The New York Times describes Lagos as the most popular city in Nigeria and Africa. Home to the largest and busiest seaports in Africa, as well as many multinational and local businesses, it is no wonder Lagos has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa.

One thing you might find interesting in Lagos this: anyone who starts a business in Lagos, Nigeria is sure to have customers no matter how little. It goes to show how competitive the Lagos market is.

The food business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Lagos, Nigeria. How? You might ask. With over 17 million people in Lagos, you'd find that with the right exposure, many prospective customers will be knocking on your door. In a sense, you have more than many mouths to feed.

Of course, not everyone who can prepare a meal would decide to start a business in Lagos. However, if you want to learn to cook, you should be conscious of why you want to start cooking classes.

You will find that people who are learning to cook have different reasons as to why they started a cooking class. Some reasons include:

  • Love interest. For many people, cooking and baking are hobbies and in some cases a love language. Just as you have personal skills that are dear to you, some personalities find it pleasurable when they cook.
  • To improve catering and baking skills. Continuous learning of new cuisine makes you dynamic. More often, a chef that never settles will always have many customers and clients.
  • To boost the professional experience. Professional chefs are revered all around the world. It also grants you the opportunity to increase your food prices and gain international grounds through approved profile reviews by the best food critics.

If you love cooking and intend to take it to a professional level, there are several lesson options. In this article, we will offer an amazing guide on how to start catering and baking lessons for personal or professional purposes.

Discover where to find cooking classes in Nigeria

intercontinental lagos dish
Learning continental dishes expands your expertise as a chef. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Find A Cooking Class In Lagos

Lagos is a megacity. So it means that you have access to plenty of tutors willing to help you achieve your cooking goals. For instance, you can experience the best cooking tips and expertise from seasoned chefs tutors under Superprof.

Your interaction with tutors can also grant you access to several opportunities and workshops within and outside of Lagos.

Whether as a hobby or to brush up your knowledge of a particular dish, Superprof tutors can assist in making your cooking dreams a reality.

Culinary and Catering Schools Available For Cooking Classes Lagos Edition

If you find a community of learners a lot more helpful for your learning process, then virtual sessions, webcam tutorials and face to face lessons aren't for you. There are several approved culinary and catering academies exist in Lagos today. Here are some of them:

Food is the way to the human heart

Red Dish Chronicles

Located in Gbagada Lagos, RDC is an approved culinary academy that offers world-class culinary training in the following:

  • Continental culinary arts: consists of a 12 class course that involves a 3-week intensive training on Italian, Caribbean, French, Chinese and many other continental cuisines. Students will also learn the art of plating and presentation along with a variety of cocktails. It is designed for learners who want to improve their cooking skills and learn new dishes. Tuition fee is ₦210,000 which also covers the registration fee.
  • African culinary arts: is designed for learners who would like to sharpen their skills on a variety of African dishes. It is a 6-week intensive class that's rated at ₦100,000 inclusive of the registration fee.

Other culinary arts sessions include Dessert, Artisan/Boulangerie, French pastry and cake baking/decorations. The academy also offers professional chefs diploma in cuisine and patisserie. The tuition fees for these certifications are ₦430,000 and ₦450,000 respectively.

Depending on the duration, course combination and certification, prices can go up to ₦1,500,000

Culinary Academy

Situated in Ikoyi, the Culinary Academy offers diploma courses and 1-6 months certificate in culinary and pastry arts.

They also offer training in Nigerian cuisine, waiter service, mixology and SME entrepreneurship. Furthermore, children can benefit from their Children Summer Camp and Children Cooking Birthday Party, where they discover how to cook in fun ways.

To start sessions for adults, prices range from ₦70,000 - ₦2,000,000 (inclusive of the registration fee), depending on duration and certification. The tuition fee for children is slated at ₦10,000.

Celebrity Mobile Kitchen

Located at Isolo, Lagos Celebrity Mobile Kitchen offers courses in baking and professional cookery. Learners can take a minimum of one-month sessions within the school.

Tuition fee ranges from ₦120,000 for 1-month basic cookery to ₦1,200,000 for a 9 months culinary arts diploma.

If you'd like to start sessions in other culinary institutions in Lagos, they include:

  • Umami Centre For Culinary Arts
  • Juliet's Tasty Hub Culinary School
  • Toplraft Culinary Academy
  • Crumbles Chef Academy

If you're more interested in the catering and management of hotels, here is a list of approved institutions you can train from:

Victory Catering School

Located in Ikeja, the institute offers classes for learners interested in catering and hotel management. Founded in 1984, the academy has trained interested learners for over 30 years in hotel management and catering services.

Other academies that offer sessions in maintaining of hotels and catering include:

  • Pretty Dreams Catering School
  • Wavecrest Hospitality College
  • Yetkem Institute of Hotel Management and Catering

As always, you must dot your I's and cross your t's before opting to start sessions in any of the institutions listed above.

Online Cooking Lessons Lagos

Beginner students in Lagos Nigeria who hope to become chefs need to take their time to research properly. As much as food is an art, it is majorly a science; combining ingredients to make a dish. It requires great skills to pull off the arts of baking and catering.

In this regard, there are certain criteria to look out for when starting lessons on catering, baking and food management.

For students looking to start online lessons on baking, catering and management, here's what you should know:

Online training can come in various ways. The first and most popular is taking catering, baking or other kinds of food classes on Youtube and other online training platforms that offer free lessons. Usually, these classes happen at the comfort of your home and at any time.

Platforms that offer free culinary lessons sometimes don't have a teaching curriculum. So unless you're certain of the particular cuisine you want to learn, you may get overwhelmed.

Indeed, physical school culinary lessons can be quite expensive. The good news is that there are cheaper quality alternatives online.

Students that cannot afford the experience of a physical culinary school can still learn through MOOCs. Unlike the free online lessons, you only have access to free classes in the first month.

Afterwards, you're expected to pay a fee to access your class every month. Of course, unlike physical catering schools, your lesson can be half the price.

Another option of virtual lessons is private webcam training. Technically, you can hire a chef tutor through approved tutoring platforms like Superprof and start learning culinary courses via the webcam.

Just like the face to face class under Superprof, quite a lot chef tutors under Superprof offer their first webcam lesson for free. Having this will allow you to determine whether you're in sync with your chef tutor's teaching or not.

The culinary art has been in existence since time immemorial. Learning the best ways to prepare meals and creating new recipes in the process is a great way of making history. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Affordable Cooking Lessons Lagos

If you're looking out for cooking classes near me in Lagos, there are two main ways of finding a tutor  in your area:

  • Through referrals from past learners.
  • From tutoring platforms like Superprof

Referrals reduce the stress of having to find a teacher on your own, especially since you're assured that the instructor will do a good job. However, there are chances that your area isn't as competitive. In cases like this, prospective instructors may have a lot of pupils to train and will increase their service fees.

If you're finding it difficult to get a teacher via referrals, or cannot afford the fees from a referred teacher, you can search for tutors under Superprof. The platform provides learners with a wealth of instructors within their locality.

An amazing aspect of face to face and virtual webcam classes via Superprof is the ease it brings. For starters, the profile of each instructor has reviews made by past learners. So, if you were a little concerned that you'll be scammed, the chances of that happening are next to zero.

Besides, 95% of instructors under Superprof offer their first sessions for free. So, if you'd like to discover new recipes or change the course of your meal preparation, work with credible tutoring sites like Superprof.


prospective chef
Making dishes or confectionaries like a cake is a beautiful combination of art and science. Photo Credit: Freepik - Prostooleh

Private Cooking Classes In Lagos

Many students enjoy the physical experience. In essence,  rather than going to a school, students can decide to take a face to face private home lesson.

Unlike the webcam or MOOC virtual sessions, learners are more likely to learn faster and understand how the particular cuisine they are learning should taste like. Plus, they are trained in a more individualised manner.

Of course, before you start your face to face private course, ensure that your tutors do not just have an approved teaching profile, but that they also have an innate or acquired interest in teaching your level.

As an advantage, hiring a chef teacher for a face to face lesson is a lot less expensive than going to an approved catering school. But for both, you must check out reviews made by past learners.

Since culinary arts also involve food management, you want to ensure that you are choosing an approved school (that offers private lessons) or tutoring website that has a profile of reviews in place.

Approved tutoring websites like Superprof for example, allows prospective learners to view the profile and expertise of their intending chef teacher. Asides this, they can also check out reviews to help them decide whether to hire the instructor or not.

Also, the tuition fee for Superprof teachers is a lot more affordable than a specialized catering academy. Through the face to face lesson, a student, for example, can start courses on cake making and other confectionaries.

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