Nigerians are really passionate about their foods and as a nation with diverse cultures, there is also a wide range of dishes available to different cultures and tribes. As a result, more and more people want to learn how to cook these dishes so they can partake of the goodness that the Nigerian variety offers.

The passion of Nigerians for their food is also evident in the comic 'jollof rice' wars especially amongst west African nations about which country's jolly rice is original and better, it has become common on social media to see heated discussions, memes etc about jollof rice.

Cooking is therefore not a joking matter in Naija, the food scene is always booming and there are a variety of cooking classes available for those who want to learn!

Why Should One Take Cooking Lessons

There are various reasons why taking a cooking class is an excellent idea. First of all, cooking could actually be a social activity under certain conditions. You can either decide to take cooking classes with a group of friends or a partner and you could also meet new people while learning the craft. In any case, you still get to upgrade your cooking skills and learn new techniques.

You could also consider taking a cooking class as an alternative option to going out to a restaurant with your friends. If you can ace a couple of new dishes, you may just be saving money on things like eatery costs in the long haul; (You can learn to cook that Afang soup you love buying to eat at the eatery and save a lot of cash) and you could even start making money from cooking for other people (especially with the boom of hiring professional catering in the Nigerian events industry)! so there's definitely a lot of reasons to learn how to cook!

There are many other benefits to taking cooking classes that cannot be overemphasised such as

  • Learning alternative ways to cook dishes you are already familiar with
  • Exploring different ways to use ingredients and learning or even inventing new dishes
  • Learning tips on how to store your food for better preservation of taste and quality
  • Learning tips on how to plan proper and well-balanced meals

How to Locate Cooking Classes in Nigeria

Whatever you want to learn; local dishes affiliated to different Nigerian culture, baking, pastry making, international dishes and cuisines or do you want to take a refresher course or specialised course, there is certainly a cooking class out there available for you!

Cooking and catering lessons has become even more popular in recent years and it is much easier to learn to cook than it ever was. Superprof has made the chore of finding your ideal cooking course a bit simpler, by drafting the major cities in Nigeria where you have better access to cooking lesson to suit your needs.

learning to cook in Lagos state
Learn how to cook in the bustling economic capital of Nigeria: Lagos | Source: dotun55 on Visualhunt

Cooking Lessons in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the big and bustling economic capital of Nigeria, it has the largest percentage of the Nigerian population residing in it and is one of the highest populated cities in the world. It is a fact that Lagos has the highest number of restaurants, eateries and social hotspots and can, therefore, be called the food capital of Nigeria. From Local cuisine restaurants of various grades to restaurants that offer English, Chinese, Indian, Thai and numerous other kinds of international cuisine, it has welcomed cuisine from all across the globe.

The Lagos food scene provides the opportunity to learn from a varied mix of cuisine and teaching styles and there is also the benefit of having numerous types of cooking classes/lessons to choose for, in fact, you may well be spoilt for choice. The benefits of taking cooking classes in Lagos are quite numerous.

Whether you want to learn how to bake or make pastries, there's a cooking class for you. Have you set your sights on starting or furthering your catering career, there's a cooking lesson just waiting for you. Have you always to learn a few international dishes just for your personal use, plan a well-balanced meal, cook healthier meals? there are cooking classes available for you.

Do you want to keep it local and learn dishes affiliated to the Nigerian multi-cultural food scene; there are classes where you can learn to cook Nigerian dishes based on Eastern Nigeria, SouthSouth Nigeria, Western Nigeria, Northern Nigeria and other regions in the country.

Despite the fact that Lagos can be known to have a high cost of living, cooking classes don't necessarily have to carry an expensive price tag. While a few specialised classes are unquestionably more for occasional events because of their target audience and price, there are a lot of moderately priced cooking lessons also. For instance, you could hire an expert chef to teach you for a few hours in your home. This provides you with the benefit of a class customised to your particular needs, a more involved learning experience and all in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Discovering cooking courses in Lagos is oftentimes just a click away.

Cooking Lessons in Abuja Nigeria

Abuja is the official capital of Nigeria and the seat of the Nigerian political power and it is also the notable economic capital which offers access to numerous restaurants and social hotspots.

The Abuja food scene also provides a wide range of restaurants, eateries, local and international cuisines. In the very thriving capital of Nigeria are a lot of opportunities to learn cooking, In fact, Abuja is fast catching up with Lagos when it comes to variety in available cuisine.

Located towards the Northern region of Nigeria, Abuja has an added advantage of being a hub for local Northern Nigerian cuisine, so if you are thinking of learning how to make then Abuja is a good place to find cooking classes to help fulfil that desire.

If cooking traditional dishes is not your cup of tea, then you could learn other things like cake making, dessert preparation, pastry making, the art of salads etc. You could also learn about meal plans suited to various lifestyles. Any of these crafts can be learnt in cooking classes in Abuja.

cooking and baking classes in Abuja
Cake making is also learning to cook | source: Hanh Nguyen on Unsplash

Cooking Classes in PortHarcourt Nigeria

Another of the major cities in Nigeria, Portharcourt the capital of the oil-rich Rivers state is a city of a mix of local indigenes, residents of other Nigerian cultures and expatriates in the oil field and food which is a major social element also has a thriving scene here.

The presence of various multinational oil companies has influenced the availability of high numbers of restaurants and where else is a good candidate for learning about cooking than a place that has can provide access to various kinds of food.

The variety in the availability of Nigerian and international dishes translates also to the range of cooking classes that you'll find on offer. It's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean also means there is a broad range of seafood available for different dishes. Very popular in this region is the local dish 'Rivers native soup', a dish very rich in a variety of seafood.

PortHarcourt's food scene also provides for numerous cooking classes from baking classes, cooking classes for Nigerian dishes especially South-South dishes and you get to pick what you want to learn. Check Superprof Nigeria for cooking classes near me in Port Harcourt.

Seafood dishes in Portharcourt
Learn how to cook seafood in Portharcout Nigeria | Source: Tom Fisk @

Cooking Classes in Kano Nigeria

Kano is the major and most urban city in Northern Nigeria, it is the gateway to the North of Nigeria; a city where you can find different Nigerian tribes residing. It is also the second-largest city in Nigeria and has a very vibrant food and social scene.

The food scene in Kano gives a mix of the Nigerian local cuisine and also international cuisine like Asian and European cuisine. You can grab some nice Indian, Chinese and Japanese, Italian, food in restaurants.

This bustling city provides a healthy social scene in Nigeria and many opportunities where one can learn how to cook. Because of some similar practises to the Middle East and Arab culture, Northern Nigeria also gives the Arabic flair and this will probably be evident when attending cooking lessons in Kano.

You could learn to cook local dishes like:

  • Miyan Kuka,
  • Burabisco,
  • Tuwon Dawa,
  • Tuwon Shinkafa
  • Pate

Cooking Classes in Ibadan Nigeria

Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state, is the third-largest city in Nigeria in terms of population and is also one of the major cities in Nigeria. Ibadan is unique and like the car plate slogan of its state states; is a pacesetter city.

One of the things Ibadan is known for is its 'Oja-Oba/Orita-Merin' (the king's market), as big as any of the world's large commodities and food market. Definitely, food and cooking is indeed serious business in this city and provides for rich and healthy food and social scene.

Cooking in Ibadan is serious business
A street long of yam sellers shows learning to cook in Ibadan is serious business| Source: JohnThomas Didymus @

Ibadan city is an old soul and this reflects in the delicious and traditional local dishes available on the food scene. It is the city that best showcase western Nigerian and its dishes.
Places to learn to cook local dishes like Ikokore, Ekuru, Ewa Aganyin, Asaro can probably be more easily found here and the added advantage of being a major Nigerian city is that you can also get to learn international dishes because of access to restaurants and chefs of international cuisine. So why not checkout Superprof Nigeria for chefs and cooking lessons in Ibadan.

Cooking Classes in Calabar Nigeria

When it comes to food and cooking in the city of Calabar, you can be sure you have arrived at the heaven of food!

Calabar is the capital city of Cross River state in Southern Nigeria and just like the state name of its state indicates, is one of the port cities in Nigeria. Calabar is known for its traditional dishes and there is a popular belief in Nigeria that Calabar women can cook to steal a man's heart (:

One thing is definitely sure, native Calabar dishes are tasty and very rich in ingredients, one cannot go wrong with any of these. Cooking is very serious business in the city of Calabar and the average person is an amateur chef. When it comes to learning to cook in Calabar, one is spoilt for choice, you just have to decide what type of teacher (professional or amateur) you want to teach you to make any of the delicious cuisines.

Learning to cook in Calabar is not limited to local traditional dishes but also international cuisine as the city also attracts expatriate staff in the oil industry and this has contributed to the availability of international restaurants and cuisine.

In Conclusion

There is no better time than now to take a cooking masterclass and figure out how to cook. Regardless of whether you're a master or novice chef, learning is something you can continually do as there is always something new to learn!.

The good thing about cooking classes too is that you can decide to take them as a social activity with a group of friends, bonding activity with family or just take it alone for fun.

So whether you need to take a baking class to learn to make butter cookies, or need to add a couple of local vegetable dishes to your weekly menu or learn some gourmet fresh dish, there is a tutor out there waiting to teach you, just go find them on Superprof Nigeria and start learning how to cook!








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