The importance of learning as a painter cannot be over-emphasized and that is why knowing how to choose the right painting class is important. If you're in a culture-rich state like Enugu, you have to know what factors to consider, where to look at, and the tools needed to learn painting.

In Enugu, there are several art galleries and art-centres that you can visit to appreciate different artworks, painting and drawings. Visiting these places and taking art lessons will open up your creative self and make you more expressive because art is always about the content and experience.

Anything that involves art always ushers in some elements of controversy. To a group of artists, an artwork may seem brilliant and impossible to replicate. But to another group of artists, that same artwork may seem like a complete waste of time, requiring more input.

These two conclusions are based solely on the perspectives of the two groups of people. And since everyone has a right to their individual opinions, no one is particularly wrong. The truth is, art has always been a topic that causes arguments and controversies. What's even more surprising is, the controversies and disputes aren't just about the artistic expression itself.

For every artwork, you can hear different source storylines and reviews. You'll also be surprised that some people still disagree about the artist's history and story.

Every artwork and expression comes from creativity and expression, which makes it very special to the artist. And it's also hard for someone else to see an artwork without feeling anything or having their personal opinion.

All of these are the natural elements that come with artwork or a painting. This is the primary reason why you will see people rush to take painting lessons. They want to express their creativity and how it suits them to tell their story and history without saying a word.

If you fall under this category, you're reading the right piece. In this article, we'll guide you on the best way to start painting lessons by showing you the different sections of painting instructors you'll see regularly. Also, we go a step further to show you some of the best painting classes in Enugu you can try out.

A painting on a piece of paper
You can improve your painting and drawing skills by taking painting classes. | Photo Credit: Cottonbro on Pexels.

Types of Painting Courses in Enugu

Painting is a vast and exciting space. However, it's closely related to drawing. Now, this doesn't mean you need to learn about drawing and painting as a professional. What you need are the basic drawing concepts first. Another common mistake about art enthusiasts is that they believe painting and other forms of arts have a direct link with talent.

Although talent is always an added advantage, it's not the only ingredient to becoming a great artist. If you have an interest, but do not know how to draw, what you need to enrol for is painting for beginners. That you have the talent does not make you an expert. So you still have to take painting lessons to fine-tune your skills.

As an artist in Enugu state, there's much history, stories, and expressions to learn from. So, even when you believe you're an expert, you must know the state's history. That'll make you appeal to the consumers who will buy your art expressions. Let's take a look at some of the different courses you'll find in the painting classes in Enugu.

Someone making a painting
Improve your art skills when by hiring a private tutor. | Photo Credit: Alicia Zinn on Pexels.

Acrylic painting

If you want to take painting classes in Enugu, one course you'll take is acrylic painting. Acrylic painting just came into life in the mid-1900s. However, since then, this painting has become a favourite amongst many painting beginners, intermediates, and experts. One primary reason for this growing popularity is the affordability of this paint. But another important reason for its widespread use is its ease of application.

Acrylic paints are very simple and safe to use for any form of artwork. This paint is water-based, so water is all you need to dissolve the acrylic paint.

If you enrol for painting for beginners, there's a high chance that your painting lessons will need you to learn how to paint with acrylic. So, when you want to learn to paint with acrylic, it's advisable to get an expert. Considering that you may have a hard time searching for an acrylic painter or drawing class, you can opt to get an expert from an online platform like SuperProf.

Oil Painting

When you look around at the different arts that you would refer to as masterpieces, there's a high chance that they were painted with oil paintings. One reason behind this guess is the durability of oil paints. Oil paints, as the name implies, are oil-based paint that dries rather slowly. If you are a fan of legacy painting works, you should learn to paint with oil paints. However, you may not learn this painting course when you're in painting classes for beginners.

The first reason for this is the high prices of the materials that this paint requires. Also, the materials have toxic solvent options, which make them unsafe for general usage. Because of these reasons, artists that paint with oil-paint are often extremely experienced. But of course, that does not mean you cannot start learning to paint with oil paints. It only means more cost and higher levels of care.

We strongly recommend that you start learning with the other painting lessons or better skill seek for an expert. To learn oil painting, you can always choose home lessons from an experienced painter you can find on online platforms like SuperProf.


If you take a flashback to your younger years in primary school, you may recall your first painting exercise in primary school. The paint used at that time was watercolour. Watercolour has been in use long before you were in primary school, but this paint still maintains its relevance to date. Most of the older paintings that are historical were often painted with watercolours.

At first, you may think of watercolour as some sort of child's play, but when you begin to explore the creative sides of watercolours, you will marvel. As we speak, watercolour is still one of the best painting options you have today. What's great about these painting lessons is you can learn them for simple and complex painting expressions.

From the name, you can already guess correctly the constituents of watercolours - water and colour pigments. To paint with watercolour, all the constituents you need are very affordable and accessible. And that is why you can find watercolour painters in most of the painting classes in Enugu. Irrespective of your painting skill and experience, you can learn boundless lessons when you paint with watercolours.

Art Tools You Need to Learn Painting

When you want to learn to paint, you need to be well-equipped with the necessary materials for learning and personal practice. Now, if you look around Enugu State, you'll notice that many stores sell the required painting tools and materials. The truth is, there are many essential painting materials you have to buy. But buying all of these materials may require you to break the bank.

It's advisable to inquire from your choice of the painting classes in Enugu, the materials that they can provide you with. Or better still, you can connect with an expert on an online platform like SuperProf, confirm these prices, and even draw up a reasonable budget.

In most cases, painting tutors have extra drawing materials that students can always use. But in the long run, it makes perfect sense to buy your materials. The primary materials you'll need to start learning to paint are brushes, canvasses, and of course, your paint. For oil paints and acrylic paints, you can always use canvasses. But for watercolours, paper works best as your major work medium.

Abstract painting
Allow your creative self to find expression with the right tools. | Photo Credit: Digital Buggu on Pexels.

Where to find Painting Classes in Enugu

Enugu is a city blessed with several cultural and historical backgrounds in Nigeria. As a result, the art and drawing classes for adults and even beginners will have many stories to tell and a history of giving artists expressive inspiration. Furthermore, different painting artists will have different points of expertise in their respective careers like life-drawing, sketching, printmaking, landscape painting, figure drawing, and figure painting among others. That only means there will be a lot of options for painting and drawing classes in Enugu.

Each one of these art lessons will have its respective painting techniques, advantages, and sadly, disadvantages. To cancel out the drawback, you can always opt for online painting lessons. Some options for painting classes in Enugu include:

  • IMT Enugu: Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria.
  • Jifek Art Gallery: Shop 32 Shopping Centre Housing Estate Abakpa Nike Enugu, Enugu State.
  • Metallic Art Studio: Avenue, Phase Six, No 1 Mike Torey Ln, Trans-Ekulu 400103, Enugu.

Painting is arguably one of the most exciting branches of artistic expression. However, choosing a particular art class may pose some challenges along the line. That's because there are so many options for painting classes in Enugu.

You don't have to go through the hassle of searching for a painting class when you can visit SuperProf to register for online lessons or hire a private tutor. Here at SuperProf, we have a network of painting artists with experience and expertise that cuts across all painting sections. Good news is with superprof you get to assess your tutor before any long term commitment as 98% of our tutors offers their first lessons free. This gives you the benefit of shopping around till you find the tutor that perfectly fits your style of learning. All you have to do is go on the platform and pick your favourite tutor now!

You can also learn more about painting classes in the below states in Nigeria:

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