Many experts today believe that food is a love language. Let's think about it; food brings people together, and more often than not, it births happy memories. It's safe to say that food is a part of human existence.

Happy memories are happier with good food

In Ibadan, learning to cook with an approved school is a start to a great journey of sumptuous delicacies. If you ever wondered why students enjoy taking cooking lessons in a school, here are some reasons:

  • If you learn to cook in an approved school, you'll be exposed to a family of like minds
  • Cooking classes in a culinary school allows you to access some of the seasoned chefs who have attained a world-class profile.
  • More than just cooking, networking opportunities are available within the school environment.
  • You'll have more access to a wealth of information, and a family that's invested in inciting you to learn.
  • Constant practising with a family of learners will more often birth new recipes and a dynamic twist to old ones.

Of course, there are many other reasons why many learners prefer to learn to cook in an approved culinary school. But it does not discredit the other options such as face to face home cooking classes and webcam sessions.

Whether your reason for starting food lessons are based on professional or recreational grounds, several culinary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria are available to provide topnotch cooking classes. These sessions are aimed at boosting the culinary skills of learners and providing information that leads to the development of their culinary career.

In this article, we will be providing available information on the best places you can take culinary lessons from approved schools within Ibadan, Nigeria. Additionally, we will provide available information about webcam and face to face home lessons for students who find private classes a lot more beneficial.

Discover the best cooking classes in Nigeria

pastry baking
Baking is an art that requires good training. You may get it all wrong if you have a bad training foundation. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Royal Spices Academy

Located in MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan, Nigeria, Royal Spices Academy is a government-approved institution that provides world-class culinary and hospitality lessons. The institute boasts of passing unfiltered culinary expertise and techniques to learners.

Through the use of techniques trending in the hospitality industry, the academy offers cooking classes designed for development of cooking skills up to professional standards.

The academy continues to provide new and existing learners with innovative cooking skills while still maintaining the traditional culture of food preparation. Lessons available is designed to provide learners with both traditional and modern techniques through a unique training methodology.

If you would like to join this culinary family, here are some of the lessons available under the academy:

  • Culinary (Continental and African cuisines)

Lessons under this section are designed for new, intermediate and advanced learners. In your class, you'll learn to create, practice and manage a world-class culinary business that can compete in a global environment. Each lesson focuses on passing on salient information and knowledge to learners on food management.

  • Cake Making and Sugar Craft

This class is designed for learners who enjoy baking. Each lesson will help you get closer to gaining world-class knowledge of cake making and sugarcraft.  You'll learn to bake danish, regional and artisan bread. Additionally, you'll learn how to apply advanced test production techniques.

  • Pastry and Finger Food

If you'd like to learn the basics of finger foods, the academy will provide the necessary information needed to help you gain this knowledge.

Other lessons offered by the institute include:

  • Events Planning and Management
  • Outdoor Catering and Logistics
  • Cocktails & Fruitails
  • Desserts
  • Breakfast

The academy also offers diploma programmes for learners who intend to advance their culinary career.

cooking skills
Growing your cooking skills doesn't just happen overnight. Constant practising always wins the day. Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Twim Art Institute

The Twim Art Institute offers culinary training for every level. It is located at Onireke Quarters, Ibadan, Nigeria. This institute offers short-term courses needed to expand the knowledge of beginners.

Here's a list of some of the courses offered:

  • 1-month confectionaries certificate course.
  • 1-month catering operations certificate course (African and Continental cuisine).
  • 1-month confectionaries and drinks certificate course.

Each lesson for the courses listed above is scheduled for mornings and afternoons. Technically, you can schedule a time that works for you. The institute also offers accommodations so that learners can process their training well, without interference from the outside world.

MOA Engineering Training School (City & guilds of London Institute)

Located at Dugbe, Ibadan Nigeria, this is another approved institution that offers training on catering and culinary courses.  Apart from culinary development, the academy offers other vocational training for interested learners.

Just like the other approved institutes listed above, the academy offers training in:

  • Food management
  • African and Continental cuisine training
  • Artisan bread and cake baking

As we have stated earlier on, not a lot of learners can dedicate time to take a lesson in an institute. So what are the other available options? 

cooking lesson ibadan
People with an interest in cooking find it pleasurable as well as stress-relieving when they cook. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Private Cooking Session Options For Ibadan Learners

In this section, we'll be paying close attention to online cooking classes via webcam live sessions,  face to face physical home tutorials, the approved places to get teachers and it's advantages.

Learners who need to learn to cook don't have to focus only on group tutoring. Nowadays, the online platform has made it a lot easier for learners to take live webcam sessions all in the comfort of their house

One of the many advantages of online webcam sessions is the fact that you can schedule your sessions to the time you're most comfortable with. Additionally, since you have the instructor all to yourself, you can practise and ask questions as freely as possible.

We would advise that you work with approved tutoring sites like Superprof for your online courses. Teaching meal courses can be very delicate for beginners, and you want to ensure that you work with instructors who meet the required criteria needed to give you the best tutoring results.

The same rule applies to private sessions in your house. Although, asides from tutoring sites, you have the option of getting an instructor through referrals. However, here are some things you should look out for when getting a private instructor for your house sessions:

  • Their job experience: You need to profile your tutor's background properly. Do they have the required expertise needed to do a good job?
  • Their teaching methods: Getting the required tutoring techniques needed for a great class is an important factor. Technically, you would need your referred instructor to possess the skills needed to do a good job with your cook practice.
  • Their reviews of competency: An instructor that does a good job will get positive reviews added to their profile. Of course, since you've been referred to by someone you know, you'd still have to make your own background research. While one profile review is good, it may be flawed or biased. In this case, if you'd need your instructor to give you the required results, ensure to research more than one profile review.

Indeed, there are chances that if your instructor has all of these in view, you will enjoy your sessions. However, in the case where s/he is the only approved teacher in your area, you may be required to pay double tuition.

If you need more variety, Superprof has a wide range of instructors with an impeccable profile. When you view a teacher's profile from the platform, you'll be exposed to their expertise, reviews from past students and their tutoring interest.

Also, your teacher may well be one of the 95% who offers their first lesson (webcam or face to face household sessions) for free. You can use this opportunity to gauge the teacher's knowledge level and method of training. If you're in sync with their teaching, you'll likely be hiring them.

Learning to cook can be a fun experience when you choose the right school or personal teacher for your household sessions. In any case, never forget to work with the right kind of people. That's the only way you can be assured of a good experience.

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