As much as many people who practice yoga or have made it part of their lifestyle, their motivations are not the same. Some practice yoga to destress, as a form of weight loss or fitness regime, while others just have a passion for yoga and have made it a lifestyle.

Yoga has more to offer than all the benefits mentioned in the first paragraph, but above all, yoga helps you embrace your reality and as well help you learn to revel in the present.

As yoga differs in many styles, so does the outcomes of each yoga lesson you take.

What Do You Want To Achieve From Your Yoga Session?

A pregnant woman who wants to stay calm and breathe gradually through a contraction, an employee under duress and work stress, or an individual who wants relieve from persistent backache – these and many more are reasons and outcomes people want for practicing yoga.

Besides, nobody is too old or young for yoga, it is beneficial and helps in relaxing the body.

However, with the loads of yoga classes that are available out there, it’s important that you are taking the right yoga class for you. But how do you ensure that?

This means that, first, you need to choose your yoga style. Your style of yoga – which has its own benefits – will include poses, and positions of exercises you will be doing.

Beginner Yoga Class

Before you started reading this and you have never been actively engaged in yoga, you may already have an idea of what you think yoga is, but you may not be entirely correct. Only a few people are aware of what yoga truly entails. That’s why you need a guide before you choose the right yoga for beginners class.

The commonly known and taught yoga style is Hatha Yoga. This style involves the practice of physical yoga postures and is geared towards connecting the body with the mind through breathing to help put your being in a relaxed state.

The Hatha Yoga has the best yoga poses amongst its poses, such as the cross-legged pose with your hands on your knees, and lotus pose.

Hatha yoga is recommended for a beginner class because it helps you start with the easiest yoga poses until you advance to the complex ones.

Yoga for Stress

If you live in Major cities in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, you can tell how stress is increasingly becoming an everyday thing, and because of this, a lot of people are looking for a coping mechanism for stress – and relax more. It’s important you take time off the digital world and reconnect with your body and mind.

With yoga, you can relax and relieve your stress by doing practising some basic yoga exercises.

However, if you are only particular about eliminating stress, Vishranta yoga is the appropriate form of yoga for you. It involves the practice of some quite simple poses and self-aware breathing techniques to help you be in the consciousness of your body.

The frequent practice of Vishranta yoga can help you cope when you are in a highly stressful state.

yoga for stress
yoga can be used as a coping mechanism to combat stress. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles, reduction of anxiety, improved sleep, physical fitness, amongst others are benefits of prenatal yoga.

Like we’ve stated before, one of the unique features of yoga practice the learning of mindful breathing techniques. This is very beneficial, especially to expectant mothers during labour contraction as it helps them maintain control while at it.

If a pregnant woman is anxious or nervous about her big day, yoga can help calm the nervousness.

As a pregnant woman who wants to begin a Prenatal Yoga Class, below are the benefits you will reap from the exercises:

  • Give you control over your mood swings
  • Helps you be more flexible
  • Improve your stamina and Strength
  • Breathing technique
  • Decrease the pains giving you discomfort

If you have never been engaged in yoga exercises before you registered for Prenatal Yoga, it is advisable you begin with the least yoga poses to prevent any movement that may be harmful to your pregnancy.

You can definitely find many yoga centres that offer this style of yoga in Nigeria for pregnant women – whether for yoga classes in Lagos or yoga classes in Abuja.

Yoga for Exercise

If you are a fitness junkie, yoga can be as well be fun for you, and it would mean killing two birds with a stone.

Although yoga isn’t regarded as an aerobic exercise, it’s as good as aerobic exercise because it’s a form of physical sport. Plus, it can improve health.

Apart from that, even though yoga isn’t considered an aerobic exercise, it has more complex poses or exercises that will make you sweat vigorously.

Vinyasa yoga, a series of yoga that focuses on breathing techniques as you flow smoothly one to another.

If you want to practice a style of yoga that will make you sweat, build your strength and exert yourself, Vinyasa is the style of yoga for you. It is also recommended for those who want to lose weight.

Yoga for Meditation

For some who have never practiced meditation, it’s easy to think of meditation as some form of exalted trance that requires special powers. That’s not how it works.

With yoga, you can learn meditation techniques, which are also useful to your mental health.

How does this work?

You will learn how to take the time to free your mind of all worries of life’s chaos and just concentrate on your being. Yoga will help you achieve this through a series of poses combined with some breathing techniques to put you in the now.

Meditation is a huge part of yoga, and it allows you to:

  • Improve your concentration and consciousness
  • Improve your memory
  • Cleanse your spirit

Conversely, not all yoga poses involve meditation. Kripalu Yoga, which is an advanced form of Hatha Yoga. It is very efficient for achieving mindfulness.

The exercise includes a series of yoga poses that concentrates on the search for wellbeing and empathy for others. You will gradually gain this knowledge as you progress in your yoga course with your yoga tutor.

yoga meditation
Meditation is a huge part of yoga. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Advanced Yoga

Ashtanga is regarded as the most exerting type of yoga style. It’s is similar to Vinyasa yoga but more complex than it.

It is a combination of movement and breath synchronization to cause internal heat which purifies the organs in the body.  It is useful for toning the muscles and keeping physically fit. In addition, the longer you practice it, the more it helps you forget the chaos you face daily.

Ashtanga Yoga exercise can take over an hour for a session.

Yoga Classes in a Yoga Studio or Private Yoga Tutor?

After you have decided on the yoga style you think is best for you, the next step is to choose the type of yoga lesson you want. It’s either you prefer to take your lessons with others in a yoga studio or a one-on-one private lesson.

If you are based in Lagos, you can search for yoga classes near me

Whichever type of class you choose, they have their peculiar advantages.

Advantages of Yoga course at a Studio

Living in a big city like Lagos or Abuja? It’s not going to be a difficult task to find a yoga studio with a location near you. Even if it is not a yoga studio per se, there are many gyms and exercise studios that offer yoga courses, whether daily or weekly.

It also gives you the advantage to practice yoga frequently with a yoga tutor who is an expert.

Unlike your home which may constrain you to practice yoga because of space, a yoga studio will offer you a standard space to practice your yoga lessons. Plus, the ambience of the studio will put you at ease an in mood for your lessons.

More so, going to the studio will help you develop a routine to attend your yoga sessions. and if you are taking your yoga lessons with a group, it helps you connect with like-minded culture.

Tip: if you want to know how the future classes you intend to take will be like and what the character of the yoga instructor will look like, it’s advisable you take advantage of offers like free first lessons.

yoga training
Taking yoga classes in a yoga studio affords you more space unlike when you practise at home. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Advantages of private yoga classes

If you want to learn yoga at your own pace instead of fitting your schedule around yoga, then private classes are to your advantage.

Your schedule may not fit into a set yoga class timetable and this can hinder you from attending classes as you are supposed to – not to talk of the payment of monthly fees that are wasting away.

Having a private yoga teacher allows you to choose your preferred dates with your yogi and do your yoga exercises when you have the time.

Check out yoga Abuja to find a yoga class in Abuja near you.

Apart from choosing the type of yoga lesson you want – whether private or class with others – it means you are also choosing your teacher. Superprof is a platform that gives you the advantage of perusing your tutor’s profile before you decide on any of your choices.

That being said, having synergy with your tutor is essential for your progress in yoga. A private tutor will be focused on your progress and will be dedicated to improving your posture.

Financially, private lessons can be to your own benefit because of teachers on Superprof may offer you your first lessons for free. Or they could give you a discount for every 5 or 10 yoga classes you take.























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