Kano state is one of the most developed and influential cities in Nigeria. You can easily trace this influence to their land size and population. As a result, businesses of different types start, sustain, and grow within this state. That's because, for any products and service you offer, you have the resources necessary to help you scale. In turn, this makes it a commercial state, with entrepreneurs migrating in and out of the state.

Culture is one of this state's activities, and you know, where culture sells, drawing and painting sells. Painting is not a new invention in Kano state, and neither is it a new profession. If you look at the state from its inception, there are many stories and memories to express creatively. That means there are so many gifted paint artists in Kano. Therefore, taking painting classes in Kano to improve and monetize your skills is a smart move to make.

You can take courses on still life painting, plein air painting, figure drawing, graphic design, and the expressive form of art. You can also learn about life drawing, landscape painting, art painting, the history of art, and the process of art-making.

However, before you start considering painting classes in Kano or visiting any of the museums or visual arts centres, there are factors you should pay attention to. Of course, the land has many opportunities to bank on, but minor mistakes in painting and drawing may be too costly. That's because there are some other people like you interested in painting for beginners. As a result, you have a lot of competition, so you must always evolve your studio art and painting style.

When you want to learn how to paint in a place like Kano, it is best to understand the city. You can ask questions about the state's history, its people, culture, beliefs, memories, stories, and the various forms of art and design in the state. When you do this, you understand the people, and when you express these stories in an artwork, the people can relate to your masterpiece.

Fortunately, when you take painting classes in Kanoyou learn about the stories, sections, and all necessary profiles and can get to visit ant art gallery or art department of your choice. Also, you'll be getting different genres and options for painting lessonsAs a result, you're at liberty to choose anyone contemporary-art piece in Nigeria you want to recreate. Even if you want art lessons for adults, you'll get one in Kano. Before we go into where to find painting classes in Kanolet's discuss the factors to consider when enrolling for art education.

The Basics of Choosing a Painting Class

The first thing to note about painting is the three primary painting sections; watercolour, acrylic paints, and oil paints. Each one of these sections has its peculiarity and expression which you must know before registering for painting lessons. Let's take a look at these sections;

Watercolour, as the name already implies, involves colours dissolved in water. If you check the historic paintings globally, you'll notice that the artists used water colouring to design them. Apart from being easy to use, painting with watercolours doesn't pose stress to the artist. That's because you can quickly get the materials you need for watercolour painting. And this reason is what makes water colouring relevant and popular to date.

So, if what you need is painting for beginners, then watercolours will be a great start. When you look at the ease of using watercolours and the simplicity of the materials needed, you may think there are limitations with watercolour paintings. But to your surprise, there's no painting you can't do with water colouring.

Of course, the first thing you'll know when you take painting lessons with oil paints is that these paints are oil-based. Since these paints contain oil, you'll be making a big mistake if you try to mix them with water. In many cases, the oil used to mix and dissolve these colours is turpentine. The smell intensity of this oil is relatively high so you have to be careful when using it.

abstract painting
Art can be expressed in any form. | Photo Credit: Pok Rie on Pexels

By taking painting lessons you can learn the basics of oil painting and the different oil painting techniques that exist until you master it. After that, you can now learn to paint and draw with these oil paints.

If you want to take acrylic painting classes in Kano, you may have difficulty searching for a suitable one. That's not due to the low competence of the artists in the state, but because these paints are new. The acrylic painting came into life in the middle of the 20th century. It may be a relatively new paint innovation, but it's fast becoming accepted by painting enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

The reason for the growing popularity is that you can access these types of paints a bit easier and they are also affordable. Additionally, you can trace the widespread use of this acrylic paint to most of the common trends we accept. Many a time, acrylic paints work well with paintings such as pop and figurative painting. However, to become great at this paint section, it's always better to find an artist who's an expert if you want to learn to paint with acrylic paint.

Essential Painting Techniques You Should Know

Yes, there are times when you have passed the "painting for beginners" stage, and you believe so much in your painting skills. While this may feel great and nice, before you establish yourself as an artist, it's best to understand some of the professional techniques that you'll meet in your painting lessons and all through your painting career. These terms are constant globally and help you whether you're taking painting classes in Kano or any location.

One of the most important terms you need to understand as a professional painter is the "colour theory." When you're learning to paint, you would learn different painting styles, ranging from life paints to still life and many others.

Blue abstract painting
A simple abstract oil painting. | Photo Credit: Polina Kovaleva on Pexels

No matter what you're painting, you will need the colour theory as your foundation for your colouring works. Since art deals with a mixture of colours, it's best to understand the concept of colours and their mixtures. There are many art techniques for each painting. However, some of the most common techniques are; 


When you first learn to paint with watercolours, you may think it has one singular painting technique. However, you'll be wrong, as there are countless ways to paint with watercolour. Many times, people prefer to use the flat wash method. In this method, you already make sure the colours are wet before you start with its application. Another technique you can employ is the wet or dry method. In this method, one section of the colours will be wet and will apply to the dry sections.

Acrylic paint

Sometimes, the same technique for a paint type may work well for another paint type. One technique that works for both acrylic and oil paints is the dry brush technique. For this method, you simply apply unmoved acrylic paint on a dry surface. You can also use acrylic paint through stippling. For stippling, you use your paintbrush and mix it with your canvas.

Oil paints

Like we already mentioned earlier, the oil paints also use the dry brush method. This involves using unmoved oil paint and using it on a dry surface. It's also known as scumbling and you will learn more about it in oil painting classes.

Painting Materials and Art Supplies for Art Lessons

When you take painting lessons from a professional artist in Kano, you'll be improved. However, it's one thing to know how to learn to paint; it's another to identify and know the right images to paint. Of course, the skills you learn are crucial, but it's also essential to know the types of materials to buy and their order of importance.

When you first start learning to paint, your tutor mostly understands that it may cost you much. As a result, they mostly have some extra materials for you to practice. And when you take standard painting classes in Kano or anywhere, they provide the materials for students. However, when you start to learn painting, you can get only the basic materials. But as you grow as an artist, you'll need to buy enhanced materials to improve your creativity.

The major materials you need are the brush and the paint when starting as a beginner. No matter the type of paint, it's always great if you get as many colours as possible. That's because the more colours you have, the more practice and techniques for you.

Drawing and painting tools
All you need as an artist is the right tools and a creative mindset. | Photo Credit: Anthony Shkraba on Pexels

Where to Find Art Classes in Kano

If you want to start your painting classes in Kano, you're fortunate because of the depth of artists you'll meet and art galleries available. However, many people opt to take online courses to connect directly with the tutor themselves. You can easily get these on online platforms like SuperProf.

There are a lot of factors that should influence the type of art school you should opt for. You shouldn't just search for art classes near me. Here are some of the art schools in Kano;

Gidan Makama Museum

This is an indigenous museum of art that doubles as an arts centre. If you want to learn about the history of making art, then you can visit this college of arts. History-interested artists go there to learn and see Kano's history.

National Council for Arts and Culture

The government owns this art institute and has approved it to empower young minds interested in arts and culture through art education, seminar teachings, and art gallery sessions. 

Kano Poly (Art and Industrial School of Design)

This is a government-approved institute for teaching individuals the basics of industrial design. In this school of art, you can get an art teacher that can teach you different types of painting like ink painting, abstract painting, and art design. Upon completion of your fine-arts program here, you can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and go on to not just create art, but also critique the expressive form of fine-art.

Take Private Painting Classes With SuperProf

Say no to a physical barrier. Learn all you need about drawings, the various aspects of visual art and crafts, and how to uses different brushes from your comfort zone. On SuperProf, you can take painting classes online or find private tutors near you to teach you the basics of painting for beginners. The interesting thing about SuperProf platform is that you get your first lesson free without any upfront payment. What are you waiting for as a beginner artist? Why not seize this opportunity and register with SuperProf today?

Painting classes in Kano may be numerous, with each having its peculiarities & advantages. But it has its challenges, one of which is scheduleing. However, with SuperProf, you get to connect one on one with your tutor without any hindrance.

You can also learn more about painting classes in the below states in Nigeria:

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