“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham

Have you thought about taking up a sport, however, you're not sure which to pick? 

Then why not learn dancing and start figuring out dancing from the solace of your own home?

Dancing is in fact classified as both a sporting activity and an art form, this is why there are many individuals keen on learning how to dance. At some point in life, everybody has most likely done a couple of spontaneous dance moves.

Did you realise that dance lessons can change how we live our lives and influence our daily routines?

Even complete newbies can figure out how to do some new dance moves and start enhancing their lives. Get some answers concerning all the relevant and good motivations to connect with a dance instructor who teaches the style of dance you want to learn and begin getting dance lessons today!

Dancing to Tone Your Muscles

Irrespective of your dance skill level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, working with a dance fitness coach is one of the easiest methods to get that rocking body you have always dreamed of.

Dance is a good way to achieving your dream body
Dancing can help you achieve a slim toned body | Source: Unsplash

Professional dancers generally have toned and slim bodies and many people want to have a dancer's body. Nevertheless, a small number of them recognise you can get like results by taking regular dance lessons with an experienced dance instructor.


You'll have to do more than just traditional dancing to get faster outcomes. Ladies hoping to tone up without building muscle may be keen on Aerobics and dance fitness while men needing to build muscle will clearly need to supplement their dance sessions with core weight lifting and exercise sessions. Routines like Zumba, pilates, and so on., can likewise assist you with improving your breathing and toning your muscles.

Dancing is incredible for the building of these muscles:

  • Abs
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Butts, and so forth.

Our Recommendation

Doing cardio every day for half an hour is extremely valuable for your dancing and your general wellbeing. Cardio is very good for your heart and can assist you with dancing for longer during your dance classes (Eg doing 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes of dance). Regardless of whether you have no rhythm or two left feet, getting private dance lessons or moving along to dance recordings on YouTube (e.g. koboko fitness channel) are a good method to remain fit as a fiddle.

Professional dance artists follow a strict diet and training regime so be ready to leave fast food behind! You ought to think about eating an assortment of fruits and fresh foods and accelerate your metabolism.

Keep in shape thanks to dancing instructional exercises! Your dance teacher should be able to offer you some guidance on what to eat and how to remain healthy.

Dancing is a Way to Socialise and Meet with New People

Dancing has consistently been a good method to socialise and meet new people!

Taking group dance lessons in Lagos (or other cities) at a dance studio or a gym & recreation centre will enable you to hit the dance floor with new sets of people. Asides from traditional dance lessons, dance companies could also organise bonding trips and excursions by changing dance location to perhaps a beach etc. Lots of friendships could be attributed to dancing.

Communication between students can be initiated through dancing and chitchat. Communication, regard, and trust are all encouraged through dancing. Truth be told, a social dance class can be exactly the prescription you need if you're hoping to make new friends.

Dancing could considerably be sensual depending on the style being utilised. You may need to get very close to your dance partner. Certain dance styles, e.g. to salsa, were intended for intimacy and finding love on the dance floor. In case you're searching for love, you just may have to be a devoted dancer; no one enjoys a dancer who's just posing or simply making a cursory effort.

Do you know couples who met each other on the dance floor?

Lastly, a few styles of dance (like Alanta, Skelewu, any of our Nigerian dance and even good 'ole disco) can be valuable for meeting people on a night out at either a party or at nightclubs. Your dancing steps could dazzle everybody in the club and you won't feel humiliated about everybody watching you do your thing.

So you're not single but engaged and preparing for your big day, remember that you can get wedding dance classes for your couple first dance too. Besides pulling out some nice dance moves when everyone's eyes are on you (which they will be throughout the day), this is likewise only an incredible activity to do with your fiancé/fiancee before the D-day.

Learn to Dance for a Professional Career in the Performing Arts

Why to our your passion into your career or job?

An increasing number of individuals are getting keen on learning dancing either for professional reasons or just for fun. Whether you are a dance instructor who can teach formal dance lessons like Salsa, or Ballet, or our Nigerian traditional dance styles like Bata, Ekombi dance etc or the more modern Nigerian Afropop styles like Skelewu, Zanku, shaku shaku etc, dance teachers can make a living doing what they love.

More experienced dance tutors earn more
The best private dance instructors earn more | Source: Euphrates.com

Even though you can teach dance to people without having any qualifications, thanks to the private tutoring as an avenue of teaching, It is still a good idea if you can study dance in a good academy or even theatre acts at the University.

For dance qualifications, stated below are qualifications you should consider getting:

  • Certification from private dance schools affiliated with GOND (Dance Guild of Nigeria) and SPAN(Society for Performing Arts, Nigeria)
  • A degree in theatre arts, dance or performing arts
  • Foreign Dance certifications for foreign dance styles where available

While a few dance artists like to concentrate on dance method, others choose to learn the dance theory at school. There are some incredible opportunities available for students of art. Stated below are some of the jobs you could do with theatre arts or performing art degree.

  • Dance Choreographer
  • Costume Designer
  • A dance teacher in a private school
  • Dance fitness instructor
  • Dance Lecturer at a University or polytechnic
  • Personal dance coach
  • Stage actor/actress
  • Critic
  • Talent Scout for production or other companies
  • Managing a private dance group etc

When you decide to turn what you love doing into your job, You'll never in the real sense of the word have to 'work' a single day in your life!

Dance lesson can be cheap ad not cost an arm and a leg! Learn how to get dance lessons for free!

Learn about Other and New Cultures through Dancing

Each continent and region on earth have their own unique dancing styles and distinctive dance lessons.

Learn new cultures through dancing
Learn about new cultures while also enjoying the shared experiences and fun dancing brings| Source: Unsplash

All over the world, in a lot of countries, dancing is a significant part of the way of life. In certain nations, traditional dance lessons are even part of the national educational curriculum. When you meet new individuals in your dance academies and school, you ought to get some information from them about the various styles of dance in their culture.

Obviously, you don't have to study dance styles from your own country.

Here are some of the various dance styles you could consider learning:

  • Salsa
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Ballet
  • Belly dancing
  • Samba
  • Tap dancing
  • Hip hop dance
  • Contemporary dance or modern dance
  • Cha cha
  • Latin dance
  • Waltz
  • Hip Hop dance

Learning a customary style of dance of a region could likewise assist you with getting into foreign schools and foundations outside of Nigeria. For instance, if you learn and ace an American style of dance like the twist, 'the Lindy Hop, or rock ‘n’ roll, it could assist you with getting into a renowned American dance school like Julliard etc.

Learn Dancing to Enhance Your General Well-Being

The choice to learn dancing can make you happier!

Based on a Polish study in 2014, moving influences your bliss. Beginners felt less stress after an hour of dancing, were more energised and were progressively more creative. A Greek study from 2011 additionally demonstrated that females with breast cancer felt more joyful after an hour of dancing.

It's likewise been demonstrated that those with Parkinson's disease are more relaxed, less tired, and less agitated out in the wake of dancing.

Dancing is an extraordinary method to loosen up and stir your artistic side. Families could get dance lessons together or attend dance workshops to improve their general well-being together.

France Schott-Billman, the psychoanalyst said this  in 2012:

“Dancing tango or salsa is more than just having fun. It’s a way of expressing yourself. [...] They gain a new way of communicating with their body.”

A newbie will have a widely different understanding of themselves after their first dance lesson. Dance classes can help you get to know your muscles better, improve your movements and empty your mind. Why not relax and unwind after a stressful week with weekly dance lessons.

Also, dancing will strengthen your self-confidence and as you learn new moves and dance styles and add them to your everyday practice, you'll be eager to jump on the dance floor and flaunt your new moves.

You'll not need to stress over class schedules with private dance classes, as opposed to when you learn dancing at a university or polytechnic, and you can appreciate the flexibility of getting dance lessons when and where you need them.

Dancing just like all art forms have various styles and disciplines.

Irrespective of your level, you could start private dance lessons from gifted dancers and dance professionals. Studying in a higher institution is a great way to learn all aspects of dance and music.

Dance better by create you own tunes
Listening to and knowing how to create music can help you dance better too | Source: Becca Clark @ Pixabay

Once you start learning dancing as part of the theatre art curriculum in Nigeria or as a stand-alone course in private dance schools, you’ll get both technical lessons and also lessons on the history and theory of dancing. These are great for helping you attain greater insights of the dance art form and the origins of dancing.

Stated below are some of the part of the theatre art curriculum you learn as part of dancing or alongside it:

  • Analysing body movements
  • Foundations and History\ Research Methods
  • The history of dancing and dance culture
  • Music
  • Musical composition and choreography
  • Aesthetics
  • Performance techniques
  • Comparative Drama\Theatre
  • Applied/Interactive Theatre
  • Instructive methods for dancing
  • Dramatic Theory, Literature and Criticism
  • Technical Theater
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre in Education
  • Film Studies
  • Philosophy

Furthermore helping you become a superior dance artist, grasping other subjects can likewise help you when studying for a dance or theatre arts degree. A grounded knowledge on dance theory could assist you with becoming a dance lecturer or dance historian in various subjects related to dancing.

Why not become an expert private dance coach with all these qualifications and knowledge?

Find out more about the cost of dance classes.

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