Stress is synonymous with Nigeria. Based on the study carried out by Bloomberg in 2015, Nigeria ranked top as the most stressful country in the world.

Stress affects a lot of people living in cities in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. However, those who are affected by this stress are using yoga as a mechanism to deal with the throes of stress, if nothing else.

Yoga is a very effective exercise that can be used to relieve stress, using some of its activities like mindful breathing, meditation and stretching as well.

With all the many yoga classes that are available, one of the essential aspects of it is how you can choose the right yoga teacher.

If you are looking for a proper guide to help you make this decision, do not fret. Superprof will get you on the right path in no time. Shall we?

Choosing A Private Yoga Instructor

Private tutoring is not new to Nigeria. Growing up in Nigeria, many can attest to the experience of having a private tutor to coach one in some subjects areas that are challenging. However, employing a tutor as an adult is quite different because you have more control over your choice than when you were being tutored as a child.

That being said, as an adult, you have the reigns of choosing whatever works for you. This type of tutorship involves a recent times trend where individuals render learning services to those around them.

Since that’s the case, won’t it be nice to learn yoga from someone who is close to your location? All you need do is look for a location where you can find the best yoga classes near me

Of course, you can find what you are looking for on Superprof without a hassle. The website boasts of a database loaded with hundreds of private tutors located all around Nigeria. Regardless of your location, you can always get a teacher that’s close to you, no matter what you choose to learn.

We have an increasingly large number of yoga teachers and you can get one to teach a yoga class near you or at your home that costs an average of N3,000. However, this is subject to your location.

Why not a yoga studio instead?

What’s important is that you find your yoga sessions interesting because that would encourage you not to miss classes. If the reverse is the case, you may not be motivated to attend classes.

You and your yogi can work together to create a yoga schedule that works for you and fits into your daily plan. That way, you wouldn’t need to stress over making it or not to your lessons.

yoga tutor
It’s important that you find your yoga sessions interesting because that would encourage you not to miss classes. Photo credit: Unsplash

How To Know A Yoga Teacher That’s Good For You?

If you are convinced enough that you should try a private yoga instructor to help you achieve your yoga goals, good for you!

The next step for you to take is to choose a yogi that’s good for you. Now, how can you tell which yogi is good for you to choose?

Read on to find out about choosing the right yoga teacher

A true yogi doesn’t wait to practice yoga until it’s time to teach a yoga class. Instead, he or she practices yoga regularly whether they have a class to teach or not because this is for his own personal growth. And how can a teacher become better at his craft if he doesn’t improve himself regularly?

To become a master, one must be a servant first. A good yogi must have gone through all there is in learning yoga before he or she must impart knowledge to others. That’s because yoga is no ordinary physical exercise, it includes meditation techniques and mindfulness for personal well-being.

How frequent your future yogi practice yoga exercises tell how much of an interest he or she has in the activity. If you intend to progress in the styles of yoga practice, the teacher should be able to teach you both the theory and techniques of yoga.

Understanding the history of yoga will give you an insight into how important it is for self-improvement and the overall goal of yoga.

A good yoga instructor is always thoughtful and makes the safety of their students a priority. This they can do by acquainting themselves with their students’ limits and prevent them from carrying out yoga postures that can harm them. Given that a lot of yoga poses will need a lot of flexibility to be achieved.

Asides that, a good yoga teacher knows the importance of being able to structure their lessons in a way that is easy for their student to understand. Before each class begins, a series of exercises to warm the students up should be an important part of a session.

Another thing to look out for in a good yoga instructor is that, however they choose to correct their student for not getting a yoga activity right, it must not be rude or demeaning. Their correction must be encouraging and motivating as well.

How can you profit from private lessons when you don’t get along with your yoga instructor?

Regardless of how bad you feel about the person teaching you yoga, you can still reap all the benefits of practising yoga. deciding to choose your potential yoga teacher via online platforms can increase your chances of finding a yoga teacher that’s right for you.

However, the yoga must be proven to be patient in character and cool-headed. Not only that, another good trait being able to adapt to their student’s level in yoga and help them progress at their comfortable pace while encouraging them to put in their best.

But where do you find such a good yoga tutor?

practising yoga and breathing
How frequent a yogi practice yoga exercises tell how much of an interest or how passionate they are in the activity, Photo Credit: Unsplash

Where You Can Find A Good Private Yoga Instructor

If you go online, you will find many websites that proffer solutions to helping you find the best yoga teacher

If you find the right teacher, it can motivate you to keep up with your lessons. When you have the right sync with your teacher, it’s the right recipe to helping you advance in Hatha Yoga or any other style of yoga you choose to practice.

On the Internet

Without a doubt, the internet is a huge part of our lives, besides, you are only reading this article because of the internet!

Whenever we need a solution, whether research, work, exams or to shop for the latest things, it’s the internet we resort to. However, you can also use it to find the best yoga classes near you.

A platform like Superprof will enable you to reach out to a private tutor, and the good thing is, you can see the reviews from a tutor’s customers as well as his profile bio. Also most tutors on Superprof offer their first class free, which is a tremendous help in finding the perfect yoga instructor for you.

On Superprof, you will find different levels of people like:

  • Students
  • Retired teachers seeking to keep their hand in
  • Professional yogis at the peak of their careers

When you see a profile that satisfies your criteria, then you can make a choice by initiating direct contact with the private yoga tutor and see if they can give you what you need.

Tip: the comments or the voting section on Superprof is a good way to get an idea of the type of teacher you want.

Search for yoga Lagos and find yoga classes near you.

Sponsored Ads

When you go google to search for “yoga classes near me”, you will possibly find sponsored ads popping of some teachers on your search result or even some yoga-related websites.

These ads are personal ads from some teachers who want students to find them. However, these ads often contain little information or details about a tutor. This means you will have to contact the teacher to get more information about their expertise and training.

Word of mouth

Though this approach may be as old as time, it is very effective. By putting the word out there that you need a particular thing, you will be surprised by the amount of info you will amass in no time. Plus, when you do this with your search for a yoga teacher, not only will you get suggestions of teachers’ names, you will also get the pros and cons of each teacher. This will then inform your choice.

Questions You Should Ask A Prospective Yoga Teacher

To find the best yoga teacher for yourself – if not perfect –, it’s important to ask the right questions. Their answers will determine if they are a good fit or not.

Where did they get their yoga training?

In Nigeria, there are no government certified courses for yoga, and that’s one flawed aspect of taking yoga courses. However, this doesn’t mean a teacher can’t be certified from yoga training programs. Also, a good chunk of yoga institutes does offer yoga certified courses and good yoga teacher must have passed through such training before he or she can take on the tittle “yogi”.

Your future yoga teacher probably may have taken yoga courses at a yoga institute in Nigeria. Below are some yoga institutes you will find in Nigeria:

  • Chi's Yoga
  • Proud Journey Yoga
  • The Art of Living

Some instructors may have even taken their yoga training in India. This is even a better way to become a Yogi because yoga emanated from India.

Besides, to have had yoga training in India is even more appealing, even though none of the training is recognized by the Nigerian government.

If you are living in Abuja, you can search for a yoga class near me.

How many years of experience does he or she have?

To be a good yoga teacher, you must have had quality years of experience practising yoga. The age of the yoga teacher does not matter as much as the years he or she has spent mastering the craft of yoga.

To be an expert at yoga, one must have spent a dedicated amount of many years practising yoga frequently – because to know every wisdom in yoga, it takes long years of practice.

Another thing to remember is to know the cost of their yoga lessons.

self taught yoga tutor
Not everyone learnt yoga within the four walls of a yoga studio or yoga class. Some are self-taught. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Are self-Taught Yoga instructors a good option?

Remember that one doesn’t need to be certified to be a yoga teacher, however, you shouldn’t hesitate to find out how much training they have had so far.

There are many self-taught yoga instructors who learned the rudiments of yoga via books or instructional videos.

Can you choose a self-taught yoga instructor?

Not everyone who knows yoga today learned within the four walls of a yoga studio or yoga class but learned yoga by themselves through other means. Mostly, these set of people usually have a different career, and in addition, maybe taking yoga training and teaching students as well.

In a way, this is not something to frown at because they might be a worker in a health-related field, which is a bonus for those they are tutoring.

And who knows? Maybe they are studying a different discipline and yet, it has the potential to improve the yoga learning journey.

Above all, keep in mind that self-taught yoga instructors are obviously enthusiastic about Yoga, and this is a positive feature to look out for in a teacher.

Check our guide to yoga class to know what to expect from your yoga lessons





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