to check why you were away.

Electing for a personal trainer as opposed to a gym is the best thing.

The success or failure of a personal trainer depends on what the clients achieve. That’s why personal trainers want to see their clients achieve the best out of their training sessions. Money isn’t their only accomplishment. Work fulfillment betters it.      

Increasing Confidence

Your body shape might make you lose confidence. A personal trainer can help you regain your lost pride. Also, he/she will ensure your feasible goals are met as at when due. Need advice on training and nutrition? You’re covered.

Gain confidence
Personal training can help you gain confidence. Source: Morsa Images/Getty Images

Ways to Succeed

When you employ the services of a personal trainer either at home or in a gym, there are strategies they’ll use to ensure you gain more confidence:

Exercise to Increase Self-confidence

When you exercise and achieve new skills and confidence, your self-confidence will skyrocket. You’ll want to take on more challenges.

Work Out with a Friend

When you exercise with your friends, you’ll increase your motivation. You’ll have the mentality that if your friend can do it, you can too.

Pay Attention to your Fitness Coach’s Advice

Your personal trainer will dish out a series of advice. Ensure you pay keen attention to them. Remember that they’re experienced and quite knowledgeable.

The Ultimate Result Depends on You

There are many advantages to hiring a personal trainer rather than opting for a gym.

However, the only person who can really determine the success of personal training is…….you. A positive attitude and approach will go a long way in aiding your cause.

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