“The Job of the feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing”

Ever heard that dancers don’t need wings to fly? Right from a spot, whether in the ballroom or the meadow, they swing with rhythms, hop to beats, and waltz to music across times and lands.

Variety is the spice of life, they say. Hence, learning a variety of dance across the globe can only spice up your world. From the traditional African dance styles to the Oriental belly-dancing; the classical Russian ballet to the foot-drumming Irish thriller; the beautiful dance steps of Spain to the popular Indian dancing, you can breeze through different cultures of the world when you learn to dance in different styles.

Ready to globetrot? Let’s look at some popular contemporary dance styles in the world that you can start learning today.

The Energetic Traditional African Dances

As a Nigerian dancer, learning the different African dance styles could be like a call to duty — a wise way to propagate the African heritage. However, learning afro dances is way more than that. Africans pride themselves as the most cultural persons in the world, hence, afro dances are a rich cultural addition to any dancer’s repertoire.

An African dancer
African dances are energetic, expressive, and sometimes, acrobatic. Dancers immerse their whole body in the dances. Source: Unsplash

Although they differ in form, African dance styles are known to be boisterous and zestful. As a dance student, you will be working out your body and burning excess fat with Afro dances. They are an expressive dance form involving the whole body, most times, including stunts, fancy footwork, and rhythmic hip movements.

If you are interested in slow, sensual dance styles, you will find good options under the African tent. An example is the Angolan Kizomba which is usually danced in couples. More than this, you can also find other dance styles in Africa with other social or health functions. Yes! Health functions. In the past and today, African dances have served as a therapy to blow off steam and grow happiness.

Needless to say that, when performed, African dances are a great spectacle. That is why they are a great form of entertainment at social events anywhere in the world. One such great dancer of African dance who has made evident the meaningful entertainment that African dances provide is Germaine Acogny, known the world over as “the mother of African dance”.

Now that you know about African dance, you should enjoy it.

Ever Heard of Belly Dancing?

You must have seen it in Asian movies. Beautiful movements of the hip, waist, and belly. Yes, that one!

Oriental belly dancing is a sweet dance style for all body types. Foremost, we must talk about the beautiful scene it evokes when performed. Coupled with the kind of music that is played with the dance, belly dancing is purely romantic and enchanting.

It, also, provides a fun way for women to lose excess weight and stay fit. It involves vigorous movements of the mid-body capable of helping women shed belly fat and building strong muscles. Belly dancing promotes physical wellbeing and enhances self-love too. Whether you’re slim or fat, you’re trained to own your body and master its control and coordination.

Although belly dancing originally came from the Middle East, it has found a home in many other parts of the world. You will find belly dancers in restaurants in the UK, in China, among American dancers, e.t.c.

Within the belly dancing art, there are many other styles: Baladi, Iraqi Kawleeya, Arabic Dabke, and a host of others. Belly dancing will work on your waist and hips, arms, thighs, and back muscles. And unlike tango, salsa, cha-cha, or waltz that are social, partner dances, belly dancing is usually a solo dance done barefoot.

If you intend to learn belly dancing, you will need to buy a belly dancing costume that will give you space and freedom to swing and swirl your mid-body. Trust me when I say that that is even one of the fun in belly dancing — owning a beautiful belly dancing costume.

Discover Russian Ballet Dance

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer.

Have you seen Leap? It is a 2016 computer-animated movie into the World of Ballet — its thrills and shrills. If you are excited about tip-toeing, stretching, and flying to classical music, hop into a ballet class.

Originally an Italian dance, Ballet has influenced many other dance forms around the world and has found a residence in many countries. It is one of the most popular and most celebrated dance styles in the world.

Ballet costume
Ballet is one of the most popular classical dances in the world. Since its discovery, it has grown in fame and influence across countries. Source: Unsplash

It is an important dance form to have if you want to dance to a world audience. Despite its long history, it still prides itself as one of the contemporary dances there are. Due to its root and modern popularity, it provides many cultural benefits to its practitioners. From the exposure it gives to the easy integration it facilitates, learning Ballet can be your passport to experiencing World cultures.

Students of Ballet are also known to be flexible and strong. The moves in the dance can help your body develop the right postures. Its combinations, although exciting, can be rigorous too. People learn Ballet to enhance their stamina and develop a strong, flexible body.  Of course, it also serves as an avenue to earn some cool cash — as a performer or instructor.

You must believe me, then, when I say that the Ballet dance is a complete package — one that you should learn to have.

Let’s Go to Ireland for Some Jigs!

It, often, starts with a tap of the foot but ALWAYS ends in a thundering ovation. Irish dance is one of the most beautiful things in Europe. It is performed with booted feet with dancers carefully making rhythmic leg movements to create complex beats. You can call it the leg-drumming dance because, indeed, you can dance to the beats coming from the dancers’ boots when it is performed.

Made popular by the theatrical Riverdance show that started in 1994, Irish dance isn’t complete without its beautiful costume. Whether to slow-paced or fast-tempo music, Irish dancers just know the perfect way to dribble the tune and create awesome beats.

Irish dance can serve well as an entertaining show dance at social or corporate events, and it is flexible enough for its dancers to modify. This is the kind of dance that can take anyone to World stages when mastered as it should or, at the very minimum, you can still use it to earn some creativity feathers in the ballroom among your friends.

Interested in earning some fun while dancing in style? Then, start your Irish dancing classes today.

The Different Spanish Dances

Of the different types of dance in Europe, Spanish dances are one of the most colourful and popular. Led by the Flamenco and the Pasodoble, Spanish dances are an expressive form of art appreciated for their passionate moves and beautiful accompanying music.

Most Spanish dances are social dances. That is, they are performed for non-competitive and recreational purposes at social events. More so, they can be danced without or without a partner.

Like in Irish dances, Spanish dancers also style in colourful costumes. Spanish dancing is always a great show of beauty for visitors in Spain and the pride of every Spaniard.

Learning the Spanish way of dancing can greatly enhance your status among contemporary dancers, especially if you are considering a career in modern dancing. A blend of these different types of dancing around the world qualifies one as an international dancer.

I hope you know that the popular American Salsa dance has tinges of Spanish Flamenco. If you want to combine vibrant dancing with rhythmic music, choose the Spanish way.

Excite Your Feet with Indian Dance Steps

Even if you have not been to India before, you definitely know one thing about the Indian people. Dancing and music are an important part of the Indian way of life! Not only that. Indian dances and music are, usually, heavily laden with emotions and feelings.

An Indian dancer
Dancing is part of Indian culture and can be a good tool to spice up your romance life. Source: Unsplash

Just like Oriental belly dancing, Indian dances are highly enchanting. That is why they are considered a good romantic tool. Apart from that, they also serve as a great form of entertainment; very ideal for every social event.

And, in fact, the new style of Indian dancing called the Bollywood dance is gaining much attention. It is a modern hybrid of different dance styles across the globe — from Bharatanatyam to American hip-hop, jazz, and belly dancing. This new style of dancing blends classical dance forms with modern western dance styles to suit almost any type of music.

More so, learning Indian dancing brings you up close to the whole Indian culture and lifestyle. You can even adopt some aspects you find fascinating in your world.

So, learning any of these World dance styles can be in about four ways. The best and most expensive method will be to travel to their countries of origin and find a native dance instructor. More than learning the dances, you will also be learning the different cultures of the world.

You can also find a dance academy that offers training classes in these dances. Dance schools are often led by experienced dancers who have or have had a fulfilling dancing career. However, many dance schools in Nigeria only offer training in Nigerian traditional dances and popular western dances like hip-hop, ballet, and Salsa. So, if you cannot find a school to learn these dances, you can try video learning.

There are a lot of digital resources on the internet that can help you learn the basics of these dances by yourself. Also, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that can guide your steps. However, this method is very slow and cannot sufficiently lead you to mastery.

If you are concerned about cost but want to progress sufficiently, then hiring a private dance instructor will be your best option. Through a knowledge-sharing website like Superprof, you can find experienced dance instructors with a proven record of exceptional teaching. Many of these instructors offer a free first lesson to allow students to assess their teaching style and decide whether to continue with the classes or not. With Superprof, your dance exploration can be more fun, less expensive, and of high-quality.

Your instructor awaits.



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