Since there are different types of yoga - dynamic yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, you will need to bring different equipment for your yoga class.

To have a comfortable yoga practice, you need to wear the right clothes and have the basic equipment for a seamless workout session.

Have you booked for yoga classes for beginners in Nigeria or are registered for yoga lessons? Superprof has carried out intensive research to help you with the best tips and equipment needed for an amazing yoga practice.

What you need to know about yoga classes.

You can't do without a yoga mat

of all the equipment needed for yoga, the mat is a piece of essential equipment that every yoga enthusiast must buy. All yoga poses and other exercises such as yoga meditation, Bikram yoga, prenatal yoga, etc., are carried out on the mat.

Although virtually every yoga studio or school has mats for students to use, it is essential that you have your own personal mat to use at home for practice. Some yoga studio may even charge you for renting their mat. So it is advisable to have your own if you want to do yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga at home
Yoga mats for yoga practice | photo Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Why you should have your personal mat?

  • When you buy your own mat, specifications such as the thickness and size of the mat would be perfect for you. For this reason, you will feel more comfortable to use your mat.
  • For hygiene purpose. Imagina the number of people that have stepped on the mats available in a yoga studio. The need for you to get your own is so that you can maintain it and keep it as clean as possible all the time. You are in full control of the mat and you will take responsibility for the state of your mat.
  • If you are to compare buying a mat and renting one, you will see that you will save money in the long run if you buy one compared to renting all the time. However, if you think that your yoga exercise is not regular, you may want to continue renting.

Warning: During your yoga workouts, make sure you use socks or barefoot on your mat so as not to get it dirty with your shoes. If you are sharing your mat with friends or family, endeavour to disinfect it after every yoga session to avoid spreading any likely disease.

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Four things to look out for before buying a mat

Once you have registered with a yoga studio, the next on your mind is how to get a mat to use. If you want to buy a yoga mat, the following criteria should be strictly followed:

  • The thickness of the mat: You should know that a mat that is thick tend to be more comfortable than a thin one. You should also be mindful of its slippery nature when you sweat - of course, you must sweat during workouts.
  • Lightness: The best yoga mat is one that is light and handy. You would want to save yourself the stress of carrying a heavy item from your home to yoga classes. Except you are sure of doing only home yoga, don't ever buy a heavy mat that will discourage you from going to a yoga studio whenever you want to exercise.
  • The nature of the material used in making it: Choosing the best material for your mat can be a tricky one. Generally, it is believed that mats made from PVC material tend to be more comfortable, but they are the most toxic of all materials. If you do a diligent search online, you will be able to get a mat that is made purely from cotton or other plant-based materials that are 100% free from PVC. In all, whatever kind of yoga you are doing, make sure it is done in an environmentally friendly place.
  • The price: The price of the mat is, of course, another factor to consider. You wouldn't want to buy a mat that costs 50,000 NGN when your budget is just 20,000 NGN. So you should consider your budget whenever you want to buy a mat. With an average amount, you should be able to get a mat that is thick, light, and made of cotton material.

Just to make sure you are purchasing the best mat, it should be rectangular in shape, with dimensions 70cm wide, 180cm long and a thickness of 5mm. If you must get a high-quality mat, you may have to spend from 25,000 NGN upwards.

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Yoga Posture
A young girl doing yoga exercise | Photo Credit: Gabby K from Pexels

Essential accessories for yoga classes

In most cases, when you register in a yoga school or studio, they will provide you with the essential accessories needed for your training. Below are the accessories needed for yoga lessons:

  • A mat to carry out all your poses. For the best yoga posture, you need a mat that is thick enough to avoid back-ache and try as much as possible not to lie on the tiles to avoid catching a cold.
  •  Cushions to serve as support and to prevent delicate organs such as the pelvis and sacrum to be pressed on the ground.
  • An oval-shaped meditation cushion for meditation. It gives firm support and suitable for people that are not very tall or flexible.

Getting these accessories will greatly help in your yoga classes online such as Yoga Nidra (helps to sleep better), Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Kundalini yoga.

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As for Iyengar yoga, you will need supports such as blocks, straps, ropes and blanket to make sure a good yoga posture is attained.

If you like sitting on your heels, getting a meditation bench would also help in supporting your poses. This bench is a small wooden stool that helps in maintaining a sitting position for a longer time without feeling any pain. If you want to buy the meditation bench, the average price is about 30,000 NGN to 40,000 NGN.

The meditation bench, which is a small stool, is positioned under your buttocks to make sure that you are not resting and mounting pressure on your heels. Blocks and strap are used for some kind of yoga classes such as Vinyasa and Iyengar.

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Choosing the right clothes for yoga practice

Whether it is yoga for beginners or advanced yoga practice, you don't have to necessarily spend too much to be able to enjoy yoga. What you should bear in mind is that your clothes must be breathable and comfortable so as to make the movement of the body seamless. When it comes to the clothes you wear for yoga, the type of yoga you do has a huge role to play. Below are what to look out for when choosing your yoga attire:

  • For bottoms, wear wide joggers or leggings with reasonable thickness to allow for free body movement
  • For tops, put on a tight-fitting shirt or vest to avoid slipping
  • A comfortable sweater to be used for final relaxation stage and warm-ups
  • fabrics should be made from elastane, polyester, and merino wool for the proper regulation of the body temperature.
Yoga Exercise
A female stretching her body in a yoga class | Photo Credit: Oksana Taran on Unsplash

Practice yoga at home

Can one actually practice yoga exercise at home? It is very possible to practice yoga as long as you have a yoga kit. You can connect with your yoga instructor via webcam and have a wonderful session from the comfort of your home.

If you are based in Nigeria and are interested in either aerial yoga or any type of yoga, you can get a yoga instructor from Superprof to help out in your training and to guide you on all the necessary equipment you need to buy.

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Choosing the best clothes for yoga training.

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