Yoga is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise that keep the body and mind in good shape. However, the kind of clothes you wear for yoga exercise session has a lot to tell about your experience.

Whether it is yoga for beginners or advanced training you are involved in, wearing the right clothes will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Although some persons may tell you they like doing yoga naked on a mat, the best way to enjoy yoga is to put on light clothing that is free and loose.

Today, Superprof is here to reveal to you some of the tips and tricks you need to make your yoga exercise an amazing one. With these tips, you should have the right wears for yoga workouts.

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The best outfit for yoga - Get free and comfortable outfits

Contrary to what most people think, yoga is a physical exercise that requires the movement of the body on a mat. Once you have the yoga app and are set to start performing some exercise, you need to wear the right clothes to be able to take different postures. Your yoga posture is largely dependent on the kind of clothes you put on. For you to be able to move the body freely, you need to wear pants that are seamless, free and comfortable. Wearing clothes that are not comfortable can greatly affect your experience in a yoga room.

Since yoga has to do with constant stretching, it would be wise for anyone doing the exercise to avoid pants that are too tight. 

Recently, a study was conducted by a U.S research group, and it was discovered that about 16.8 billion dollars were spent by yoga enthusiasts on yoga classes to purchase things like equipment, clothing, and accessories. When compared to previous years, it could be seen that the amount is on the increase and it is expected to keep increasing as more people are gaining interests in sports such as yoga.

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New to yoga and looking forward to going to your next yoga class? Below are some things to consider when buying yoga attire:

  • You must understand that yoga has to do with a lot of stretching. So when buying pants, high-waisted leggings or a shirt, your priority must be focused on yoga tops and bottoms that are free and comfortable. As you engage in yoga, your breathing rate will definitely increase. Therefore, avoid pants and shirt that are too tight to the extent of affecting breathing and blood circulation.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid dresses that have zippers - be it yoga tops or pants, zippers can cause injuries in the process of stretching.
  • The fabric in which your garment is made of matters a lot. Materials such as polyester and cotton that effectively absorb sweat are actually the best for yoga. For those that sweat a lot, going for materials other than polyester or cotton will mean having an uncomfortable yoga session.

Whether you have your yoga classes online or it is yoga at home, following these simple rules will largely affect what you get out of your yoga classes. If you plan on doing yoga every day or you registered with a school, you should have different clothes (long sleeve, tank, sports bra, leggings, shirt, pants) in your wardrobe to use for different classes.

Please note: Do not repeat yoga clothes (be it pants, bra, tank, tops, leggings) without washing them. The reason for this is that the sweat from the previous session will cause the garments to emit offensive odours that will affect you during classes. If you are signed up in a group class, you may also affect other participants in the room. The best practice is to have different pants, leggings, and tops in your wardrobe that will last you for at least a week even without washing the previous ones.

However, if you are low on budget and think the price of these clothes are high and beyond your financial power, you can get a few and engage in washing the used clothes almost immediately after a workout.

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A quick view of yoga clothes for women

Since yoga is for men and women, young and old, there are specific garments to wear by each gender for yoga lessons. Below is what kind of attire is suitable for women during a yoga class:

  • Always come with sports sweater that will be used during the final relaxation stage of your exercise. Also, depending on the weather, you may come along with socks to keep you warm during the rainy season or harmattan period.
  • Not all bottoms are suitable for yoga. Although it is good to look stylish during workouts, some leggings should be avoided. For example, wearing transparent leggings is not the best during a yoga class because people around can view through it which may cause embarrassment to you. However, if you are doing a private lesson that has only you in the room, you are free to wear a transparent garment as long as it is free and comfortable.
  • When buying leggings, go for the ones that are thick and comfortable. Some leggings are specifically designed for sports and tend to work better during a yoga workout.
  • Using bra or not? Does your female yoga instructor use bra? Wearing a bra or not really depends on what you want and whether it makes you feel comfortable. Some sportswear comes with an in-built bra or you can decide to use your normal bra underneath before wearing your shirt.
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Since the average population of the woman folk is fashionable, leaving your hair not packed may disrupt your yoga exercise. Therefore, it is advisable to get a hairband to keep your hair intact during your yoga session.

For women that are looking forward to having a perfect body shape and eliminating excess fat without building muscles, vinyasa yoga is the best to practice. However, other than wearing loose and comfortable clothes, vinyasa yoga requires a high level of fitness. As a woman, if you aim to burn fat without gaining muscle, get ready for a physical yoga exercise.

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Choosing yoga attire for men

Aside from the mental health remedy we get from yoga, most men practice the exercise to become flexible. Some men can be so stiff, and the best way to make those stiff joints to become flexible is by doing yoga. Yoga sport is great because it involves both physical and mental exercise.

Some of the best yoga for men that helps to become flexible include Hatha-Yoga and Prayanama and can be learned in any yoga school. Apart from making you more flexible, Hatha-Yoga and Prayanama will help reduce stress and anxiety, and will also improve your concentration level.

According to Yoga Alliance study, 79% of those who engage in yoga also do other sporting activities such as cycling, bodybuilding and running.

From various studies, it has also been seen that yoga is a strong weapon that helps in cycling and running because it helps to improve breathing rate and also makes your core muscles stronger.

Now, looking at the clothes to wear as a man during yoga exercise, below are what you should consider:

  • doing it with barefoot is the way to go. No need to put on your socks because you will mess it up with sweat especially if you are the type that sweat a lot.
  • Go for joggers that are lightweight and wide enough. Do not think of using short knickers for yoga because it might leave you in an awkward position as you take different postures during workouts. If you must look sexy, do so with your joggers.
  • For your top, go for polyester or cotton shirt or tank, with enough space. This is not the time to impress your neighbour by wearing clothing that you think they will like. Go for items that are suitable for exercise and have a wonderful time with your yoga session.

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Add some swag to your yoga class

Even though there are some clothes you need to wear during a yoga lesson for comfort, you can still look fashionable during workouts. You can either visit an online shop or on-site shop to look for loose and comfortable dresses that will look good on you during yoga sessions. Though the price of some of these garments may be high, you can actually save for them if you are so concerned about looking sweet during yoga.

Another thing to consider when buying a yoga outfit is the colour. Go for colours you like so that you will be excited to wear the clothe and go for yoga exercise. 

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Whether you want just morning yoga for beginners or yoga lessons for intermediate classes, Superprof has qualified yoga instructors that will guide you and teach you what you need to know about yoga and will also advise you on the type of clothes to wear. Start your home yoga today or register with a school for your yoga classes today.

In conclusion, the four basic things to look out for when it comes to yoga clothes are seamless dress, breathable garment, comfortable clothes, and aesthetic, as it will motivate you and let you have amazing workouts.

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