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The average price of Painting  lessons is ‎₦2554.

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From a sample of 1956  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Take Painting Classes In Nigeria And Get The Best Tutors On Superprof

The Best Painting Tutorials In Nigeria

Painting is an exciting creative skill you can use to express yourself through your drawing. A lot of students already knew from a young age at school showed signs of their love for art and drawing. Through arts, painting and drawing, you can use your creative skill to express your thoughts and imaginations and then share your work with other people. You can decide to learn the arts of how to professionally paint at the university to become an artist in the future.


There are different art courses or drawing and painting courses and tutorials you can choose to learn such as digital tutorials, painting tutorial acrylic, oil painting tutorial, acrylic painting tutorial, painting tutorials for beginners, painting tutorials photoshop, clip studio paint tutorial, photoshop painting tutorial, painting tutorials watercolour, smudge painting tutorial, watercolour painting tutorial, portrait painting tutorial and so on. You can also get several tutors, such as the digital painting tutor, acrylic painting tutor, oil painting tutor, and so on that can help teach you particularly in an area you will like to learn.


You will have to create time for any new type of training, lessons or classes you will like to learn. Whether you choose to take a course or lesson at home, online,  n a school or decide to study at the university to become an artist, there are several materials you will need to learn all about design, techniques, illustration, graphic digital work you will be making.

Painting Tutorial For Beginners

You do not need to worry if you don't have prior knowledge that artists usually have before becoming one. Just because you didn't start early enough in your early days at school, does not mean you cannot start graphic design, illustration or any creative techniques at any point you wish in life. The passion in arts is what you need to take you far and you will be using it to push yourself to become a great artist.


There are several lessons and courses you can take for arts and design whether from the comfort of your home or online or attending a school or university. Regardless of where you are in Nigeria, whether it is Lagos, Abuja, Kano or whichever state, you can always learn all about arts. You can even study or take a course or lesson online with a school outside Nigeria. There are even some free painting tutorials for beginners online, which you can use to help yourself at any given fee time you have. To be creative, you just need to figure out what truly inspires you and express it in form of your designs.


One of the first things you will learn as a beginner is how to make a collage, a gallery, illustration techniques, introduction to graphic designs, painting and digital arts. You can read reviews by students or people before choosing a school to study arts. Most schools in arts and design will mostly have a website where you can see their gallery of students work and collage, get contact information and view reviews left by people.


To become an artist, you have to have the necessary materials you will be used to make designs for people. Your work has to stand out and speak for itself as the competition out there is high. There are several aspiring artists out there whose work are already good. You have to stand by doing something new that will distinguish your work from other artists own.

Painting Courses Online

The beauty of technology is that you can study from any location anywhere in the world. Distance is no longer a barrier to learning. You can decide to take a class or lesson from the comfort of your own. There are even several specialised tutors like the digital painting tutor, acrylic painting tutor, oil painting tutor and so on that can teach you online without actually having to be on the four walls of a school.


You can even study and get a degree in bachelor in fine arts from a university online in another country to become a professional artist without actually travelling to that country. You can also help yourself and improve on your work and skills by watching the free tutorials on the internet. You can be in Lagos and be learning in Kano or even outside the country. One advantage of learning over the internet is that it is a little bit cheaper than actually going to the four walls of a school. All lessons will be done via the internet.


If you need information on any online course, all you will need to do is to put a call through to them or send an email to contact them to get all the available materials and resources you will need before you start your course.

Painting Tutors On Superprof Nigeria

Superprof is the best tutoring platform in Nigeria. On this platform, you can get several tutors to come to teach you at the comfort of your home or get lessons on the internet without having physical contact with any of the teachers. You can get teachers to teach you subjects like health education, graphic design and illustration painting, public health, environmental health science and so on.


If you are wondering which of our tutors to select, then check the profile of the tutors to read reviews left by students they have taught to help your decision-making process. You can learn from anywhere in Lagos, Abuja or any state as long as you have an internet-enabled device with a webcam to take online lessons or they come to teach you in your house.


Once you have seen any of the teachers you like, you can contact them. 98% of the tutors on the platform offer the first hour of the lesson for free after you contact them. Prices for their jobs range from 800 NGN - 5000 NGN per hour.


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