Exercise is good for everybody because it helps to keep the body in a good shape. There are tons of benefits attached to doing workouts, some of which include having good sleep, reducing the risk of some deadly diseases, and unwinding from a hectic day. If you enjoy doing exercise and have not tried out yoga, then you must be missing out of the good things that come with yoga exercise.

Other than the physical fitness you enjoy from yoga by taking different poses, it also helps to keep your mental health sound through focused meditation.

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Did you know that you can actually start your yoga at home without needing to visit a yoga studio or school? Of course, that is very possible. There are some free apps you can use to achieve optimum results from the comfort of your home. Today, Superprof has put together some of the best smartphone apps to use for yoga classes. Some of the apps are free while some require app purchases from either android or ios store.

Definitely, at the end of this write-up, you will want to know more about the different types of yoga available because the experience you will get from these apps will be top-notch.

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Yoga Workouts
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The best mobile apps for yoga workouts

Now that you have gotten your yoga attire, it is time to hit a yoga class for practice!

The amazing thing about yoga is that the different poses help your body to relax, thus boosting the health of your body and mind and helping you to connect easily with your inner self. You will be free from stress and anxiety as you take yoga lessons once again.

Get involved in Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga class and see the positive effect it will have on you. Want to try hot yoga? Do that in your bathroom if you can stand the heat.

Why are yoga apps developed? Most of these app developers took it upon themselves to help those who truly enjoy yoga but don't have the time or money to register with yoga classes. You can download a free or paid app on Google play store or ios store.

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Let's begin our list with Google Play, the app store for Android users

On Google Play, there are different apps you can download and use for your home yoga and it is easy to find these apps. Before you begin your yoga posture, make sure you get a yoga mat that is padded enough to withstand any stretches or poses, a towel to dry up your sweat to avoid slipping, and a bottle of drinking water to keep you hydrated during workouts. If you want to do Bikram yoga or hot yoga, you will definitely need water by the side to get you rehydrated.

Daily Yoga

The first on the list is the Daily Yoga. With this app, you can get over 200 yoga poses and over 30 exercises to help improve your yoga classes. Some of the features of this Daily Yoga include real-time voice guidance, social community to discuss your progress and soothing yoga music for focus and balance.

Yoga - Track Yoga

This is a free app that comes with different poses and each pose is explained via photos - Although most people would have preferred the explanation to be done through videos. However, since it is a free app, I think the developers have done enough to put up this app.

This app is best for different forms of yoga such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Astanga, and pranayama.


Yet another free app available for download, the yoga.com is a virtual yoga studio that is considered as one of the most popular apps globally, with over 7 million downloads.

Yoga.com comes with over 289 poses and exercises, and all are in HD videos. Other features of this app include 3D muscle images to help perform the poses better while still learning about anatomy.

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Best Yoga Apps
A female doing dome yoga exercise from the comfort of her home | Photo Credit: Karl Solano from Pexels

Note: After 4 programs, you will need to pay a token to be able to unlock more

Down Dog

The name was coined from "Downward dog" asana! This free app has about 9,000 users already and the reviews are not bad after all. The Down Dog gives you new idea every time you engage in a vinyasa yoga workout.

If you truly want to make your smartphone your yoga instructor, Superprof has selected some of the best yoga apps that come with a fee.

Perfect music to play during a yoga session.

Pocket Yoga: The pocket yoga app comes with about 200 yoga classes for beginners and advanced lessons. Aside from the 200 classes, you will also get over 500 asanas and give details about the correct pose, the perfect body movement, and also the health benefits that come with each position. Another great feature is that you don't necessarily need to play music from the default library - you can listen to music from your own playlist. You may need to spend up to 10,000 NGN to get full access.

Yoga Studio: It has a library of more than 280 poses with real-time tips on how to perform them. When you download and pay a modest fee of about 2,000 NGN, you will get access to more than 80 ready-made yoga classes with High definition videos.

Simply Yoga: Another excellent paid app is the Simply Yoga that has a reasonable fee of about 5,000 NGN. Once you pay the fee, you won't see any of those annoying ads that usually come with the free apps. On this app, you will get more than 60 yoga workouts and poses, and they come in different levels. This is a good yoga for beginners app because it will take you from beginner to advanced level.

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Yoga Apps for ios users

If you are a lover of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, then this is for you?

It would be unfair to focus on Apps on Google Store alone without looking at some good ones on Apple Store.

Engage in just 5 minutes of yoga practice daily and you would be surprised what effect it will have on you - reduce anxiety and stress, improve flexibility, and an amazing muscle tone. If you have a tight schedule that won't let you spend a long time in a yoga class, try to be consistent in your practice and see the impact it will leave on you.

5 Minutes of yoga: If you are a busy person but still want to practice yoga on daily basis, this app is perfect for you. It takes just 5 minutes of your time to workout with this app. If you want simple and effective poses that have clear directives, then the 5 Minutes of Yoga app is the one for you. A full package costs about 6,000 NGN as at the time of this write-up.

xFit Yoga: If you are looking for a fitness app to improve your lifestyle, then try out xFit Yoga. It comes with 9 unique yoga lessons and 30 unique yoga poses with detailed video to guide you on how to execute each pose. You will also get some important tips that will help improve your overall yoga skills.

Also, most of the apps listed under "free apps for Android" such as Yoga.com, Down Dog, Daily Yoga, etc have paid versions on App Store.

Yoga for Beginners
Amazing yoga stretches on a yoga mat | Photo Credit: StockSnap from Pixabay

Is it possible for me to do yoga alone?

This is a question most people often ask. It is very possible to do yoga alone and with your smartphone (Android or ios), you have everything in your possession to run your yoga classes. However, the thing with solo yoga training is that you need to be disciplined enough to be able to be consistent with your training.

If you think you can't do yoga alone and need a yoga instructor to guide and motivate you, there are instructors on Superprof that help people like you to improve on your workouts. Whether it is morning yoga for beginners or yoga classes online, there are a handful of teachers on Superprof to help out. On Superprof, your first one hour of lesson is done for free and this would make you determine if you want to continue the teacher or not.

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What's Next?

Now that you have your yoga clothes and have seen the different apps available for both Android and ios users, you have no excuse for whatsoever not to start your yoga training today. Download either a free or paid app and get directions on how to do different poses. I hope you will enjoy your exercise sessions now that you have gone through this article!

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