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The average price of Dance  lessons is ‎₦2720.

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The best dance tutor for you in Nigeria

Nigerian culture is deeply ingrained in dance. Before civilization came, traditional practices were in full display. Festivals were all over the place, and they were greeted with pomp and pageantry. The dance was one of the highlights of these festivals. The different talented dancing groups took turns to display their skills. Even during post-colonial times, dance was still prominent in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. To date, people still dance, including children and adults.


Dancing isn’t done during festivals alone. People, including adults and children, dance casually as a form of entertainment, exercise, or as a form of hobby.  Different types of dance abound. In Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, people dance the Ekombi dance, Bata dance, Koroso dance, Swange dance, Nkwa-Umu-Agbogho dance, etc. These dance styles are traditional. Besides, there are other dance styles like etighi, zanku, shoki, etc. These are dance styles popular among Nigerian youths. More recently, foreign and new dance styles like salsa dancing, jazz dance, swing dancing, hip-hop dance, ballet dancing, etc. have been introduced to Nigerians. These are new contemporary dance styles that are popular all over the world.

Dancing classes near me in Nigeria

There are different dancing classes all over Nigeria including Lagos and Abuja. Many people are interested in learning how to dance. Usually, people enrol for dancing courses in a dance school. For those who are keen on learning to dance by enrolling for a dance lesson, these courses can help them achieve their aims.


Dance schools offer dance lessons in different aspects like jazz dance, salsa dancing, swing dancing, ballet dancing, hip-hop dance, etc. These lessons are not limited to adults alone. These schools have dance tutorial for kids.

However, this type of dance class offered in a dance school is limited because they are always a large number of people to attend. Therefore, it is not personalised, The recommendation is to hire a private dance lesson tutor who can provide the best-personalised dance classes for interested people, helping you to improve weak areas. These tutors can be found everywhere in Nigeria.

It is easy to find a dance teacher or dance academy anywhere in Nigeria. Your dance teacher can be your gateway to kickstarting a fruitful career in dancing. A dance school would greatly aid your dancing cause.

Hiring a dance tutor in Nigeria

Dance is a form of entertainment for many. However, it is a career for some too. There is always a need for dancers. Musicians shooting music videos require the services of dancers, publicists hire dancers to gain the attention of people during marketing. Various instances require dancers. It is why many people are keen on taking dancing tutorial to hone their skills.


One thing to note about dancing is that it is not only talent that matters.  A consistent practice goes a long way to improve a person’s dancing skills. Therefore, the need for a dance teacher who is adept at training people and helping them improve their dancing skills arises.

It does not matter if one is a beginner. A dance tutor can provide a dancing tutorial for beginners. As long as one is willing to learn, it is possible.  For beginners, a dance tutor can teach them different dancing steps. Also, they can learn how to dance rhythmically. For beginners who want to join a dancing group, employing the services of a dance tutor in any part of Nigeria, including Lagos, is beneficial for them.


It is usually beneficial to hire a dance teacher in Nigeria because of the numerous advantages attached to it. First, the personalised lessons mean that the tutor pays attention to every detail, including dancing steps. Personalised lessons are what set private tutors apart from teachers in a dance academy. It is usually the first aspect to be corrected.

Second, dance tutors provide resources and materials to help the development of a budding dancer. These resources usually contain dance tutorial videos. Dance tutoring Is often fun with the right dance tutor.

Learn how to dance at your convenience

For those who dread going to a particular location for dance tutorials, it is heartening to note that they do not have to opt for group tutorials before they learn how to dance. Dancing enthusiasts can hire the services of a dance tutor who can come to their homes or other places for face to face lessons. The time-table is always flexible, and tutors schedule lessons based on a student’s convenience.


A dance tutor can offer his/her services right in your home. A home tutor sets up tutorials at a convenient time for students. Dance tutorials are for everyone. You can hire a dance tutor for your children too.

For people who prefer to avoid physical contact, there is an online option for them. Tutors offer online dance tutorials and lesson for those who want to learn how to dance. It might seem not easy to learn online, but dance tutors simplify the process for students.


An online dance tutor teaches dance steps online by showing examples of dance steps and providing dance learning videos for students. These tutors are dance trainers. Therefore, they understand the essential things related to dancing. For example, you can learn the fundamentals of ballet dancing. There are seven movements of ballet dancing you need to learn. Some of them include sauter and glisser.


Depending on the dance steps the teacher is teaching, he/she will provide a video that serves as an example of the dance step. Also, the video will contain the necessary steps a student must take to be able to master the dance. Learning how to dance is feasible. All that is required is a working internet connection and a device.

Hire your dance tutors on Superprof NG

Superprof NG has profiles of different dance tutors all over Nigeria who have signed up on the website. These dance tutors are committed to providing a high-quality tutorial for willing students. A tutor can organise a dance class in Lagos just for you. Location isn’t only limited to Lagos. It is spread across Nigeria.


Superprof tutors offer their first lesson free. The free first lesson is for a student to determine if the tutor is the right choice for him/her. There are reviews for each tutor's profile on Superprof Nigeria. These reviews are instrumental in choosing the right tutor. You can drop reviews too.

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