Ready to get started on taking your first class in yoga to transform your body and wellbeing?

Don’t be so quick, first, it’s important you know some things to expect and find useful as you begin your yoga class in Nigeria.

Seeing attractive, mind-blowing yoga pictures and poses on Instagram doesn’t guarantee that all there is to yoga is just mats and poses.

As a matter of fact, you should be ready to experience some physical discomfort after the first few classes, but after a while of working your mind into it, you begin to reap the benefits.

Without further ado, here are some elements of most yoga sessions that will help your journey:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation
  • Stretching

These fundamentals of yoga are beneficial to your daily life. What’s more, all that is needed for you to begin yoga classes in Lagos are your earnest Interest and motivation – you don’t have to be a top-class athlete.

One of the perks about yoga with Superprof is, it offers you to enjoy a class free for the first hour. This will enable you to have a feel of what a yoga class entails.

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What You Will Learn From Your Yoga Classes

Before we dab into the things you will learn from your yoga lessons, it is essential to know the origin of yoga and why the world has embraced its practice.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has gone on in India for hundreds of years as a means to help people live a better quality of life, and as well as harmonize the mind and body.

Yoga also stemmed from one of the core six philosophies of India known as “darsana” – a different way of perceiving the world.

Meaning of “yoga”

Yoga is from the etymology of the Sanskrit word “yuj” which translates to “to yoke” or “to join”. The purpose is to harmonize the mind and body. Also, to be more conscious.

However, yoga has many values of which some are:

  • Chakra
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Yoga Sutra

The benefits of yoga exercises are to:

  • Improve your strength and balance
  • Teach you breathing techniques that help you become more conscious of your being
  • Improve your body’s fluidity and alleviates stress
  • Teach you to live in the moment
yoga in India
Yoga is a development from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means to yoke or to bind  Photo Credit: Unsplash

Most importantly, it teaches you to be conscious of yourself as a being and help you understand how you respond to what’s happening around you.

Before you start your yoga lessons - whether, in Lagos or Abuja, it is advisable you consult your health practitioner in order to know if your health can take the toll of regular yoga practice or not.

Yoga is an amazing physical activity, but that doesn’t mean it is all types of yoga that’s suitable for everybody. It is essential to seek a doctor’s opinion before getting started. Besides, a lot of yoga teachers need confirmation of your doctor’s approval.

Your Yoga Lessons Will Begin with Relaxation

In as much as almost everyone’s life who lives in the city in Nigeria is characterized by daily stress, there will always be a need for means of destressing and relaxing. Thankfully, the main purpose of yoga is to help the body find calm in the midst of chaos. Your yoga instructor will teach you yoga techniques that will help your body relax after a stressful day.

Want to know how a yoga class begins?

Once you have achieved the feat of relaxation, the next step is to free your mind of all worries, keep calm and focus on the present.

How do you achieve this?

You sit with your back straight, while you engage in an exercise that requires you to breathe slowly as it extends your diaphragm.

And if you are scared you might appear silly, you shouldn’t!

The more yoga classes you attend, the higher the chances of you meeting and acquainting yourself with other yoga students. This, in turn, will help you feel ease throughout your sessions.

It is essential that the mood and settings are suitable for yoga lessons.

Get In Tune With Yourself With Yoga Meditation

What is yoga without meditation?

Definitely just a mundane fitness regime.

Meditation is one of the fundamentals of yoga. it’s the part that teaches you how to bring harmony to your mind and body. This helps you become mindful and conscious of your existence. You also learn to embrace the moment.

From this, you can tell that yoga is not just a pose on the mat, rather, it’s a way of life as most of its principles, especially mediation, impact your way of thinking.

As it is with many yoga sessions, meditation is next after the relaxation session.

reconnecting with oneself with yoga
With yoga, you can reconnect with yourself by focusing on the present and freeing your mind of what's weighing you down. Photo Credit: Unsplash

What’s the logic behind this?

It is important that you are in the right state, such as keeping your mind free of what’s bugging you. This will help you focus on your meditation process because it is not possible to mediate if you are not fully concentrated on it.

If you are still engrossed in the thoughts that have been bothering you all day long, meditation will not be achieved, so you need to let go.

Yoga may require a physical effort but it is largely about mental discipline. Yoga helps you reconnect with yourself.

Meditation differs because not all techniques are the same. The technique could involve concentrating on a particular object while another could take the route of self-reflection as a means of knowing oneself and work on oneself in order to be better.

In addition, meditation serves as a coping mechanism for stress to many that live in urban areas like Lagos and help them live a better quality of life. It changes their mentality to always revel at the moment rather than dwelling in the past or being weighed down by it.

Yoga has many benefits but here the main ones you may like to know:

  • Allows you to think less of problems that weigh you down
  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • Manage your fears
  • Reduces tension
  • Improves your confidence
  • Lessens psychosomatic problems
  • Improves your overall wellbeing

Another good thing about yoga is that it helps lessen the way you are critical of things around you and also heightens your sense of intuition. This helps you appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and be at one with it.

Agility and Flexibility Approach to Yoga

When starting a yoga class, your instructor will begin with the simplest poses, stretch routine, and gradually advance to the next. The higher the stage, the difficult the exercise becomes. Going from easy to less easy will help your body adapt to the routines easily.

Also, once the mind is at ease, it has to be at one or in sync with the body. This is achieved through some particular styles of yoga poses.

For people who want to build and tone their muscles or exercise certain parts of their body, yoga is a great option. It is also beneficial for the physical health of the body.

Want to know what the benefits of physical health are? Here you go:

  • Tones the muscle
  • Eliminates the organism
  • Stretches the spinal cord and articulations
  • Regulates the functions of organs in the body (liver, bladder, stomach, etc.)
  • Heals back problems
  • Stimulates the antibodies and improves the body immunity
  • Stimulates the adrenal glands
  • Re-oxygenates the cells
  • Stimulates the endocrine glands (thyroid and hypophysis)

The level which you are at your yoga lesson will determine if your poses will be more difficult or less difficult. That being said, it’s advisable you go at your own pace and know your limit. Going over your capabilities may not only wear you out but pose the risk of injury.

This is the reason why having a yoga teacher to guide you is essential. A yoga instructor is aware of his students’ progress and their physical capabilities.

Using Yoga Breathing Technique To Strengthen The Diaphragm

Commonly, yoga sessions usually end with a breathing exercise to help the mind be at ease before everyone disperses.

Of course, this comes after the session begins with helping the body to relax, and gradually ease into the meditation process and then more yoga exercises for the session.

Nonetheless, learning the breathing technique is not a simple feat as many people think it is. And if you do wrongly, it can cause the following:

  • Possibility of being overwhelmed by stress and emotions
  • Bad circulation
  • Poor digestion
  • A weak immune system
  • General weakness
  • Not being able to concentrate

It’s important to keep in mind that breathing is key to generating energy in the body, and is also vital for the body’s wellbeing.

For instance, when going into space, astronauts necessarily have to make use of oxygen tanks in order to breathe and survive. That tells you how important breathing and oxygen is to our existence. When oxygen is insufficient in the brain, the brain is unable to function normally, and so does other important organs in the body.

yoga students
Meeting yoga enthusiasts like yourself and getting to know them will help you relax more in your lessons. Photo Credit: Unsplash

But how do you improve your breathing?

By now, you are already curious to know how breathing is done in the right way.  As mentioned breathing is core in yoga, it focuses on a particular organ, which is the diaphragm. The diaphragm has to be stretched and opened when breathing as this will help blood circulate well in the body and as well as enhance digestion.

On a plus, your yoga instructor will teach and put you on exercises that will improve the function of your diaphragm.

A simple exercise

Breathe in deeply while taking your stomach in, and hold it for a few seconds.

Slowly, breathe it out.

Sounds familiar and very simple, right?

It is often used for kids to help them settle down after a lunch break.

More so, performers also make use of this technique in order to help them be calm in difficult circumstances.

Interestingly, taking charge of your breathing also helps calm the heart rate. You can achieve with the use of some yoga exercises to slow down your breathing.

Another important thing to factor is balancing your breathing. Respiration occurs between the left and right nostrils every two hours. But if the nostril is clogged, it affects and unbalances the breathing.

Engaging in breathing exercises is important to have good health. It helps relieve mental stress and as well as improve the physical state of the body.

Above all, it is the best way to end a yoga session and leave in a blissful and calm state of the whole being.

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