“It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.” Xiaolu Guo

What is the cost of learning how to dance in Nigeria?

For what reason is learning some dance styles more costly than others?

Which costs more? Learning Dance as a beginner or an experienced dancer?

The experience of the dance teacher, type of dance, and even the location should be considered when thinking about how much a dance instructor charges.

Whatever type of dance you want to learn, Skelewu, Alanta, Zanku, Salsa, Ballroom dancing, Ballet, or Bata dance, you need to get familiar with what influences the price of learning how to dance.

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The Cost of Dance Lessons by 'Type' of Class

Even though there are quite a few places where students can learn how to dance, but many would-be dance students are not aware of where to go to when it comes to finding dance lessons or a dance instructor.

Group dance lessons saves you more money
It is cheaper to learn dancing with a group of people | Source: unsplash

There are a lot of places to learn dancing where they either have fixed prices or others with changing prices. An example of changing prices are for Salsa lessons, which is gaining a lot of traction recently, A dance company offering Salsa lessons could charge varying prices based on the location used for their lessons. Some dance companies also offer beginner lessons, which can make them cheaper than private tutors for people who just want to learn dancing basics or attend these classes to socialise and meet new people.

At the same time, the very prestigious dance schools and companies, private universities are more costly than the aforementioned mentioned ones, even sometimes for beginner lessons. Take for example a Nigerian wanting to learn ballroom dancing in a gym that offers dance lessons or another that goes to a private dance company, for any level of lessons in both cases, their cost will differ because of the type of dance class being signed up for.

There is also the option of those who go to study dance in universities, the price will also differ from dance companies, especially when going to a private university, asides the university factor, dance is mostly offered as only a part of the theatre or performing arts degree in higher institutions so the cost is inherently more as you not only have to pay for dance classes, costumes, and related equipment but also the same for other arms like drama, singing etc.

Below are the average rates for types of dance classes

  • Private dance lessons: ₦3,000 per hour
  • Private dance companies: ₦20,000 per month
  • Private Universities: ₦1,600,000  per year (4-year course)

If you decide to choose private dance lessons, you can effortlessly work within your financial budget by finding a dance teacher who's self-educated or a student looking to earn some cash while concentrating one of the more costly degrees.

Moreover, with private dance classes, you don't need to stress over class schedules and can appreciate the flexibility of having the option to get lessons where and when you need to.

The Price of Dance Lessons Based on Your Location

The average cost that will be charged for private dance classes will depend on the average cost of living for those in your area.

This will likewise be based o the competition where you live and what number of dance classes and dance instructors there are in that region. The individuals who live in bigger cities will, in general, have more options to choose from with regards to the amount they pay. But those living in smaller cities or rural areas will not have the opportunity or luxury to choose from a pool of rates, they will be limited in the choice available to them.

The average cost for dance tutors on Superprof Nigeria are as follows:

  • Dance lessons in Lagos: ₦3000 per hour
  • Dance lessons in Ibadan: ₦2500 per hour
  • Dance lessons in Abuja: ₦4000 per hour
  • Dance Lessons in Enugu: ₦4000 per hour
  • Dance lessons in Port Harcourt: ₦4000 per hour
  • Dance lessons in Ilorin: ₦500 per hour
  • Dance lessons in Owerri: ₦2833 per hour

Those living in towns where things are generally pricier can choose to get dance lessons online at a lower cost. You simply need to check for private dance teachers offering tutorials online. This is a good method to get quality courses from the solace of your own home.

The Cost of Dance Lessons Based on Dancing Styles

No two students are alike when it comes to the art of dancing.

style of dance determine costing of lessons
The price of dance lessons is based on style of dance you want to learn | Source: Unsplash

For private dance classes, you'll need to think about what method of dance the student is after.

Dance classes like Salsa, ballet, and Zumba dancing are probably the most popular foreign styles right now. Students keen on these styles may profit by less expensive lessons because of the competitive market.

Rarer classes like rumba, waltz, belly dancing, etc are typically more costly. At the point when you want to pick these dance styles to learn, you must be prepared to open your wallet in the event that you need to pay for an expert and quality dance guide.

Very common on the Nigerian scene though is our made in Nigerian local dances from shoki, yahozee, alanta, skelewu, shaku shaku to zanku etc; lessons for this dances will even be more competitive and you could probably learn them for next to nothing.

Listed below are sample per hour rates for Dance styles on Superprof Nigeria

  • Salsa: ₦1000
  • Ballet: ₦5000
  • Latin Ballroom: ₦2000
  • African Dance: ₦1000
  • Hip-pop: ₦2000
  • Dance Fitness: ₦3000
  • Modern Classical: ₦5000
  • Afro-pop: ₦5000
  • Contemporary: ₦5000

Obviously, these are simply average costs and will change whether you're searching for beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes. An introductory dance class will be cheaper than a private dance class for somebody working on a dance routine or choreography for a show.

Dance fitness lessons (e.g. Zumba) are frequently classified as sports lessons and may be less pricey than conventional dance lessons. Besides, the dance teacher can offer group classes which bring about lower costs for each student.

Whether you’re getting ready for the first dance at your upcoming wedding, looking at an intensive dance class, or preparing a show, you need to consider the style of dancing you want to learn when thinking about the cost of private dance lessons.

There are additionally specialised dance lessons. For instance, in case you're getting married and need some organised dance choreography on your D-day or just general dance moves for your couple's dance, you should consider getting a dance instructor who offers wedding dance classes and teaches couples for their first dance. This is also a good avenue for couples to become familiar with dancing with one another and have a great deal of fun on the dance floor.

There are also dance lessons available for children. Though, when youngsters are learning out how to dance, it is essential that they have a dance instructor who can keep their dance lessons fun and interesting. Children won't mind what experience their dance tutor has, where they learned how to dance, and they certainly do not care that they run an award-winning dance school!

Do you have an affinity for dancing but have two left feet and simply need to be more confident at dance parties, you can just settle on more easygoing dance lessons.

The Cost of Dance Lessons is Subject To the Instructor

The more qualified a coach is, the more you will likely have to pay them. While a few dance instructors will teach at all levels, others will just concentrate on a specific level. Newbies are also likely to pay on lower costs than those learning dancing at a more advanced level.

more stage experience is more costly
A dance tutor with Performance experience will cost more | Source: Projectfametv @ YouTube

You can generally negotiate the hourly rate with private tutors on Superprof. Even at that, tutors are well entitled to up their rates once the student's level has moved higher since their needs change and the more level of dance instruction will require more from the dance tutor.

Where both the dance student and the dance instructor are at an advanced level, you can be sure you'll be paying a higher premium for your dance lessons.

Stated below are factors to consider when it comes to a dance instructor's hourly rate:

  • Dance credentials and qualifications
  • Level of experience as a dancer
  • Level of experience as a dance instructor
  • Their reputation
  • Levels of dance they teach
  • Instruments they play and their musical skills
  • Location of their lessons (dance hall, gym, dance studios, etc.)
  • Resources and equipment they make available to their students
  • Style of Dancing
  • Style of Teaching
  • Adaptability

To discover dance lessons at a decent price, you have to consider more factors other than how well your coach can dance. A few students wrongly work with certain self-trained guides who haven't the vital teaching experience. This can bring about students gaining almost no ground and feeling like their dance guide doesn't hear them out.

That is the reason the dancing coaches with the correct qualifications can request more cash; they've proven their worth as fit teachers and artists.

There are qualifications you should pay attention to in a dance instructor:

  • A degree in theatre arts, dance or performing arts
  • Foreign Dance certifications for foreign dance styles where available
  • Certification from private dance schools affiliated with GOND (Dance Guild of Nigeria) and SPAN(Society for Performing Arts, Nigeria)

Ensure you get your dance lessons from the appropriate dance coach!

Dance Lessons at Reduced Costs

Would you want to have dance lessons at a reduced cost?

No worries! There are a number of ways to get dance classes at lower rates.

pay less for casual dancing
learning to dance for fun should not be costly | Source: okayafrica.com

Places you can go to to learn dance include gyms, also at dance schools, secondary schools, and universities. There are state grants and scholarships accessible for undergrad and postgraduate courses and you should check if there's any such resource accessible to you at your chosen institution.

Some dance schools, studios, and gyms offer a discount to

  • Children
  • Students
  • NYSC enrolees
  • If you join with a group of friends or recommend others

With regards to private dance lessons, you could get discounts using the stated methods:

  • Pay for multiples months to a year of classes
  • Pay for longer dance lesson time (90 minutes instead of only 60 minutes)
  • Pay for dance lessons as a couple
  • Pay for dance lessons with your whole family
  • Pay for classes together with a group of friends
  • Pay for beginner's dance lessons
  • Do an advanced dance course that is not common

Over 92% of private tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of lessons for free as a test session to check whether the student and teacher are a good fit. The first hour/lesson is an appropriate time to figure out what you need from the tutor and work out a schedule for lessons. It's additionally a good medium for the dance tutor to study your level as a dancer and determine the number of classes you'll need.

So put on your dancing shoes!

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