If you are a Nigerian and live in Lagos especially, then you are definitely not new to stress. Stress is an unavoidable part of living in Lagos.

However, people are constantly in search of means to reduce their anxiety caused by stress. As a result, some employ the use of meds like analgesic or even supplements, while others seek stress-relieving activities like yoga.

Yoga has an unending list of benefits as it helps you:

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Tone your core and muscles
  • Give you fluid body movement
  • Improve concentration
  • Feel fulfilled
  • Embrace mindfulness
  • Gives you more control of your breathing

Yoga has its cradle from India, and as time evolved, it spread to various parts of the world. Yoga helps prevent ailment that is caused by stress. So, whichever type of yoga it is, be it Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama exercises, Ashtanga Yoga or Prenatal Yoga – they are beneficial in helping the body relax well and let you feel whole with yourself again.

However, if you want to practice yoga, you can decide on either group yoga classes or private yoga lessons which of course are of different prices.

But how do you know if the yoga class near you is of a decent price?

Yoga originated from India ancient times ago and has spread all over the world. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How Do Yoga Teachers Put A Price On Their Lessons?

You will find many yoga teachers on the Superprof platform who are seeking to connect with prospective yoga students. These yoga teachers love and practice yoga daily and are eager to share their passion with those who show interest.

Also, these teachers are responsible for the price rate they set for their services here on Superprof.

Here, you will find an increasing number of teachers who are ready to put you in their class and teach you the type of yoga that interests you and their poses.

So, if you are wondering how they decide on the price they set on Superprof, one thing you should keep in mind is that yoga teachers set their own rates independent of Superprof. That’s because the platform doesn’t set a price limit to adhere to.

That being said, they will use their own metrics to decide what price is good for them. But before they set their price, here are the things they consider below:

  • Student level (beginner yoga, intermediate level or advanced)
  • The duration of the lesson
  • The yoga instructor’s expertise

A beginner yoga student will not pay the same price as an advanced student. The more advanced you go with your lessons, the higher the price you pay because this will demand more than usual dedication from the tutor as he has to make use of the best teaching methods to impart his students with more extensive knowledge of yoga.

On the other hand, a beginner will pay lesser because he or she is just starting out and learning the basics of yoga.

Another determinant is the duration of the lesson. Yoga instructors charge for their services per hour, which should usually means the longer the class, the higher the price, but not on Superprof, the more hours you spend, the tutors usually give discounts.

Beginners yoga class
The more advanced you go with your lessons, the higher the price you pay. Photo Credit: Unsplash

The good thing is that every teacher on Superprof is verified. Their identity, address, certifications, and experience are confirmed before they become part of the platform. So that means there is a guarantee that prospective students are making the right choice if they choose a tutor from Superprof.

Also, students who have patronized tutors on Superprof are encouraged to leave feedback on their tutor’s profile. This can serve as a guide to prospective students before they commit to any yoga instructor.

You can rest assured that Superprof doesn’t take a commission off the teacher’s price.

In order to get prospective students to have a feel of how a yoga class might look like with a prospective tutor, tutors are advised to offer their first lesson for free. That way, a prospective student can tell if he or she gets along well with a tutor.

Besides, having yoga training with someone you don’t get along with can hinder the progress of your yoga.

The Price of Yoga Lessons Depends on Your Location

Locations are also determinant of the price of yoga courses on Superprof. Depending on where the classes take place, yoga classes can be more expensive in big cities. Like in Lagos, Yoga classes are more expensive on the Island than on the mainland. This also applies to Yoga classes in Abuja and all the major states.

In Nigeria, you can find yoga classes on Superprof with an average of  ₦3,000 per hour.

For yoga in Nigeria, prices in cities like Lagos will vary. For instance, a class on the mainland may cost between ₦3000 to ₦5000, while on the Island, the price could be more.

Hourly Rates Also Depends on the Yoga Teacher’s Experience and Training

It’s easy and very possible to find free yoga classes or online instructional yoga videos. However, this may seem appealing to those who aren’t big on spending on activities, but it’s important to also note that they are not of good quality or as effective.

What you will learn from a yoga tutor – whether in person or via online tutoring – can’t in any way be compared to a yoga video. A teacher can notice if your poses and wrong and help you make corrections.  The same cannot be said for yoga videos.

Nonetheless, we can give you tips to help you find a less pricey yoga class, but still, keep in mind that a yogi with more expertise will be charged higher than a beginner yoga tutor.

A yoga teacher whose experience is intermediary will still be capable but will just not possess more advanced knowledge. However, this does not affect a beginner yoga student.

If the basics of yoga are what you want to learn, there is no harm in choosing a less experienced teacher, that way, you are getting value for your money without having to overpay.

Also, a lot of yoga students teach yoga courses in order to acquire more experience. They often enthusiastic about yoga and are able to impart others with the basic exercise of yoga practice.

Nonetheless, it’s all dependent on how far you want to go with yoga.

You should also keep in mind that there can be a price difference of N4,000 between a non-expert and an experienced yoga tutor.

Online Yoga Classes or Home Yoga Lessons?

To take your yoga lessons with your yoga tutor one on one or to take the lessons online via a webcam?

Taking an online yoga class via webcam isn’t out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, you will find many yoga tutors on Superprof who are open to this option. It also gives them the advantage of having a larger student base and it means location is not a barrier no matter where the student is based.

Not only is this an advantage to the tutor, but also students who can’t find a yoga class near them can take advantage of this option.

In Nigeria especially, yoga is taking on a life of its own as many yogis are emerging, so are more people showing interest to be tutored by these yogis.

Regardless of your location, a webcam makes it possible for you to take yoga classes. Your yoga instructor doesn’t have to be physically present. They can instruct you and show you how to do your poses correctly when you are having a class via webcam.

On a good note, this option also reduces the cost for the student. This means as a student, you can choose a yoga instructor from anywhere in Nigeria and the world at large – and this gives you more price options. So even though you can’t afford the cost of a yoga class near you, the internet can offer you the change to seek other options globally.

As a future student of yoga, you now the options of choosing a physical class or a virtual one at a cheaper rate.

The former also has its own advantages. Being in the presence of a yoga instructor has its own unique feel. It means they can provide their beginner students with yoga mats and other materials that can aid your yoga lessons, such as candles or incense.

And don’t forget that your internet can be interrupted while you are having an online session, this won’t be the same with a class in flesh.

yoga candles
Choosing a physical class gives you the advantage of a yoga tutor who can provide their beginner students with materials that can aid your yoga lessons, such as candles or yoga mats. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Below are common questions that get raised:

  • What is the competition asking for an hour of yoga?
  • Are private lessons really better than those offered by yoga studios and institutes?

To begin with, the fee you pay hourly for taking yoga courses at yoga studios is never the final price. There are other additional fees that you get charged. For instance, an administration fee.

However, it’s not the same with Superprof as the average you pay for an hourly yoga lesson is around ₦3000.

Asides that, there are no hidden charges to worry over.

Below are some prices you will find on some platforms, so you can have an idea of what the prices are like out there:

Yoga Vibes

They have over 2000 yoga, online classes, with a variety of styles. They charge a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 per month or an annual fee of $199 per annum.

Yoga Approved.

They have over a hundred yoga classes that they offer. Their membership fee goes for $14 per month or you could opt-in for the pay as you go which is $5

Once you have gone through all these, then you can decide if it’s online yoga class, a home yoga lesson or yoga or yoga session as the studio with a group that’s the right fit for you.

If you want to know what to expect from yoga lessons, check out our guide to yoga classes










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