Studies have shown that eating increases the dopamine levels in the human brain. More than just food, cooking has become an art that's revered all over the world. Quite a lot of tourists visit countries such as Spain, France and Japan (because of how valuable they find the art of making food) to discover distinct recipes and experience the art and beauty that comes with cooking.

In Abuja Nigeria, there are several reasons why you'd like to learn to cook:

  • Some people find cooking as an art and would love to sharpen their skills.
  • A reasonable amount of people intend to increase their cooking skills for business purposes.
  • Others enjoy the idea of learning unique recipes and joining a community/ family of cooks.
  • A large number of persons would love to learn from scratch

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to cook, there are several approved schools and approaches that you can benefit from as a prospective student in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Cooking Lesson Abuja: A List Of Approved Culinary Schools

One of the best ways students can start cooking lessons is through approved culinary schools. The benefits of learning to cook from a reputable institution are many:

  • Students can experience first-hand, a family of chefs and similar minds that can help them achieve their cooking goals.
  • Training can be fun and well-scheduled.
  • Learners at all levels can practice and have a full understanding of what particular cuisines should taste like.
  • Students get to experience world-class teaching from a seasoned instructor.
  • Beginners get to discover new recipes and even create brand-new ones as they absorb each session.

In Abuja, several cooking schools offer culinary, pastry, catering and hotel management services. Let's take a look at some of the popular approved schools:

private cooking classes abuja
Face to face and live webcam sessions give both student and teacher enough time to practice together. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Take Cooking Classes In Abuja With Red Dish Chronicles

Red Dish Chronicles has its locations in Lagos and Abuja; its Abuja branch situated at central business district. Apart from the good reviews that the academy has received over the years, they offer flexible teaching that also includes online classes.

Red Dish Chronicles or RDC offers cooking classes ranging from 3 weeks to 1 year. Here's a breakdown of some of the courses offered by RDC:

  • African culinary arts class: Courses available for this option are focused mainly on African cuisine. If you're interested in learning how to make Nkwobi and other exciting African dishes, you can start a 6-week class where you'll undergo intensive teaching in African dishes. The tuition and registration fee for this class is ₦100,000.
  • Continental culinary arts class: The lessons under this platform are designed for learners interested in acquiring knowledge of continental dishes from all parts of the world. Additionally, you will discover the art of plating and presentation as well as a variety of cocktails.  These sessions are for all levels, especially if you want to acquire unique dishes and improve your cooking skills. To learn to cook cuisines in this class, you're to pay a fee of ₦210,000 (inclusive of the registration fee)
  • Professional Chefs Diploma: The school offers training for learners who intend to become professional chefs. Lessons under this class are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver excellent meals in the hospitality industry. The tuition fee for diploma ranges from ₦430,000 to ₦1,500,000.
  • Entrepreneurship Culinary Arts Class: The school also offers entrepreneurship courses for students and small businesses that intend to develop their skills and grow their businesses.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Arts Class: If you're all about a healthy lifestyle, the school offers teaching for learners who want to cook in a healthier pattern.

You can also opt for a lesson in Artisan/Boulangerie, Dessert, cake baking/decorations and French pastry.

Food: an art you eat

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Taking the time to research great training places may seem like a difficult job, but it is worth it. Photo Credit: Unsplash

 Cooking Courses With Chef's Academy

The Chef's Academy, located in Wuse 2, Abuja Nigeria, was established in 2013. Described as the first approved culinary academy in Abuja, Nigeria, the school has been maintaining an excellent reputation in culinary arts.

The academy offers culinary lessons for beginners as well as professional chef courses. Asides this, they offer entrepreneurial workshops and lessons on how to develop your budding career as a chef.

Lessons available for all levels include:

  • African Culinary Art: Lessons available for this class is designed to tutor learners on how to prepare different African cuisines as well as dynamic ways to present African food. Tuition for the intermediate learners costs ₦150,000.
  • Cake Baking Art: Lessons are available for both beginners and advanced learners. Just as the name suggests, each lesson is designed to equip learners with world-class skills needed to bring the best pastry results. The beginner lesson costs ₦200,000 while the advanced lesson costs ₦300,000.
  • Chef's Academy Junior: Lessons under this option are designed for children. Children from the ages of seven years can take short culinary courses. This one week course for children costs ₦30,000.
  • Continental Culinary Art: Seasoned instructors will tutor interested learners on how to make cuisines from different parts of the world. To join as a new learner, you can take the one- month beginner courses which costs ₦250,000.
  • Diploma In Culinary Art: This is designed for intermediate learners who intend to advance their culinary profile. Lessons under this option are for a duration of 3 months and costs ₦300,000. The academy also offers a professional diploma in culinary art which is designed for advanced learners. Duration for this class is 9 months and costs ₦850,000.
  • Dessert Pastry Art and Healthy Living Cuisine: If you're interested in discovering the secrets to great pastry or in more healthy ways to prepare meals, you can join the sessions under this title. The healthy living cuisine is a month and a half long course which costs ₦250,000, while the dessert pastry art is a month-long and is priced at ₦300,000 for advanced learners.

Learn To Cook With AAA Events Academy Abuja

If you're a lot more interested in hotel management and event catering services, this institute offers the required courses needed to help you hone your skills.  Located at life camp Abuja, the institute offers the following courses:

  • Pastry Courses: The courses under this profile focuses on pastry training for beginners and intermediate learners. If you'd like to join, session prices range from ₦35,000 to ₦95,000
  • Healthy Lifestyle Courses: If you'd like to discover fresh recipes that encourage a healthy lifestyle, courses in this section will cover for that. Tuition fee costs ₦30,000 for beginners.
  • African Cuisine: Tuition for this course ranges from ₦35,000 to ₦75,000. Designed for beginners, you will discover unique recipes and the best ways to improve your knowledge of African cuisine.
  • Continental Culinary Arts: The institute also offers courses in Continental culinary arts. You're required to pay ₦70,000 to start sessions under this profile.
  • Artisan Bread: If you're a lover of bread, then you should consider taking courses in this institute. Tuition fees range from ₦35,000 to ₦170,000.

AAA Events Academy also offer professional chef programmes for interested candidates.

If you find Home or online webcam sessions a lot more beneficial to your learning, the next topic covers this.

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Taking food courses opens you to unique discoveries. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Private Cooking Classes with Superprof (Face to Face or online)

Private sessions offer all the training you need and more. Since individualised teaching is a required skill of a professional instructor, you'd find more joy in getting lessons at home.

In your house, you can ask more questions and do more practising with your home instructor.

Indeed, not everyone would love the idea of taking courses with a group of other learners. If you fall under this category, it means you're geared towards the face to face home sessions or live webcam lessons.

To hasten your search in finding the right tutors to teach you, you're likely to be exposed to two main options:

  • Approved referrals based on good reviews from past learners
  • An approved tutoring site

In your quest to finding cooking classes near me, you may get help from friends, family and acquaintances who would refer you to a good instructor. Usually, they tend to have been training for years and have built a great profile over a long period.

In hiring them, it means they are required to come to your house to teach you. Since it's the job of the instructor to teach in a manner you'll understand, chances are that your referral will do a good job.

However, if you find that your options are limited, you can move your search to tutoring platforms like Superprof.

Not only does Superprof provide teachers who can take face to face private sessions in your house, but you can also choose the live webcam option, where you train with an instructor virtually.

Superprof, for instance, also gives you access to view the profile of an instructor that interests you. Each trainer's profile usually includes their education, years of expertise and reviews from past trainees.

Your Superprof teacher can also be one of the 95% of instructors that offer to teach for free for the first session. Your first live webcam session or face to face private lesson allows you to decide whether your trainer is doing a good job or not.

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