“I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of man – the landscape of his soul. I hope that every dance I do reveals something of myself or some wonderful thing a human can be.” Martha Graham

Does the words of Martha Graham resonate with you?

Are you perhaps the one to break the ice when it comes to dancing at parties?

Would you want to improve on your dancing skills and become the don of the dance floor?

If none of these statements above identify with you, no worries! - You should certainly read this article. Does any of the statements below sound like you?

  • I have two left feet
  • Dancing is difficult
  • I have no rhythm
  • I’m too shy to dance in public
  • I don’t have the time to learn how to dance
  • I don’t have the right body to dance

Set aside your predispositions about dancing and your feelings of trepidation of getting moving on the dance floor. Just like other Nigerians, you can begin learning how to to dance today even if you are totally 'green'!

A lot of old school Nigerians have been inspired by TV shows like "Sunday Rendezvous" (where competitors showed off their best dance moves until winners were picked) and most including the new school are familiar with foreign dance shows like "So you Think you can dance" and the fire of learning dancing has been lit in them.

Still not convinced about learning to dance?

Here are 15 good motivations to go to a dance school or locate a private dance instructor and figure out how to dance.

1. Dancing is Fun

Dancing is firstly and basically a recreational activity.  Learning some good new dance steps and wanting to have fun is a good reason for wanting to learn how to dance.

It doesn't make a difference what style of dance you're learning the Salsa, ballroom dancing, ballet, tap dance, Zumba, Alanta, Zanku, Skelewu, Saku saku or bata dance, just let the music strip you of your daily stress. Little by little, you'll quit stressing and start having a good time. Dance classes (any range or style) are a good method to loosen up.

2. Dancing can be Used to Dispose of Anxiety and Stress

Just like any physical exercise, dancing exercises are a good method to dispose of stress!

It helps promote the hormones of happiness and bliss by the release of endorphins. Scientific investigations have indicated that dancing is good for your general well-being. You can't conceal it. Regardless of whether you're a flat out novice, you can still appreciate the advantages of dancing.

In case you're worried about your wedding couple's dance, wedding dance lessons can be arranged, so why not get one. This is awesome in the event that you and your partner need to get familiar with a couple of dance moves before your first dance on the D-day.

3. Dancing as a Means to Stay Fit

Dancing is as much a sport as it is an act form. Irrespective of the way you choose to learn dancing, private lessons or going to the gym for dance classes, you can greatly improve your body shape by dancing. You can heighten your endurance while also toning your muscles. Though when you newly start your dance lessons, you may have a few aches and pains here and there by the next day, but don't give up, with frequent classes, these will fade away.

A dance class can be as thorough as going for a run; it's a serious cardio exercise. Incase you need something more vigorous than a regular dance class,  you can always go for specialised dance fitness lessons.

4. Enhance Your Figure with Dancing

Do you know what a dancer's body is?

Stay in great shape by dancing
Dance is a good way to increase your flexibility and stay fit | Source: Unsplash

In addition to the fact that dancers have incredible figures due to every one of the calories they burn, they likewise have excellent postures due to dancing.

Do you notice what dance artists look like? Dancers are exquisite and elegant as they always need to move gracefully and stand up straight.

You can likewise learn out how to dance in the solace of your own home.

5. Dancing can Help You Become More Flexible

Dancing can be very intense as it works almost all body joints.

You'll likewise do stretches to warm up your muscles. The exercises performed in your dance classes will assist you with improving your flexibility. Though one lesson will not make you an expert or make you do the splits, you'll become progressively more flexible over time.

Ballet dance is perhaps the one of the ideal approaches to getting more flexible.

6. Find Love While Dancing

Male or Female, Who doesn't like a hot stepper/good dancer?

The ability to dance and drop some hot moves will help distinguish you on the dance floor.

Don't agree?

Remember those John Travolta movies (Grease, Hair spray, Saturday night fever, Pulp fiction etc) and then Patrick Swayze's Dirty Dancing movie? Why not bring those out and get inspiration. Ballroom dancing and especially Salsa dancing workshops and classes are quite popular these days, why not seize this opportunity to meet new people and find love?

If you are self-confident and relaxed when dancing and know how to enjoy yourself, mingling and introducing yourself will be much easier for you.

7. Dancing is a Good Way to Meet New People

Just like with finding Love, dancing is also an avenue to make new friends.

This doesn't really need to happen in night clubs, group dance classes are a chance to dance with various partners in an agreeable climate. You'll rapidly become acquainted with individuals through a shared interest: your enthusiasm for dancing.

A great deal of move styles like salsa and ballroom dancing, for instance, require that you to have a partner. When the dance lessons round up, you and your fellow students could generally socialise.

8. Dancing can Help Spice Up Your Relationship

Quite a few number of couples now get dance classes for the first dance at their wedding.

Why not continue with your dance classes even after you're hitched?

Dancing is a fun activity to do as a couple.

Actually, private dance lessons can make you and your partner increasingly synchronised. Also, dancing is a good method to be closer to your spouse or partner. It's a great method to fan the flames of passion in your relationship.

Whatever type of dancing you decide to learn, be it tango, Salsa, Ballroom dancing, tango or whatever, ensure you pick a style that works for you.

Why not attempt a bit of salsa, cha cha or rumba dancing?

find love while dancing
Dancing is a fun thing to do as a couple | Source: Scott Webb @ Pixabay

9. Dancing Can Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Are you an introvert?

Often shy?

Low on Self-confidence and often have difficulties in a group?

Dance lessons are a great method to improve your confidence while also doing something innovative and fun. You'll get more self-confident just as your dancing skills improve. There's no better feeling than accomplishing your objectives and aftermath feeling that makes you feel like you can climb mountains.

When you've found some self-confidence while learning dancing, you'll see it start to positively affect different parts of your every day life. You can now start going to dance and other social gatherings, and have the ability to flaunt your new confidence and achieve more than you ever thought you could.

In the event that you want to learn dancing  however you're stressed over the possible cost of lessons, there are a lot of ways you can figure out how to dance for free!

10. Dancing Can Help You Take a Breather

How much time a day do you spend on your mobile phone or watching television every day?

Wouldn't it be awesome to dissociate from all that, if just for like one to two hours a week during which you can give yourself to dance.

You could learn dancing in your own pace utilising the services of a dance instructor while leaving other worries behind.

When you start learning to dance, you'll be able to place your worries behind and forget about everything else. You could learn new dance moves on your own utilising YouTube even when your teacher is not available

Dance keeps body and soul together
Dance is a good way to keep bodily fit and mentally healthy | Source: Vision63 @ VisualHunt

11. Dancing Keeps You Young

Dancing classes have a lot of advantages. Quite a few scientific studies and research have revealed the positive effects dancing can have on the brain. You may be astonished by the results:

  • Dancing can help reduce anxiety
  • Dancing can reduce the risk of dementia by 76%
  • Th Tango style of dancing have even been said to help alleviate the effects of Parkinson's disease

12. Dancing Can be Used to Communicate

Non-verbal Body language is universal.

Dancing can be used to speak with your body and to project and express your feelings. You'll notice this if you go to any music and dance shows; dance artists make movement and gestures that pass on messages and feelings and in so doing tell a story.

You don't want to be a professional dancer?

That doesn't make a difference. Dance is a work of art that enables anybody to express themselves just like painting or music can. When you travel to a location where there is a language barrier, you can generally dance or utilise gestures to express yourself.

13. Learning Dance Routines Can Help You Improve Your Memory

Learning some choreography, dance steps, organising your movement, and so forth. This all requires a great deal of focus and memory.

Engaging in dancing is henceforth a good method to improve on your memory and stimulate it. After some time you'll discover learning dance routines is becoming simpler and simpler and it'll eventually become natural to you.

Learn hip hop dance
Hip hop dance classes are a good option if you like foreign urban music | Source: Unsplash


14. Dancing can Help You to Stimulate Your Creativity

Dancing is an avenue to be creative, much the same as all other artistic expressions.

There's no uncertainty that after a couple of routines you'll need to improvise and form your own choreography as opposed to doing the ones you've been taught. As a novice dancer, you'll before long become a choreographer and a specialist in improvisation. Next you'll be dazzling your friends with your dance moves on a night out.

15. Learn Dancing to Become a Professional

Is Dancing your passion?

Dancing is a good career path that is getting more popular in Nigeria and you can get paid good money for it. This is a profession that requires a ton of work and can compensate you with both money and fame.

Irrespective of the level of dance experience you have, you can begin learning how to dance at any age. There are classes for children, teenagers, and grown-ups, newbies, intermediates, and experts, or intensive lessons, private classes, and group lessons.

If you need to improve a lot in a short time frame or just want to learn how to dance casually, check out some of our private dance tutors on Superprof and search for the appropriate dance tutor for you today.

It doesn't make a difference the style of dance you're searching to learn, salsa, Ballet, Ballroom dancing, and even our local Nigerian Afropop steps like SakuSaku Alanta or Zanku, there are a lot of various styles of dance to look over.

All in all, what amount would you expect to pay for your dance classes? Find out more about cost for dance lessons.

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