In the world today, several food festivals happen every year. And if you'd like to go for one, learning to cook can be an added advantage. You get to share your recipes with different guests at the festival. You may also find the food tours a tad bit more interesting.

Of course, you don't have to learn to cook for business purposes. Several people love cooking just because they find it appealing. Many others love to travel and explore the different cuisines during their food tours.

It's safe to say that good food is a prized possession. Knowing the best ways to cook food is indeed a beautiful experience for you and the people benefitting from your cooking.

Many people who take cooking as a hobby would like to learn new recipes to spice up their cooking knowledge. Other students intend to take cooking classes to help grow their business and sometimes, to compete with world-class chefs during food travel tours.

Whatever your reason for learning to cook is, several culinary institutions in Kano have maintained a good reputation fit for every student's learning capabilities.

If you would like to learn some of Kano's revered local meals such as Tuwon Shinkafa, Miyan Kuka, Pate, or continental cuisine from Italy, French and Japan, cooking classes will set you in the right direction.

In this article, we will review some of the approved culinary schools located in Kano, Nigeria, as well as other options available for students who intend to expand their food preparation skills.

Check out the many options of cooking classes available to you in Nigeria 

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Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cook

Based on the Nigerian cliche statement, meal preparation is a woman's job. And although a lot of men are taking lessons on meal preparation, this ideology, amongst others, has reduced interest in making meals among men and women.

Others believe that cooking is just mixing a bunch of ingredients to bring out delicious results.

But, are there tangible reasons to take cooking lessons? 

There are several reasons to learn kitchen technique beyond just making delicious cuisines:

  • You'd like to expand your knowledge on how to use recipes. It is highly rated to take classes for this. You'll realise how much you can make with just pepper, onions and seasoning powder.
  • Except a cookbook is available, making a dish is impossible.
  • You'd like to change your eating patterns - based on living a healthy lifestyle.
  • You want to review your interest in meal preparation. Your reviews may spike an interest to start a career path as a chef.
  • If you're already a chef, you may want to diversify, start teaching, or advance your culinary career.
  • As a manager in the hospitality industry, you may find that taking classes is a good step for you and your team to build an impeccable reputation.

Taking lessons from approved culinary schools will improve your approach towards meal preparation. Of course, classes can also inspire you to make unique dishes.

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Cooking Classes Kano: Culinary Schools For Students In Kano, Nigeria

The more you make a dish, the more you realise that there's always room for improvement. Lessons from approved schools can help you perfect your skills. You'll also find that there's enough room to make unique dishes and improve on old ones.

If you'd like to take lessons in any approved school within the state, here's a list of some of the highly-rated culinary institutions in Kano:

Sweet and Spicy Culinary Academy 

Food preparation is an art and a science. To perfect this art or improve in it, you must be willing to start the required lessons needed to get you the best results. The school with the title above offers teaching in food preparation and presentation.

If you love northern cuisine and would love to expand your knowledge in both local and continental dishes, this school is one of your options. The school offers professional chef lessons in the following courses:

Continental Culinary Lessons: In this class, you'll learn to cook the different continental cuisines. The teaching services of this lesson goes beyond meal preparation. You'll also discover the kitchen utensils available and what purposes each of them serves.

Art of Baking and Pastry Class: The lesson available for this course is for learners who love pastry. In your lesson, you'll discover the secrets to professional baking.

Traditional African Cuisine Lesson: The lesson under this option is highly recommended for learners interested in discovering unique African cuisines.

Ice Cream and Smoothies Class: If you enjoy mocktails, taking this lesson can advance your skills.

Chef Academy Kano

Chef Academy is based in Parakou Crescent off Aminu Kano. The school offers courses in:

  • Local and Continental Dishes
  • Finger Foods
  • Mixology (Mocktail and Shakes)
  • Food Plating and Flavor Profiling

Another institute that offers culinary service is 3Meals Culinary Kitchen. Just as the institutes listed above, this academy offers culinary courses for beginner and intermediate learners.

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Where To Take Private And Online Cooking Lesson In Kano, Nigeria

Aside from physical schooling, there are two major alternatives when taking cooking classes near me.

The first most popular option is the online service. The online service option is divided into two main categories:

  • Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs

Many of the courses in this section are free. Some also offer free courses within the first month of subscription.

However, you'll be required to pay a fee at some point. Usually, MOOC platforms have a wealth of video tutorials with seasoned chef tutors. Depending on the course of interest, you can review each class that is being offered by approved MOOC platforms.

You're expected to learn within your own time frame. The price list for sessions are affordable and are mostly rated at a lower price than a culinary school charge.

  • Private tutoring via a webcam

Your second option is to choose a tutoring platform such as Superprof where you can hire tutors for webcam sessions. You must check the profile of your intending instructor to review their educational background, as well as reviews from past learners.

Unlike the face to face sessions that require physical meetups, webcam sessions involve virtual meetups. Before your webcam sessions, you should check your network connectivity and ensure it is in good condition.

New learners who prefer face to face home sessions have two options when hiring a private instructor:

  • Referrals

Your circle of friends and family may be opportune to have access to an instructor with a highly rated profile. Quite a lot of these instructors live near your area and are expected to start private sessions in your home. Of course, the advantage of having an instructor whose profile is highly rated is limitless.

During your face to face sessions, you will find that they are equipped with the right knowledge. They also have the right tools to back up their tutorials. It also saves you the time, as you wouldn't have to go through the stress of shuffling between one profile or the other for good reviews.

The downside to getting an instructor near you with an approved profile is the price list. Your instructor, especially in areas with little to no competition, will most certainly increase the price list for their services.

If your instructor is overwhelmed with learners within the area, you may have little room to practise with them as much as you want.

This is where the second option comes in.

  • Approved Tutoring Platforms

An advantage of getting teachers from an approved tutoring site is this: You get a wealth of teachers within your locality.

Approved tutoring sites such as Superprof offer a wealth of instructors who can teach you the rudiments of meal preparation and much more.

Superprof's algorithm allows learners to find instructors located near their areas.

Just as you will with webcam sessions, check out the profile of your intending instructor. Quite often, you'll come across approved instructors who live in your locality. The profile of many Superprof instructors also includes reviews from old learners as well as their tutoring background.

Aside from the fact that the tuition charge of instructors under Superprof is affordable, 95% of teachers offer their first sessions for free. Instructors also create a room for learners to practice by providing tools that can help their learning.

So, if you're interested in food tours, want to grow your business, or you just want to learn new recipes, consider choosing instructors from Superprof.

You don't have to restrict yourself to just school sessions, especially since their price charge may not be as affordable.

Here are other places where you can find cooking schools in Nigeria:

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