Yoga is a form of exercise that helps both the body and mind to improve. You can improve your mental health by engaging in yoga exercise either by attending yoga classes or doing yoga at home.

If you are a Nigerian and are interested in yoga exercise, playing music during yoga workouts would help a lot because the songs will help your mind to be free from all the worries that could befall a man at that moment. While music is good during workout sessions, some soundtracks tend to be more suitable for yoga.

Today in this article, Superprof will be revealing to you some of the best music to add to your playlist whenever you are having your yoga session.

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Why it is good to play music during yoga meditation

Yoga Classes for Beginners
Listening to music while doing yoga helps to make one focused | Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There is no negative impact attached to playing songs during a yoga class. As a matter of fact, it actually helps you to concentrate better and motivates you to want to do more. Since yoga is a time of both physical exercise and meditation, getting some slow songs would really give you an amazing yoga session. Personally, I enjoy using Omah Lay's new album during my yoga and it has helped me a lot.

However, if you attend yoga classes online or yoga for beginners that have more than one students and a yoga instructor, you may not have the privilege to select your own songs. But if your yoga lessons are done at home, you can create an album by selecting a music track that normally helps you during meditation.

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So why do you need at least a music track during yoga exercise? Below are some reasons:

It provides the base to help clear the mind from different thoughts: If you must have a successful yoga session, your mind must be free from every form of worries. Nigeria today is filled with a lot of troubles already - insecurity, economic crisis, etc., so for you to have a worthwhile yoga practice, playing music would greatly improve your workout in yoga classes.

Music will help you to relax fully: Since yoga is about meditation and improving one's mental health, listening to beautiful music sounds will bring the mind to a relaxed state and help you achieve your goals. Relaxing the mind is really important and that can be achieved through music.

Improve concentration and balance: Although some people can discipline the mind to stay focused and balanced, the majority of the people find it difficult to do so especially with a lot going on around us. Playing music like FOCUS by H.E.R would help you a lot to remain balanced and focused.

Music sounds motivate for body movement: The more you hear the melodious sounds, the more you want to move your body in an exercise class. Since music helps to free the mind from worries and gets you in an excited state, it will automatically make you want to do more during yoga practice.

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Best music to add to your playlist for a yoga class

Yoga at Home
Meditation during a yoga session | Photo Credit: Oluremi Adebayo from Pexels

I have seen people who can't do anything during a yoga session without listening to music. They believe that playing songs during yoga helps them to maintain yoga posture and focus the mind to what they are doing.

When it comes to using music track for yoga, you have to go through your playlist and find those songs that really have an impact on your mind whenever you play them. There are some songs you play that will help you meditate better. While some people enjoy hip hop for yoga, some like it cool by playing blues. I was discussing with a friend of mine some days ago and he told me Jonny Drille's songs are his best pick for yoga - he reviews the album, selects the tracks that are appealing to him the most, and add them to a playlist for his yoga workouts.

For morning yoga for beginners, songs like "Like a Star" by Corrine Bailey Rae, "Beyond" by Leon Bridges, "I was made for loving you" by Tori Kelly are some of the best songs to help out during the morning workout.

At Superprof, we have put together some songs that you can use during your home yoga or yoga classes with other students. While these songs are considered the best, keep in mind that individual preferences are also considered -while a song might sound pleasant to my ears, other people may see it as noise. So you need to go through the list below, select the songs that sound nice to you, and put them in your playlist.

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10 yoga songs for relaxing and meditating

  • Field Below - by Regina Spektor
  • Focus - by H.E.R
  • Free Fallin - by John Mayer
  • Missin you Crazy - by Russ
  • Mirror - by Madison Ryann Ward
  • Brooklyn in the Summer - by Aloe Blacc
  • True Colors - by Jules Larson
  • Like A Star - by Corrine Bailey Rae
  • Little Lion Man - by Mumford and Sons
  • I Was Made for Loving You - by Tori Kelly

Some Nigerian songs  you can use for your yoga class

Most people enjoy listening to songs they can actually connect to. While some Nigerians enjoy foreign songs, most are more comfortable using songs from our local artistes for exercise and yoga. In case you need some sounds to use during yoga classes for beginners or intermediates, Superprof has researched some good relaxing music that you can use for yoga training:

  • Eleko by Mayorkun
  • Count on You by Johnny Drille
  • Wait For Me by Johnny Drille
  • Lo Lo by Omah Lay
  • Duduke by Simi
  • Damn by Omah Lay
  • Joromi by Simi

These are just a few songs you can incorporate into your exercise session to make it pleasurable. These sounds are not limited to any group of people and the sounds you like may be different from what another would want. If you do your private yoga at home, you can choose your soundtrack and add them to a playlist. However, if you register with a yoga studio or school, you would have to enjoy whatever music they play for all the students in the class.

When should you start listening to a soundtrack during yoga?

During yoga classes for beginners, it is usually common for beginners to be distracted by the noise around the environment. While some yoga experts have devised a means of controlling the mind to focus and meditate properly, others struggle to achieve that. If you find yourself struggling to concentrate to enjoy the full benefits of yoga, playing music can help you achieve focus. Look for those sounds that appeal to you the most and play them during your yoga exercise.

Note that playing music is not compulsory. If you enjoy doing your workouts in a quiet and noiseless environment, you may not need any music around you to achieve your goals. Just find out what works best for you and implement it in your training to achieve maximum results.

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Need help with yoga training?

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A female yoga class | Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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