The best chefs in the world didn't just possess their cooking skills overnight. They started by learning the basics and eventually became world-class chefs. Getting to experience the wonders of cooking changes your food making perspective. Just like art, food is appreciated everywhere.

One of the best ways you can learn to cook is through good teaching. This is regardless of whether you get your teaching from an approved school, online (via webcam classes or teaching videos) or a face to face home class. Learning to cook through approved methods makes advancing classes a lot easier.

You'd realise, just like other vocational lessons in the world, that foundational classes are very delicate. This is why beginner cooking classes should be handled with a lot of care. This reason and many more is why you should look out for approved schools or approved teaching methods to get the most out of your lessons.

One of the most beautiful things about cooking is the fact that you can tap into a culture through food. Technically, if you were looking at learning amazing things about the Efik ethnic group, for instance, you can learn a bit of the culture through a cooking lesson that focuses on their delicacies.

As an art and a science, cooking can serve as a great time to bond with family, a hobby, a pastime and subsequently a business.

This Superprof article guide will help students in Calabar to start cooking classes with the right schools available in their locality. Students who find the group lesson experience less beneficial will also learn about online kitchen classes as well as face to face home lessons.

You can discover a new recipe just by practising. Photo Credit: Unsplash

NICO School of Catering and Hotel Management

NICO School of Catering and Hotel Management is located at Offiong Ekpo Road, Calabar, Nigeria. This is an approved culinary school that offer kitchen classes for new and intermediate students.

Apart from offering continental and Nigerian culinary lessons, the school also has a Facebook platform where old students can meet and share ideas.

As you already know, learning to cook goes beyond mixing a bunch of recipes in the kitchen. It involves understanding what utensils work for which and how to manage a kitchen.

This school offers a learning experience that covers this and more. For instance, you may find hotel management interesting. However, did you know those managing hotels require proper training?

Of course, gaining the best experience on how to manage hotels doesn't just happen by magic. In this school, you'll learn the rudiments involved in hotel management, and how to properly cater to guests through and through.

As a chef, it's also necessary that you take baking lessons. Combining baking recipes to make the best pastries can be very much a science. NICO School of Catering and Hotel Management also has options available for students interested in taking a baking class.

Making Food is an art and a science

food sessions
In Nigeria, the more dynamic you are, the higher chances of getting the right customers. Never stop being dynamic when you cook. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Calabar Hospitality House

Just as its name suggests, this institution located at Atekong, Calabar Nigeria, offers culinary teaching for a beginner or intermediate student. The Calabar Hospitality House Limited (CHH) is a private hospitality training and tourism teaching school that offers high-quality lessons, advice and assessment to the hospitality.

Their teaching methods provide students with the opportunity to learn a wide range of courses. The consequence of this is that each student can brush up their skills, increase their expertise and of course, gain the qualification available within the hospitality industry.

The institute also offers lessons for children and teenagers. You'll be taught everything you need to know about food management and the science involved in meal preparation. If you find joy in making pastries, the school also offers pastry lessons for new and existing learners.

Aside from culinary training, you can also take lessons in other vocational courses offered within the school.

Approved Online Lessons

While many students like taking lessons in an approved school, many other people prefer to take their lessons online.

Why is the online option preferable for some learners? 

One of the beneficial things about learning virtually is that it gives you enough time to practise during classes. Since the internet has amassed a wealth of resources, many Nigerian students can learn a variety of food subjects through video tutorials or webcam lessons.

The best ways to access a lesson from credible platforms is if you choose MOOCs or Tutoring sites. 

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs gives you a more streamlined list of classes. Each culinary subject has a stipulated duration with exercises which can be done within your time frame.

The downside to MOOCs is that while you have enough time to take each lesson, you may not be as disciplined enough to continue the lesson. Since each lesson is designed for everyone, an individualised learning method may be absent. However, if you can manoeuvre your class to work in your direction, then the MOOCs can work for you.

Another good option is the webcam lesson. To kickstart your webcam lesson, you'll need to hire an instructor from a tutoring site like Superprof. The job of your instructor is to teach you modern practises related to culinary skills. Depending on the time scheduled for each lesson, your teacher will teach you the rudiments, if you're a new learner, or an advanced version if you're an intermediate learner.

In any case, the advantage of the webcam lesson is beneficial to learners who find it difficult to dedicate to other options of a cooking class. A webcam class also gives you a private learning experience.

Not only would your instructor offer you an individualized teaching pattern, but you'll also get the motivation needed to continue practising and acing every meal.

As a requirement for a proper foundational education, you should look out for reviews from past students, education profile and competence level in your teacher. If you choose Superprof as your tutoring platform, you'll find in the profile of an intending tutor, their years of expertise, reviews from old students and their interest.

Additionally, many (95%) of the tutors under Superprof offer their first session for free. So, you get to practice this art and science subject with a competent instructor.

Mistakes are a part of learning. Just because you didn't get it the first time doesn't mean you should give up. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Approved Face To Face Home Lessons (Private Classes)

If you'd like to learn how to make Efik culinary privately, you can take face to face physical sessions. Cooking classes near me can be quite stressful if you don't have a recommended instructor. However, you don't have to wait for recommendations before you discover new recipes.

Aside from webcam options, a tutoring site like Superprof also has a wealth of instructors who can offer cookery education at affordable prices. Of course, you'd want to work with seasoned chef tutors who have years of working expertise and reviews to back them up.

You can find out more about your instructor through their Superprof profile.

Face to face home sessions allows you to practise cookery with your instructor in a more comfortable manner. For example, a teacher who takes group sessions near your area may be unable to answer your questions as much as you'd like.

Aside from the comfort that comes with taking classes in your house, your teacher would also ensure that you learn in the way you can understand.

So whether it is a continental cuisine, an Efik dish or the theories behind kitchen equipment, a Superprof instructor can train you in all these and more.

Just as you will for webcam sessions, ensure to check for reviews and the tutor's interest to see if their profile matches yours.

You wouldn't want to work with a tutor whose profile is geared towards advanced learners when you're just a beginner. While this instructor may be able to offer you culinary education, you may find that their training methods are subconsciously more advanced than you expected.

Learning from Superprof reduces the stress attached to finding tutors near you since you can use the platform to access instructors within your area.

The art of food making is a beautiful one and should be learned in fun and exciting ways.

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