“Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.” - Shah Asad Rizvi

Dance is entrenched in our many cultures and many of us in Nigeria are very interested in the whole concept that is dancing. In recent times, you'll find out that quite a good number of people have even tried to learn about dancing at least once in their lives and it is getting more common to send our kids to dance classes as children.

Dancing classes are getting common both as a result of how fun it is and how innovative it enables you to be, however, have you at any point out considered taking dancing lessons with the assistance of a dance instructor or private dance teacher?

A good number of Nigerians are learning more about different dance styles through dance lessons. These lessons come from various sources, like private dance instructors, dance clubs and professional dance schools.

We will explore how you can get dance classes in Nigeria in this article and also get familiar with the various kinds of dancing instructions for all age groups.

Why Should One Learn How To Dance?

Dancing has various advantages! Dancing can be a creative activity as well as a sporting activity, it's an incredible method to keep yourself fit, build your confidence and also stay mentally healthy.

Get a good work out by dancing
Dancing is a good way to exercise, keep fit and improve your general well-being | Source: Unsplash

The perfect body for dancers is normally slim and conditioned such that a large number of individuals try to look like that. In any case, in the event that you wish to accomplish similar results, newbies should take dance seriously, pay attention and stay motivated. One dance lesson will not make you good in dancing neither will a week of classes, you also have to consider working out regularly to help you dance better.

Do you want a toned and healthy body?, you should supplement your regular dance classes with activities like Zumba, cardio sessions, and aerobics, etc. Figuring out how to dance can even have similar medical advantages that doing gymnastics does.

Where to Find Dance Lessons in Nigeria

There are quite a few places in Nigeria, where you can find a dancer or dance instructor to guide you in your journey to dancing; there are children dance classes and adults dance classes too. Regardless of whether you choose to go for formal dance schools or dance clubs, there are several options available for dance classes. Some of these places also offer single, one-time classes if you wish

Dancing in Nigerian Universities
Dance: a major part of the Theatre Art curriculum in Nigerian Institutions | Source: Pixabay

It's essential to pick the ideal place to figure out how to dance. At the point when a learner picks an inappropriate class for their level or an inappropriate showing style, they can immediately get disinterested in dancing. Ensure you painstakingly read the course description and ensure the dancing guide's personality is in sync with yours.

Group dance lessons, workshops, and dance camps can be helpful for figuring out how to improve your verbal communications, work with your partner, and change the manner in which you move. Group classes are likewise a good method to socialise and meet with more people, work out what your level is, and set up a target to reach after a specific timeframe. Befriending fellow student dancers can assist you with bettering comprehending of the dance lessons and a means to share your worries and accomplishments.

Stated below are some of the places you can get dance classes in Nigeria:

  • Federal and State Universities and Polytechnics as part of the Music/Theatre Arts Curriculum
  • Gyms, Leisure centres and cultural centres
  • Private Universities
  • Private Dance Schools
  • Certified Dance Schools - Affiliated to GOND (Dance Guild of Nigeria)

You won't need to stress over finding a dance studio since these kinds of places have their very own studios, specialised facilities for learning, and they give first-class dance instruction.

Obviously, a few students lean toward getting private dance tutorial lessons since they can adapt more quickly than they would with traditional dance training and have the adaptability of planning the classes when it suits you while in a professional dance school you need to adhere to the planned curriculum.

When you choose to learn dancing with private tutorials, you profit from a tailor-made approach and can also learn between classed with the printed and online instructions your coach gives you. You can discover dance mentors offering classes for all ages, from adult dance classes to teenage/adolescent dance classes, or children's dance classes.

Students should check out these sources when searching for dance classes:

  • Adverts on School Bulletins and boards
  • Local posters
  • Online Private Teacher profiles on sites like Superprof
  • Newspaper Adverts
  • Gyms with dance classes near you
  • Word of Mouth

Learning to dance in your home gives you the flexibility and independence to work on your choreography, develop as a dancer and probably a specific technique that has been a bit difficult to master. Private dance lessons usually take place in a studio but can also be easily be taken in the student's home if the private tutor has the appropriate equipment.

How Much Do Dance Lessons Cost in Nigeria?

Taking dance lessons sounds really exciting but what is the cost of dance classes in Nigeria?

Celebrity dance tutor cost
Professional Dancers with stage experience or celebrity status will cost more | Source: Encomium

In case you're not accustomed to the market, you may wind up thinking little of or overestimating the cost per hour with a private instructor or end up not getting the particular service you want. You can get a reasonably priced tutor with clearly defined criteria and a little bit of research.

Right off the bat, there are few associations and schools that offer discounts to kids, students and even maybe the unemployed sometimes.

Some dance schools or clubs and associations may require a monthly payment, some a yearly payment/membership fee, while there are those that offer pay-as-you-go options. All things considered, you can get the first class for free from a private tutor if you use the SuperProf platform.

Nigerian universities offer courses in dancing as part of their Theatre or Music degree, but since these require a long period of commitment (four years mostly) from undergraduates, and high fees if you go the private university route, you must be certain this is the very thing that you want to do.

You also have to take into account the type of dancing the teacher is teaching:

  • Salsa
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Ballet
  • Samba
  • Hip hop Dance
  • Contemporary dance or modern dance
  • Dance Fitness
  • Waltz

It could even be the top Nigerian traditional dance

  • Nkwa-Umu-Agbogho Dance.
  • Ekombi Dance.
  • Bata Dance.
  • Swange Dance.
  • Koroso Dance.

The higher the demand there is for lessons for a particular dance type, the higher the cost will be. While the popularity for some type of dance class is empowering for private tutors, it means those needing to engage their services to dance will most likely need to pay more.

With regards to private dancing lessons, prospective dance students need to remember that their geological location can influence the cost of the lessons. The market for dance instructors will be higher in big cities and their environs areas which can be both favourable and disadvantageous.

The spending power and economy of a location will likewise influence costs as cities like Lagos, with a higher cost of living will, in general, have private teachers charging higher rates than places with a lower cost of living. To ensure you don't lose money by picking an inappropriate teacher, remember that most tutors on Superprof offer their first hour of lessons for zero cost. This trial session is an incredible time for the student and tutor to check whether they get along and choose which styles of dance are right for them.

In case you're a newbie and don't have a clue about any of the basic dance moves, you need to figure out how to dance with an instructor who can assist you with building some confidence. A workshop on introductory dance steps may also be valuable, in case you're okay with taking a group class or don't have the financial capacity for private dance lessons.

In case you're searching for classes that help dancers who already have basic skills, there are also quite a few dance schools and associations offering such classes. However, in the event that you're looking for a tutor who focuses on specialised work like footwork or posture, for example, it may be advantageous getting private lessons instead.

Kids' and teenagers' dance classes are an entirely different type of class. While all other dance classes need the dance coach to have a decent knowledge on their style and instructing techniques, these classes also require the instructor to be great with children and keeping their interest and attention in dance.

Find the best costs for private dance classes on Superprof!

Learning How to Dance in Nigeria on a Budget

Those who simply need to dazzle others on the dance floor at clubs or parties shouldn't go out searching for trained dance experts. You can figure out how to dance with an instructor who can guide you in basic and popular dancing steps, on a budget too and train you at a pace you're alright with.

Then again, there are a lot of ways to figure out how to dance online at no cost. Look at these applications, websites and consoles that will enable you to learn how to dance for free.

Search For A Dance Instructor

Before you take the step in learning how to dance, you have to pick the right dance instructor or teacher! You likewise need to consider the dance styles you're keen on and the skills you need to work on. Regardless of what kind of entertainer you want to be, you can find a dance teacher near you for you.

Dancing as kids
It's a good idea to start learning dancing as kids | Source: Pixabay

Amateurs frequently battle to find the appropriate dance coach or dancing workshop as they don't know what they should be paying for. That is the reason you ought to view the testimonials and reviews left by the teacher's other students so you can have an idea of how popular they are.

Nonetheless, an instructor that works for one student does not necessarily work for another. It is hence fundamental that you settle on the appropriate choice while picking your tutor. Private dance classes are turning out to be increasingly well known and thanks to the huge assortment on offer, you'll soon observe why.

You should consider the following when picking your coach:

  • Dance credentials and qualifications
  • Level of experience as a dancer
  • Level of experience as a dance instructor
  • Their charges
  • Levels of dance they teach
  • Location of their lessons (dance hall, gym, dance studios, etc.)
  • Resources and equipment they make available to their students
  • Style of Dancing
  • Style of Teaching
  • Adaptability

During the free trial lesson with your Superprof sourced teacher, you ought to assess the potential tutor. While a few students lean toward a cautious and calculated style to learning, others may favour a speedier and intensive approach to learning and work at a full dance routine at a go as opposed to the finer points of dance performance.

You should urge your private tutor to discuss how they like to instruct their students. Consider it somewhat like a tryout for your instructor.

To get the best deals for your dance lessons, you should likewise consider dance lessons offered by students hoping to get some additional cash during their schooling.

While students may be phenomenal dancers, you should remember that these self-trained tutors might not be as talented with regards to their teaching abilities in comparison with a qualified or an experienced instructor.

A number of couples seek the help of a tutor to guide them for their wedding dancing. On the off chance that you need a greatly arranged routine for your first couple dance, figure out how to hit the dance floor with a trained dance professional.

Even More Reasons to Learn How To Dance

Recently, we have a lot of popular Nigerian moves that fast becoming the in-thing when it comes to dancing.

As you have likely figured out, with all these popular dance moves, you can get into shape while also learning how to dance. It's an extraordinary method to consider social dance moves while conditioning your muscles. Your shoulders, legs, and abs will likewise be working diligently during a lively session and, after a ton of training, you'll begin to see that dancer's body developing.

It loosens up muscles just as well as being incredible toward the finishing of a stressful week which is the reason a ton of people chooses to go to gyms for dance sessions.

As you've most likely gathered at this point, there are barely any things better for your body and psyche than dancing! Do you need even more motivations to dance? Look at our best 15 reasons to dance.

So why not choose to learn how to dance today with the assistance of an expert dancer?

All Dance lessons in Nigeria are unique so if one's not working for you, quit and go searching for another that suits your needs!



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