“A day without dancing is a day wasted” - Nietzsche

Do you love to dance and desire to improve at it?

The better resolution is most likely to get private dance classes or go to a dance school.

In any case, you may generally not be able to pay for the dance lessons you wish for.

Therefore, how can you learn dancing at no cost?

Where should you go on the internet for dance tips, advice, or dance routines?

Here are a few of the best answers for those needing to learn how to move without spending any money.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Learn Dancing on Your Own

It is important you practice regularly if you want to improve your dancing, irrespective of whatever style of dance you want to learn and however you want to learn. You'll additionally need to set clear goals that you can accomplish.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How regularly will you have to work on your dancing? (For how long and what number of sessions per week)
  • When will you have the time for dance practice? (during the day, evenings, weekends, etc.)
practice dancing for you
Learning a Routine for your First couple dance is probably what you want to do | Source: Unsplash

You will need to work with what you have in case you're going instruct yourself to dance and you should additionally ensure that you have enough space to for free movement when dancing.

Is your parlour or Sitting room space big enough?

What about your room?

You also have to put into consideration the equipment you'll require to learn dance:

  • Audiovisual equipment (e.g Television, monitor, laptop) so you can watch dance videos and hear the music.
  • A mirror so you can see and observe your dancing
  • Probably a camera to record yourself while dancing
  • And so on and forth.

Lastly, before you start searching for dance instructional lessons on the web, you have one more question to ask yourself: what kind of dancing do you want to learn?

Is your music preference upbeat?

  • Afropop (Zanku, Saku Saku, Skelewu), salsa, Zumba, dance fitness, hip-hop etc

Do you prefer music that is sensual or erotic?

  • Tango, belly dancing, oriental dance, etc.

Do you like foreign classics?

  • Ballet, Ballroom dancing, waltz, tap dancing etc

There are no shortage of dance types and styles available for you to learn, if anything your worry is which one to start with, you are spoilt for choice! The type of music you like is probably a guideline towards picking a dance style to start with. Although, a few dance styles can be hard for beginners to get a handle on.

If you need to figure out how to dance speedily, then you will need to pick a style reasonable for all dance levels.

In the event that you want to learn to dance for your couple's first dance at your wedding or simply dance for couples, you must ensure your partner is available and on board with your goal, as well.

You Can Learn Dance Online For Free

You can get plenty of advice online to assist you with learning how to dance at your own tempo.

There are various benefits to learning how to dance online:

  • The opportunity to evaluate a few styles before choosing the one you like
  • Rehearsing your dancing when it suits you
  • Figuring out how to move from the solace of your own home
  • Free resources
  • And so on.

It's a smart thought to acquaint yourself with the basics of dancing before you start.

Dancing Lessons are Available on YouTube

You should look on YouTube to discover online dance tutorial videos.

You should begin by searching for videos on the style of dance you'd prefer to learn and that is also fit to your level.

Are you a newbie in dancing?

Are looking to learn a new routine or some more complex dance steps or would you like to brush up on your dancing?

This kind of research can take some time, yet it's necessary. You're your own dance teacher, ultimately. This is the reason you have to discover instructive resources that are fit to your needs.

get free dance lessons online
The internet is a great way to access free dance resources | Jurien Huggins @ Unsplash

A fast YouTube search will give results with huge numbers of videos to assist you with learning techniques for the style of dance you desire to learn and online videos are an extraordinary way to evaluating the various styles of dance accessible to you and selecting which ones you like.

You can likewise get familiar with the dance moves to songs by your preferred singers like Whiz kid, Davido., Burna Boy etc.

Free Dance Websites are Available Online

If you want another way to learn how to dance, you can also check out some specialised dance websites.


This website has online dance lessons available for adult beginners. There are additionally valuable areas just for dance instructors, wedding dance pointers, and information on enhancing your dance posture and getting ready for dance tryouts.


This website has lots of videos available for newbie, intermediate and expert dancers to watch before they hit the dance floor. There are various videos of dance styles available on this site, so if you want to learn about hip hop dance, swing dance, Latin dance, or belly dancing, you should give this site a visit. These dance styles include:

  • Salsa
  • Rumba
  • Merengue
  • Chacha
  • Bachata
  • Reggaeton

The site also provides advice and articles for those going to dance parties but lack self-confidence about their dancing.


The Dance plug website has a good number of choreography video lessons and online dance classes. Even though these videos aren't free, the site has free trials available.

The three sites highlighted above aren't the only available ones of their kind, of course. If you have specific dance styles you want to learn, you are likely to find specialised sites that cater to these styles also. Thanks to the capacity of the internet, with just a quick search, you’ll discover plenty of good websites.

Ensure you abstain from searching for unclear terms like “dance classes” and rather search for specific styles of dancing lessons and introductory classes if you're an outright newbie.

Dance Apps That Are Free

There are literally thousands of apps available for dancing, so you can just easily download an application onto your smartphone or tablet.

Free resources are available for dance training
Dance resources can be found in many places | Source: Leonfhl @Visual`hunt

Here are a couple of applications you could give a trial for learning how to dance on your own:

  • iDance: An application to learn both advanced and basic dance steps. It's anything but difficult to use, in only a couple of clicks, you'll be learning out how to dance.
  • Pocket Salsa: This is a free app to try. The video exercises are intriguing and engaging. You'll wind up wanting to watch many more dance videos after the first one.
  • Learn to Dance: this application has various styles of dance available for learning. You can watch an expert dance artist or choreographer display the steps and you then copy them.

If you like augmented reality, you'll be glad to know about Apple's augmented reality platform, Arkit, that has an application called dance reality.

Figuring out how to dance salsa in augmented reality is likewise a fascinating possibility for those needing to figure out salsa dancing.

Dance Lessons at Home With Your Game Console

Have you ever had an incredible night with your friends playing the Just Dance game?

Though it isn't totally free, when you've paid for the game, it's the only investment you'll need to make (so far you already have the games console).

The thought is basic: pursue the dance moves for both timeless classics and current hits. The 2017 version of the game came with more than 40 songs and also lessons on the best way to get familiar with the moves.

What's so great about the game?

It's an extremely fun approach to figure out how to move. Whether you execute the moves perfectly or not, it's extraordinary for your timing. For the individuals who battle keeping time, it's an extremely fun approach to make good progress.

Some will likely ace the moves like a professional quite fast and learn them off by heart. After, Just Dance is only a game. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you play individually, with your family, or with your companions, it tends to be a bunch of fun.

Pointers for Learning to Dance on Your Own

If you don't have the resources to take private dance classes, You can go ahead to teach yourself how to dance, however you need to stay motivated and have your lessons frequently.

If you are teaching yourself make sure you're doing all the necessary preparation before dancing | Source: Emilio Dellipiane @VisualHunt

Dancing is a physical workout and you have to remain fit as a fiddle. In other to work securely on your body, you have to play it safe. Remember to warm up and ensure you do your stretches before and after every session. It's additionally beneficial to do exercises that work on your flexibility.

It may not be easy to measure your own success when it's just you in front of the mirror.

So how can you assess your progress and which steps you have to still have to work on?

Ensure you practise in front of a mirror so you can see yourself dancing. It's likewise a good idea to assess how you did after every session. You could likewise video yourself so you can review yourself after you are done practising.

It is also beneficial to watch dance videos to help motivate you and learn new dance moves. Listening to music frequently will assist you with getting acquainted with the rhythm of the song and help guide the moves to make. On account of your hard work, you'll before long be dropping your new dance moves the next time you're out dancing at a club or party.

In the event that you finally choose to go for regular dance lessons because you need intermediate or advanced guidance, you should look into a dance school. Some schools may offer a free trial dance sessions.

When you've had the free session, you can choose whether or not you'd prefer to learn how to dance together with other students. You'll have the choice of joining a dance class, a serious and intensive dance course, or utilising a private dance instructor or tutor to get dance lessons. On Superprof, the first lesson is frequently free.

Take a look at our article to learn more about the cost of dance lessons.

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