There are so many goals and resolutions people come up with and yoga is most likely to feature on the list of almost everyone. So, if you are of the many and you have gone online to search for places you can find a yoga class near me”, then you have taken the right step.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a plethora of yoga courses or yoga classes adverts everywhere, from the ads pop on your social media timelines to your google search results. However, with tons of information on yoga flying around, finding the right one can seem a tad tedious.

As more Nigerians are now embracing fitness in a bid to be physically fit and achieve a desirable body type, more and more are now embracing yoga as a form of lifestyle and fitness regime.

Yoga is a blend of physical activity and personal growth that involves discipline. It also helps you be at one with yourself. And that's why it’s important you find a yoga tutor who is in sync with you.

To start with, you need to find a yoga tutor that is right for you first.

There are many criteria you should put into consideration if you intend to commence your yoga journey the right way. Here they are:

The Style of Yoga That’s Suitable For You

Now that you have decided to begin a yoga class, the first step to take is to look for a beginner yoga class.

There are different types of yoga, and each type of yoga has one or more benefits that are peculiar to a style. So, when starting yoga, your choice should be based on what you aim to achieve with it. Below are some tips and suggestions to help you get started.

The fact that you want to start yoga to relieve stress doesn’t mean that’s the same motivation for others engaged in it. Some people use yoga as an activity to relieve stress, while others use it to become fit and improve their wellbeing. Regardless, if you practise yoga regularly, you can reap both benefits.

That’s why you have to know what your needs are before you decide on a yoga class or make the choice of a tutor.

If you are in Nigeria and you search the internet where to find yoga classes near me, your search result will include the ones available in your area – whether you want a yoga class in Lagos or yoga class in Abuja.

It's advisable to start yoga from an easy step, like with Hatha Yoga which is the easiest. It gradually eases you from the basics of yoga to the next stage without much stress.

Another easy one is the Vishranata Yoga’s which activity includes many relaxing postures.

For pregnant people, Prenatal Yoga is safe to practice, the breathing techniques help relax the muscles and make the body movement fluid. It's advisable a pregnant person refrain from trying to do yoga poses on their own because it’s new to the body. Instead, join a yoga class.

Some people practise yoga as a means of exercise. However, when you reach a certain stage in yoga, the benefits you derive from yoga equals that of football or physical fitness. This means yoga can help you shed weight and as well keep you fit.

Another type of yoga is the Vinyasa Yoga which is great for fitness enthusiasts. It is an advanced level of yoga and the most complicated. It is built on Ashtanga yoga and not recommended as a beginner yoga course.

Prefer to learn meditation techniques? Then Kripalu Yoga is your best option. It involves the use of breathing exercises to teach you to live in the moment.

Apart from the type or choice of yoga you want, another important question to raise is how to learn yoga.

Do you intend to learn yoga through private lessons, yoga institutes, or yoga studios in Nigeria? Whichever one you choose has its own advantages.

For Yoga institutes and yoga studios in Abuja, Yoga classes in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria, they are great for meeting like-minded people who are enthusiastic about yoga. Lessons, on the other hand, can be easily adapted to your timetable and are more affordable. While you may get freaked out by the idea of a private yoga class because the whole focus will be on you alone, it can also be to your own advantage. Of course, this is not to say you won’t be attended to if you are part of a yoga group class, it means you may have to pay more attention than usual in order to be attuned.

If you are very busy, it will be a great idea to choose the time of your yoga lessons yourself with a private yoga tutor so they can fit into your schedule flexibly. Yoga is meant to help you reduce the chaos of your daily life, so you don’t need to stress over fitting your schedule around a yoga class and inconvenience yourself, it should be the other round. Besides, you don’t want to begin your yoga session feeling fatigued.

When you choose private yoga lessons, you can set what time you feel is best for you to do your yoga. The good part of this is you can fit and adapt this to your lifestyle instead of the other way around.

More so, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or miss yoga because of time constraints or a stressful day.

Search for “yoga Lagos” and find a yoga class near me.

Yoga classes in Nigeria
You can find yoga classes near me in Nigeria -whether in Abuja or Lagos. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How To Choose Your Class

The list isn’t limited to this of course but below are some of the key types  of yoga and their main benefits


For a healthy pregnancy
Vishranta            De-stressing
Hatha   Basic, gentle, for beginners
VinyasaAdvanced  more complicated, more strenuous

How To Choose The Best Yoga Tutor Near Me

There is a possibility that you might not be in sync with a yoga instructor and feel uncomfortable with them (given that the yoga tutor may need to touch your body in order to help you get the right positions for each pose) or maybe you may not like the way your yoga tutor smells when they are close to you.

This doesn’t translate that the person is a terrible teacher, it could simply mean the person is not in tune with you. Not to worry, you should feel totally happy with what you are bargaining for because you are paying for their services. However, with the right guide, you should be able to choose the right yoga instructor.

That’s why it’s essential you take your time and do thorough research to choose your yoga teacher.

When choosing your yoga instructor, there are many criteria to consider and certain qualities your instructor should possess:

  • Prioritize the safety of his students
  • Know how to pass on knowledge
  • Be motivating
  • Be fit and healthy
  • Practice yoga regularly

It may be impossible to tell whether the teacher possesses all these qualities if you have never met, right?

Additionally, a yoga instructor who is passionate about the lifestyle may take on spiritual trips to places where yoga is deep and cultural. With this, they can return with priceless yoga lessons to motivate their students more. Or better still, plan a group trip that every class member can benefit from.

You may find a yoga teacher in Abuja that’s very passionate and energetic.

Word of Mouth

It’s possible that close acquaintance or people you relate with know a good yoga instructor. This is one proven good way to choose a yoga teacher because they or someone they know has experienced a satisfactory service from them.

Otherwise, you can rely on the internet for reviews from some yoga teacher’s clients, students or customers.

You can find special forums online that can help with this. You can pose a question on a thread asking for recommendations on where to find 'yoga classes near me'. Your question should generate an answer from the internet in no time. Also, you can find online communities or groups particularly on Facebook to help with recommendations, or you can post on your Facebook timeline seeking advice that you need a good yoga instructor.

Being able to find the right yoga tutor is important to your growth.

Most importantly here on Superprof, you will find students' posts or feedback on their tutor’s profiles. Going over this feedbacks is a great way to give you an insight into what to expect from the person and see if their tutoring model works for you.

Alternatively, you could engage the yoga teacher and ask him questions about his work and his years of experience before you make a decision.

In Nigeria, there are no government recognized qualification to become a yoga teacher. However, foundations like the Nigerian Yoga Foundation is quite known and well respected. Some yoga instructors have had their training as a student of yoga in India. This can boost your confidence in their teachings. The truth remains that, their dedication to travel abroad to empower themselves with more knowledge about yoga indicates how dedicated they are and how committed they will be to teaching others.

Regardless that word of mouth is very useful, it’s also fine to use other resources.

Classified ads might just be an alternative for you. There are a lot of sites that proffer the solution of linking students with tutors. For instance, Superprof allows you to see the yoga teacher’s profile before reaching out to them.

Yoga instructor pose
finding the right yoga tutor is important to your progress. Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Price of Yoga Classes

Whatever prices tutors request from their students, Superprof doesn’t take any commission from it. That being said, students are entitled to contact as many tutors as they like on the platform.

Thinking of what teacher’s price mean?

It means the price of yoga classes that a particular yoga teacher offers and their criteria are based on:

  • How long the yoga class is
  • The students’ level
  • The teachers’ expertise

In a way, the criteria depend on the yoga instructor’s expertise – whether he or she is a student, professional instructor or retired. If it happens that teaching yoga just a hobby, it means their livelihood won't be dependent on it. Regardless of what motivates them, the desire to impart the knowledge of their hobby is an important factor to consider.

Students share their feedbacks on the Superprof website frequently based on their personal encounters, and this can help prospective students make a better choice out of the many available tutors.

That being said, if it’s a yoga studio or a yoga institute, yoga classes Lagos or yoga classes Abuja, the location can determine the price.

Also, an online instructor has its own benefits. You can benefit from this and still save by taking advantage of some yoga instructors’ special offers: a certain number of lessons discount card or the first hour for free.

If you are interested in learning yoga at a studio, keep in mind to consider the admin fees, which is aside from the yoga fee.

What You Should Expect In A Yoga Beginners Class

Circa five millennials ago, yoga originated from India which makes the practice an old one. However, its purpose is to help connect the mind and body in tranquillity. This is achieved through a series of exercise that helps the body to relax.

In any style of Yoga, you are likely to experience balance, deep breaths, relaxing, stretching, muscle tone, positive thinking and more.

Yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental health, and it can help you:

  • Harmonize with your environment
  • Be conscious and aware of your body
  • Tone your muscles
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Take charge of your breathing
  • Relax your diaphragm

Be it through acrobatic yoga exercises or breathing exercises,  Yogis help their students learn the art of consciousness as they progress through their lessons.

Besides, it’s impossible to go through all the lessons in yoga in a day. So, whatever the kind of yoga you opt for, here is how it’s going to look like:

You begin the class with a relaxation sequence

The first skill you will learn in yoga classes is how to relax by focusing your mind on the moment instead of what's bothering you. This is a meditation technique that's important for helping you through a yoga session.

Meditation is an essential activity in yoga lessons. It helps you reconnect with yourself and concentrate on the present, thereby relieving you of all stress.

The yogi can also engage you in breathing techniques to help you relax. Breathing is beneficial to your physical and mental health as it helps you take charge of oxygen and energy intake into the body.

In the end, your yoga session will end with an exercise that will help you relax and bring you back into your reality.

finding balance with yoga
Yoga helps your mind embrace calm and find balance. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Yoga Classes, I Can Find Near Me

If we were to list all the yoga courses that are available, they would be endless. However, we won’t mind giving you some details of yoga classes and workshops that go on in different regions across Nigeria. This list comprises of different types of yoga and a blend of small and larger movements.

Check out for yourself how much the charges are – and if that doesn’t work for you, you can look around for better options now that you know what is available.

Ilupeju, Lagos


Yogshivir is a yoga community that accommodates both beginners and experienced yogis. They also offer classes that are tailored to an individual’s needs. They also have weekend classes and weekday classes. So, if you are looking for a kind of special yoga to achieve your objective, then you should check this out to get a quote.

Anthony, Lagos

Madoka Yoga Wellbeing Initiative

They open their studio by 7 AM to 8 PM daily. They have yoga sessions for all different kinds of purposes, and a very large community as well. If the location suits you, you can reach out to them to get a quote.

Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Art of Living

Also known as the Happiness place, they have an extensive list of yoga classes and courses that’s impressive. If you want to find the one that suits you, you can just check out their website and go to the search icon that says “search programs” and you may likely find a program for you. also, they have been in existence for 38 years and have a presence in over 150 countries.

Maitama, Abuja

Yoga Room

Established in 2010, the yoga studio offers about 17 classes per week and 5 different styles of yoga are being taught by different teachers in the studio. They teach yoga styles that range from Iyengar yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga to Yoga with Weights. Their price per class goes for  ₦3,000, 15 days classed per month is for  ₦37,000 and an unlimited number of classes in a month for ₦55,000.














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