Getting a coach seems to be a trend nowadays. It’s normal to hire a personal coach for different things including culinary activities, exam prep, music, dance tutorials, and other subjects.

You should also know that coaching isn’t limited to cooking, music and the rest mentioned above. It is worthy of mention that the fitness industry is on the rise and it appeals to every age-grade especially the youths in Nigeria. It is common to see people desiring an improvement in their general well-being with the services of a fitness trainer.

You might just be walking down your street on a cool Saturday morning in Lagos and you'll meet people working out.

Have you ever wondered what the fuss is really about? Have you questioned the benefits of hiring a personal trainer? Is it worth the hassle? Even if you were going to hire one, what steps would you take?

Personal Trainer Online?

Yes! People who don’t visit a gym facility often always ask if they can get a Fitness trainer on the internet and if the personal trainer can help them achieve their fitness objectives. Even if they could, how would they? Even in Nigeria?               

It’s time to bin those doubts. If you’re interested in meeting personal trainers near you or you want to undergo fitness training online, you have come to the right place. We’ll educate you on how to hire the best personal trainer online.

Why Should I Hire a Fitness Trainer?

Before you venture into hiring a personal trainer online, you must understand the kind of services a personal trainer offers, what the advantages are, and how they can aid your objectives.

Just like maths and physics tutors, a qualified fitness trainer arranges your session according to your goals, expected results and schedule. Reading the last statement, you can deduce that there is a relationship between being an excellent private tutor and a topnotch personal trainer.

At the beginning of your training journey, your fitness trainer needs to examine your body and your goals. This way, he or she can create a personal and feasible fitness training plan that’ll perfectly suit your needs.

Apart from giving you fitness workout that aligns with your body shape, your personal trainer helps you to bolster your health and provide enough motivation for you. It means that you’ll have enough strength to push yourself when giving up is all you want to do.

Even more, your personal trainer can set you up with the right nutrition plan. Eating good nutrition is essential to ensure your exercise drills are not in vain.

In summary, your personal trainer will lend their ears to you and apply their skills and expertise to you.

Problems Of Working Out All By Yourself

The truth is that it isn’t easy training to get fit. It applies to everyone in general. Before you think of hitting the gym or lacing those shoes to hit the road, different impediments may come your way.

First, you need to devote ample time to fitness training. Unfortunately, not many people have enough time to keep fit. With the hustle and bustle cities like Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt demand, you have to be on your toes always making money. Even when you’re not occupied with money matters, other activities take their toll on your time.

Therefore, it’s really hard finding spare time for fitness training.

Also, you might find it hard to motivate yourself to engage in fitness training. After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is lie on your back and sleep away. It’s hard convincing yourself to hit the gym, especially when it’s cold and all you want to do is ‘tesumole’ to Naira Marley’s jams.

Not to worry, looking for a personal trainer can help you solve your problems. When you have a personal trainer, you realise that you have to keep your appointments.

lady training
Training alone can be stressful most times. It's why you need a personal trainer. Photo credit: Martin Novak/Getty Images

Also, your fitness coach motivates and spurs you on. This way, you want to do more, that’s not all, you get the best out of exercise drills with your personal trainer.

Sometimes it is more advisable than going to the gym. For the first-timers at a gym facility, the first question that pops up in your mind is how you want to operate various machines available at your disposal. Even so, how do you get the right weight for you or how do you ensure you’re doing the correct repetitions? Do you even think you’re running enough distances that align with your fitness regime?

Your fitness instructor can put you out of your misery.

That’s not the end of your problems. After a productive workout session, you congratulate yourself and feel you deserve a good treat. When you get home, the first thing you open is a can of Heineken beer and the delivery man from Debonair’s pizza is on his way to your house. Back to square one!

Your fitness coach can guide you with the right nutrition too. It means that you need to consume the right things. Your fitness trainer will make you understand why you need to rest, keep yourself healthy and maintain mental discipline.

A personal trainer can offer invaluable advice on the right nutrition for your training. Photo credit: Peter Dressel/Getty Images

It will be hard at first. However, with determination and consistent practice, you’ll find it easier especially when you have someone by your side to guide you.

Select The Right Fitness coach

When you’re about to choose the right fitness trainer for you, ensure that you’re not booking your personal trainer for just a session. It’s ridiculous doing that. You’ll need all the motivation you can get during your training drills. Also, it’ll be very difficult for you to upgrade your training alone.

It’s a huge process trying to lose weight or build muscles. It’s time taking too. For most of your training session, you’ll be working with the same person. It’s why you need to make the right choice. You need to be comfortable with your personal trainer too.

Set Your Goals

The first step to finding a suitable fitness instructor is defining what your goals are. Your goals have to be more specific because it will define the effectiveness of your personal training. However, your personal trainer cannot set your goals for you alone. The onus is on you too.

You can’t just select a personal trainer randomly. You need to ensure that the professional can push you enough. At least, it’s why they’re personal trainers.

Identify your endgame. It might be losing weight, toning, building muscles, etc. Ensure your personal trainer is on the same page with you.

Looking For The Perfect Fitness Trainer For Me

Audition Time

After identifying your goals, it’s necessary that you look for the right personal trainer that suits your needs and can help you achieve your goals. As identified in good sports movies, you need someone that aligns with you to help you achieve your goals.

More often than not, you have to rely on your instinct because you have limited time to choose your fitness trainer.  Surely, there are different meetings you need to set up whether online or offline.

If you want to make your selection online, a simple google search will produce several fitness trainers around you. But a likely problem you might encounter is choosing the perfect one for you given the number of options out there.

personal trainer
You can look out for your personal trainer in a gym facility. Photo credit: kali9/Getty Images

If the fitness coach offers first-time free training, you should try it to know if it aligns with your health and physical fitness goals. For example, 95% of fitness trainers on Superprof offer their first training class free.

Superprof connects you to top of the line fitness trainers who are available to coach you online or at home. Whether you are in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt, Kano, Enugu, Ibadan, Benin or any of the states in Nigeria, you can find the perfect personal trainer near you in a few clicks.

You are at liberty to choose for yourself the best trainers based on reviews from other students of whom the instructor has worked with and the price of the lesson. There's a personal trainer for every budget.

Questions To Ask Your Personal Trainer

Your health is at stake. Therefore, you need to pick the right personal trainer for you. You need to do meticulous findings you finally hire one. If you’re using the internet for your search, pay close attention to reviews. There’s a chance that other people have hired their services before.

Also, making physical contact with them isn’t a bad idea if possible. It’s the best way to find out what their methods are and how they provide services.

Some questions you can ask them include:

  • What type of training do you do?
  • What skills do you possess?
  • What qualifications have you earned?
  • How do you keep up with new trends?
  • Who are your targets? How effective are your training methods on them?
  • What is your training niche?
  • Do you provide online services?
  • Do you provide home services?
  • Are you capable enough to help me meet my goals?
  • Can I have a free session first?
  • What are your rates? Are they negotiable? Are discounts available?
  • What is the duration of your session and how many times per week?
  • Can I cancel my sessions?
  • How available are you?
  • Do you run fixed or flexible sessions?

You might think you’re asking too many questions but you need to, for you to hire the perfect person for you.

What Locations Can You Find Personal Trainers?

This is dependent on how much you’re budgeting. You can find personal trainers in a sports facility. It’s often a more affordable option.

You can also get personal trainers on the internet. If the fitness training classes are to be held online, they are usually cheaper as there's no transportation involved. But if the fitness trainer is to come to your home or meet you at a location other than their homes, that will most likely increase their rates. To make it easier for you, you can check their options and rates before setting up a meeting with them.

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