Yoga is an interesting form of exercise and more and more people are beginning to embrace the impact it has on the body and mind. If you are a yoga enthusiast and enjoy learning new poses every time you attend yoga classes, then this article will show you some ways to get the best out of yoga exercise.

Social media has been the go-to place for the majority of the people to meet an expert in a particular field. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., are a good place to find yogis who have strong followers base and who post useful tips on how to become good in yoga classes.

While you can find yoga experts on different social media platforms, Instagram seems to be the most popular platform that most social influentials use to get good traction - they post important posts that will show you how to take different poses and introduce you to the latest in yoga workouts.

For these reasons, Superprof has put together a list of 8 famous yoga experts on Instagram you can follow and learn certain skills from. These 8 yogis are currently doing exceptionally in the yoga world and you could learn one or two from them if you become their followers. Of course, you will find at least one Nigerian on the list.

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Finding the top yoga experts on Instagram

If you want to start yoga practice at home, Instagram is a perfect spot for you. Although you can find a website that talks in details about yoga posture, Instagram tends to be the number one social media platform most yoga experts use to showcase their prowess. As it stands today, Yogis on Instagram are causing lots of stirs on Instagram by showcasing some killer poses and posture.

Most big brands all around the world tend to make use of Instagrammers for promotions because they know the strength of their influence on their followers. In the process of selling their talents (the influencers), they attract big brands to their Instagram handle, which in turn usually turns out to be a lucrative deal for them. So if you are interested in yoga classes for beginners or professionals, using social media platforms like Instagram is the way to go.

If you are eager to know some of the big shots on Instagram that are yoga experts, follow the guide below and I promised you will be awed of their achievements.

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Yoga Instrutor
Instagram yoga influencers are making waves in exercise niche | Photo Credit: Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

8 Famous yoga experts to follow on social media


It is only fair to begin our list with a Nigerian yogi because Nigerians are starting to get involved in yoga exercise. Melody Briggs is a young Nigerian yoga girl that posts different yoga poses on her feed on Instagram. No doubt, as a beginner in yoga, you will learn one or two moves from her if you follow her on Instagram. Melody is also a good dancer, which tells a lot why she is good in yoga practice.


If you are looking for a yoga teacher to learn high-energy yoga, @laurasykora is definitely one of the people to follow. With followers of about 1.2 million, you don't need any conviction to know what Laura has to offer in the yoga world. She has been into yoga for the past 20 years now and has a solid background in cheerleading and gymnastics which tells you more why she has the ability to do some crazy complex yoga poses.

While the majority of the people are scared of complex yoga poses, following @Laurasykora would give you the believe that you can actually achieve any move in yoga. There is a lot to be learnt from her if you are serious about yoga training.


Another amazing Instagram handle to look out for is @Downdogyoga. If you are looking for yoga for beginners, they offer free training by live streaming free yoga classes online for their followers. Their streaming schedule is usually 6 p.m on Mondays, 12 p.m on Tuesdays, at 6 p.m on Thursdays, and 12 p.m on Fridays. They will give you the necessary guidance you need for yoga practice. You may keep checking the account in case they decide to change their schedule.

Do you have your yoga clothes and yoga mat ready, jump on to the next live stream and enjoy yoga at home.

Yoga Classes Online
An Instagram yoga expert showing body movements | Photo Credit: Li Sun from Pexels

Ashley Galvin (@Ashleygalvinyoga)

Ashley is an American yoga instructor that lives on the beautiful Island of Hawaii. Her Instagram page alone is enough to pass a message that this new mom is an Island goddess. Her yoga journey was borne out of the desire to live a healthy lifestyle and have good nutrition. Ashley uses her flexible body to showcase to the world her strong dynamic flow and to encourage others to harness the unique gifts they have already. She organises yoga classes for her followers which I believe is a good place to start yoga classes online.

She has a fan base of over 500k and an average engagement rate of 1%. More than half of her followers are young youths who are ready to explore the world of yoga exercise. You can join these people and learn from Ashley Galvin.

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Yet another Nigerian on the list of yoga instructors to follow on Instagram. Although Jorael has a small followers base, he posts some crazy poses that anyone could follow and practice. He is based in Ibadan.


Our list won't be fair if we don't include Adriene Mishler on the list of the best yogis on Instagram. With 850k followers, one can't deny that she's doing an exceptional job in creating awareness on yoga exercise.

Adriene owns a website (, an online platform where she gives free yoga lessons and writes about her journey to the yoga world. She actually first became popular on Youtube after building a community of 6 million subscribers

What you will see on her Instagram page include yoga tutorials, yoga poses, and some amazing pictures of her personal life to make things more interesting for her followers. If you are looking for a yoga instructor that will give you some free yoga lessons, this yoga girl is one to turn to because she has the elegance and flair to thrill you during your exercise session.

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Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga girl that posts a ton of body positivity and inspiration for those who get scared at the mention of yoga. Her Instagram feed is always filled with yoga poses and body movement to motivate people who are interested in yoga.

She authored a book titled 'Every Body Yoga", which contains about 50 simple poses and various sequences that any yoga enthusiast can practice at home.

One unique thing about Jessamyn's book that makes it stand out from others in the niche is that it focuses on the feelings you get from yoga rather than dwelling on how it makes one look. The book fosters body positivity and love, and most people like it so much because it is quite different from the regular yoga book you get elsewhere.

It is not surprising at all how she managed to get a follower base of more than 400k on Instagram because she focuses on the major things about yoga.

The majority of the followers on Instagram prefer real posts that are motivating and filled with personality. This makes them want to try out some of the advanced yoga postures and this is exactly what you get when you follow Jessamyn.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogis, you definitely will learn one or two from the regular posts she posts on her feed. Her posts will inspire you to want to try some crazy poses.

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If your aim of learning yoga is to fight anxiety and depression, then following Esther would be a nice one. Although her niche is yoga, she tries not to limit herself to just an area. She covers a wide range of things that need to be known about yoga.

If you visit her page on Instagram, you will definitely be tempted to try out some poses - those poses that help strengthen the arms and help cool down after a run. Following her tutorials on Instagram is also a great way to strengthen your abs.

What I like about her page is that the yoga exercises are beautifully presented in an amazing theme. She is so stylish to the extent of having an array of yoga mats that match her theme, something Instagram really cherish.

Esther is a yoga teacher that is based in London and known for constantly releasing amazing content to her followers. She sometimes does live posts where she features her dog known as Sonny.

She has a follower base of about 80k and you could see from the engagement rate of her content that her followers really support her. Her major concern is to help people overcome stress and anxiety that usually befall us at some points in our lives.

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Yoga for Beginners
Performing yoga exercise | Photo Credit: Amit Kumar from Pixabay

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