“Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience.” Lyall Watson

Whatever type of dance you're doing Sakusaku, Galala, Makossa, Alanta or other Nigerian dance, there are a lot of artists prepared to show all of you their style of dance. Salsa classes, Ballet classes, Tap dancing classes, to Ballroom dancing- they are all available options!

Newbies often think that it is hard to locate the appropriate teacher or dance instructor for them. This is on the grounds that an instructor that works for one student may not work for another. This is why it is necessary you settle on the right choice when picking your dance tutor.

Do you have two left feet? 

Are you are constantly humiliated at dance parties or social gatherings?

Would you prefer to figure out how to dance?

Here are our guidelines for picking the best dance instructor for you!

Where To Find Dance Teachers in Nigeria

It is common for young students to feel anxious about getting the incorrect type of dance lessons when just starting out on their dance journey.

You find the best instructors for Nigerian tradition dance in Universities | Source: Great@youtube

There are a few viable solutions available if you want to choose a good dance teacher. If you decide to go to a private dance school or a dance studio, you may have the option of a free dance session for your first class. This is your chance to check whether you can get along favourably with the dance instructor and if their training style works for you.

As a student, you need to feel relaxed with your dance coach and comfortable with the instructing techniques they're utilising. Our recommendation is to watch their class for about 30 - 45 mins, if possible, and also converse with other students in the dance class, as well. The point is to pick a teacher whose training styles and personality syncs with you. Try not to be hesitant to make inquiries from other students in the dance studio.

Here are some of the places you can get dance classes in Nigeria:

  • Certified Dance Schools - Affiliated to GOND (Dance Guild of Nigeria)
  • Private Dance Schools
  • Federal and State Universities and Polytechnics as part of the Music/Theatre Arts Curriculum
  • Private Universities
  • Gyms, Leisure centres and cultural centres

The ambience and environment are also significant with regards to picking the appropriate dance class. The dance environment needs to be fun and light to enable students to loosen up and have a good time; A stifled environment will be dampening to dancers. While some students prefer a fun and relaxed non-formal environment, others may prefer a more formal and quiet setting. It is necessary you understand yourself and the style of dance setting that suits you before settling on dance classes.

Discover dance classes in Lagos.

Remember, dance lessons are not only available in Lagos, but you can also find dance classes in Ibadan, PortHarcout, Abuja, Enugu and other Nigerian cities.

Select a Dance Instructor Based on Their Area of Expertise

Why not find out about various sorts of dancing styles with the help to private dance tutorials?

Nowadays dancing in Nigeria starts informally with the Afro moves cropping up everywhere, the average Nigerian child is exposed to dances like Alanta, Makossa, Azonto, Skelewu, Etighi, (dances now in the debate about which is the biggest) etc. For the more formal type of dance, a beginner usually lean towards learning typical styles, like, Ballet, ballroom dancing and Salsa (which is becoming quite popular among the older crowd). It isn't hard to locate various dance coaches and instructors offering these styles of dance around the nation.

There are likewise dance teachers offering rarer styles of dance, for example, Modern Jazz, Swing Dance, Bollywood Dance, and so forth and there are even various teachers who offer various styles and can blend and match their classes depending on what you are looking to learn

The best thing is to converse with the dance coach in advance so you know what sorts of dancing lessons are available to you now and later on.

whether you want to learn SakuSaku, Salsa or Hip-hop dance, there is a teacher available for you in Nigeria | Source: Still from Olumide's 'Science student' video

There are various types of dance you can learn in Nigeria:

Nigerian Modern Dance styles

  • Skelewu
  • Alanta
  • Azonto
  • Gbeku
  • Saku saku
  • Shoki
  • Zanku etc

Top Nigerian traditional dance

  • Nkwa-Umu-Agbogho Dance.
  • Ekombi Dance.
  • Bata Dance.
  • Swange Dance.
  • Koroso Dance.

Foreign Dance styles

  • Salsa
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Ballet
  • Samba
  • Hip hop Dance
  • Contemporary dance or modern dance
  • Dance Fitness
  • Waltz

Irrespective of why you want to learn dance; to gain self-confidence on the dance floor during parties and social gatherings or for more professional dance purposes, you are very likely going to find a dance tutor to meet your needs.

Why not try to find out about new styles of dancing by engaging an experienced dance coach?

Select a Dance Instructor Based on Your Level

The same can be said for dancing as in other things; the phrase that says 'Don’t run before you can walk'.

It is not advantageous to rush your training when it comes to the arts. Your dance coach should be able to have a good idea of what your level in dance is in just a few hours of accessing you and know the ideal approach to help you to advance. Rather than whiling away time (and money) by getting lessons that aren't appropriate for your level, you should work out what your dance goals are and do an assessment of your capabilities.

There are three fundamental levels in regards to dance lessons:

  • Dance classes for Beginner level
  • Dance classes for Intermediate level
  • Dance classes for Advanced level

Experienced dance instructors will mention to you what levels they instruct and there are also teachers that offer dance lessons for all levels which means they can be your dance instructor for a longer time.

Asides the level offered by the instructor, you should likewise keep your own personal goals in view. A few dance instructors, similar to the those who work in the universities, may not meet every one of your requirements. It is, therefore, necessary to discuss your goals with them before your first dance lessons so you'll know whether they can live up to your expectations.

Whatever the reason you want to learn dancing, is it to become better at it in social gatherings, for your couple's dance at your wedding or for a professional career in it, there are specific dance coaches available to help you.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Type of Dance Teacher

The right dance tutor for you will ensure you are comfortable in each of your classes. This though is more about the personalities of the teacher and student over any other factor.

Take your dance lessons where
Ensure your lessons are done in a calm and encouraging environment | Source: Unsplash

Another requirement a ton of students overlooks is the dance teacher's first aid skills. It is not unusual for a couple of mishaps to happen while dancing, particularly ankle and leg injuries. A smart thought is to check whether your dance coach is skilled in first aid.

Stated below is a short rundown of what you should pay attention to during your first dance tutorial classes:

  • Their approach to teaching
  • How they adjust the dance steps/choreography to meet the level of their student
  • The dance tutor's temperament, are they patient, kind etc?
  • Their explanation on how to carry out the dance steps
  • How the dance teacher encourages their student
  • To what degree exactly does the instructor respect the limits set by the student
  • How open-minded is the dance instructor
  • Their insight and expertise into dance and music as an art form
  • Their artistic creativity and how they adapt and improvise
  • The resources and materials they bring to a dance class

Here's a short rundown of what you shouldn't hope to see from your dance instructor:

  • Not being able to adapt dance steps to the student's level
  • Overlooking the student's musical inclinations
  • Agonising or difficult dance steps/choreography
  • Starting dance lessons without warming up first
  • General or one-size-fits-all teaching methods that are not tailored to their student
  • Having too low a level for students of an advanced dance level

Students have the rights to evaluate one or a few tutors so as to locate the correct one. After all, the objective is to anticipate your next dance lessons rather than to fear them.

Employ the Services of a Dance Tutor According to Their Level of Expertise and Credentials

Receive dance lessons from a teacher who is known for their dancing skills.

teachers teaching skills are very important for dace lessons
Approach to teaching is one of the most important factors to contemplate when deciding on a dance coach | Source: Unsplash

A lot of students would prefer to work with an experienced dance artist instead of an experienced teacher. Obviously, an artist or choreographer who has performed in various popular shows is most likely truly experienced.

In any case, the higher the level of a dance tutor is, the more they'll most likely charge. Lots of dance beginners would rather get a self-educated teacher to assist them with learning how to dance or a student dancer to teach them dancing so as to save a bit of money.

A dance teacher could have various credentials from a Bachelors', or a masters' or even a PhD degree in Theatre Arts to private certification from elite dance schools.

Nonetheless, be cautious! A highly educated and experienced dancer isn't necessarily a good dancing guide. Credentials in dancing just demonstrate how great of a dancer your tutor may be. You have to check whether they have teaching qualifications or experience in educating others as well!

In other to settle on the right choice, ensure you do your research first and that the manner in which your dance teacher instructs fits you! Try not to be enticed to simply go for the first teacher you see when you search for 'dance classes close to me'.

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